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How do we see some of the images on site

Paddy 18 254 8 England
31 Dec 2002 7:32PM
Happy New Year JP.....
centur 19 106
1 Jan 2003 2:31AM
Pete I am sad that it has come to a sort of "censorship" because of an image that was as far as I can see within the parameters of this site... legal as well as moral! JP are you SURE it was in fact a X RAY???? I personally have found some of the comments of some people extremely rude and unhelpful ..towards one particular artists/photographers work..I also recall a time when another person took umbrage at a negative comment made on someones work which resulted in a responce that was not fitting of adult people at all ..I think some [people have short memories and that when a cat is put amongst the pigeons the stength of those pigeons are seen ..All I have seen lately is a PATHETIC reorganisation of a STUPID and uninformed PECKING order ! May i also add that I would trust that the person that has been the butt of the latest "lets can this work" has the good sense and self esteem to laugh at any personal attacks that were infact given ..albeit guarded but in NOOOOOOOO way diplomatic....Personally I think those that are concerned SHOULD be ashamed of your selves!and to those that dont give 'a rats arse' (that would be launguage u understand) most definitely need to take a long hard look at your self! from Cheryl who is showing her true colours AFTER seeing some of "yours" ...I am off now to take a chill pill!
Paddy 18 254 8 England
1 Jan 2003 4:04AM
We're all-human, have feelings & opinions. We don't all agree.... thats life...
It would be sooooooooooooooo boring if we were all the same...
Yes.. It’s easy to get carried away, let off steam... then regret ...that’s also life
We can all make mistakes & say before we have thought of the consequences.... SORRY... can sometimes help if needed!
Yes I'm guilty of many.......But this I’m not.............
Pablo, is this a real Xray
Who’s was it
How did you obtain it
How did it get to be so mutilated...

Yes I can say.... it looked very like an x-ray to me, I see them most days... although it had been in someway processed
If you feel broken bones & missing bit of body.... photography, than so be it....
I don’t have to agree........I see plenty of hurt & trauma in my every day work...not to enjoy this sort of image...Paddy
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
1 Jan 2003 12:59PM
It was a Christmas chicken or a turkey. I really wasn't joking in my post to that pic. It's not human.

Bring back the chicken!
Paddy 18 254 8 England
1 Jan 2003 3:43PM
you crack me up suzi...just what I need LOL))))))
photoid5 18 154
1 Jan 2003 8:54PM
The more variety the better. I now feel left out because I haven't seen the x-ray/photo/digital/image that has aroused so much interest and discussion.

Can we have it back?
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
1 Jan 2003 9:59PM
The xray picture has just, for the time being, been made inactive and it can be returned. Two members are disappointed that I made the decision to remove it and two have asked to see it. Should we bring it back? Over to you...
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
1 Jan 2003 10:25PM
what do we want?

Pablo's pullet!!

when do we wannit?

NOW! lol
photoid5 18 154
1 Jan 2003 10:55PM
Pete, I would like to see it. Not only for the natural curiosity involved at this point,but because I like Pablo's work :modern and sexySmile or is that just another 4- letter word by now?:

Interesting to see something personal for a change.
centur 19 106
2 Jan 2003 12:25AM
Pete is this to be a democratic vote OR is the Jury still out? Leanne glad u said the "S" word ..very apt ! AND as for seeing personal expression displayed ..again on the money! Suzi Blue oh gr8t leader of the movement to better understanding of the plight of the roasted Xmas chook ...yep "rally round all ye who care ...NOW!" Personally I don't give a rats arse for the GENERAL public's opinion is sooooooo easilly swayed ..." money talks "says she with a most definete sneer ...come on down ANDY this is ur time to shine! in otherwords yes Pete thats another vote for bring it back...puleeeze ...Cheryl
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
2 Jan 2003 9:02AM
Pete, if you feel the image should not be displayed on this site, I think that should be your decision, not ours. Also, if there are legal/moral reasons why an image should not be distributed, then don't.
However, if there is no legal reason not to, why not just email it to those of us that want to see it.
Paddy 18 254 8 England
2 Jan 2003 9:11AM
I hope your not disappointed Big's not nice not knowing & ever-ones need to see the comments as well to appreciate the full effect....
Pete let him out of his misery.....
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
2 Jan 2003 9:45AM
I think I must have lost the plot. Modern? sexy? images. A few dots; o r an out of focus leg followed by an image of what looked like a xray of the right side of someones chest. Please point me to these modern, sexy images.

centur 19 106
2 Jan 2003 10:08AM
Barry ...

approaches "a PROVOCATIVE sexuality" in its RAWEST SENSE ....imho
And the thumbnail of this one

The enlargement is astounding in its contrasting statements....

Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
2 Jan 2003 11:06AM
Okay I wasn't sure about this one. The comments made me remove it. The picture does nothing for me and it was only JP's clarity of what the image was that made me remove it. But as JP isn't worried that it stays and most want to see it I'm bringing it back. bone 1

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