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How do you mount your prints ?

JohnHorne 16 1.0k
2 May 2005 12:00PM
How do you mount your prints so that they stay perfectly flat ?

I currently attach the print to the back of the aperture mount using masking tape on all four sides. I then fix a backing board, larger than the print but smaller than the aperture mount, again using masking tape on all four sides. Sorting through some of them today I found that a number had buckled slightly. Not a lot, but it could certainly be noticable depending on the angle of the light.

A friend uses a dry-mount press, and it certainly ensures that the prints are dead flat. However, it is a bulky contraption, and I would prefer not to go down that route if I can avoid it. Are there any convenient alternatives that people can recommend ? Is spray mount adhesive any good and, if so, is it archivally stable ?

absurd 19 228 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 12:07PM
I do more or less the same although I only use tape along the top of the picture. That allows for minor changes to the print to occur without wrinkles.
brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 12:13PM
I use the same approach to Steve, for the same reason (I'm told by an "Artist" friend that it is the correct way to mount "Art Prints", watercolours etc.

Someone in our photoclub has started to use a double-sided adhesive mount sheet (sounds a bit like very wide double-sided Sellotape). Its supposed to be archival quality and works as well as spray mount without the inhalation / fire risk. Haven't tried it myself yet so I can't give more detail

JohnHorne 16 1.0k
2 May 2005 12:23PM
Thanks Brian - I like the sound of the double-sided mount sheets. I assume this is self-adhesive, rather than the dry-mount stuff which needs a hot press ? I shall visit the local art shop next weekend.

Thanks Steve - I shall try this approach if the mount sheets come to nought.

I appreciate your helpful responses.
DanSig Plus
16 288 Iceland
2 May 2005 12:31PM
I use a spray adhesive from 3M called Photo Mount, really good, fast drying and doesn't smell bad, I use it for all my portfolios and other prints that needs to be fixed to solid surface.
KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 12:44PM
I have used photo mount.
The best is of course a dry mounting press, but getting hold of one second hand is not easy. There have been some on Ebay but pick up only for obvious reasons.
JohnHorne 16 1.0k
2 May 2005 12:44PM
Thanks Daniel and Ken. I've used spray paint before and found that small flecks of paint end up where they shouldn't - do you have that problem with Photo Mount ? How do you keep the adhesive on target ?
KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 1:01PM
I use sheets of newspaper placing the print downside. The adhesive needs to be at around room temperature, around 60. equal distance should be maintained when passing the spray over the print. I often check the spray by using newspaper. You should avoid tilting the can otherwise the print will move and spray will get on the surface. Directly overhead all the time as you move over the print. With darkroom silver prints any excess on the front is easily removed with methylated spirit but with inkjet prints this cant be done, you just have to be extra careful.
For a number of prints it would be wise to use the tape method as described. Never am happy with the spray for health and safety reasons but only use it for around 4 prints at a time.
DanSig Plus
16 288 Iceland
2 May 2005 1:03PM
I just put my print upside down on a plastic bag and spray the backside, then I put small markers on the background (frame or portfolio page) where I want the corners of the prints to be and place the print according to the markers

only had one problem, when I printed a picture on rollpaper it curled up when I sprayed it and I got some adhesive on the print, other than that it works perfect Smile
JohnHorne 16 1.0k
2 May 2005 1:12PM
Thanks Ken and Daniel - I appreciate you both taking the time to comment. At present I typically mount a batch of 6 pics at a time, so I shall bear in mind the H&S advice.

Many thanks
brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 1:43PM
John, yes, its double-sided adhesive sheet that comes with a release film on both faces. The chap that used it in the club says the supplier he found sells it in 60m rolls (for about 60 if I remember rightly)
User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 11:48PM
The old fashioned way was to use 'Cow Gum'.
It has a couple of advantages, you can move the print to locate it exactly, you can rub off the excess very easily and you can get high as a kite in a relatively short time.
akh Plus
17 1.2k 5 United Kingdom
3 May 2005 12:47AM
Try this for information mounting your prints. I'm with Merl on the 'Cow Gum' - have spent many a 'happy' hour mounting work with this stuffSmile
mshepherd 17 667 United Kingdom
3 May 2005 1:14AM
I would recommend acid free tape rather that masking tape or Sellotape. Its more expensive but it will help stop the prints from yellowing over time.
gari 16 21
3 May 2005 1:35AM
Its not uncommon for artists to use a normal household Iron to hot press mount, you can buy the sheets in packs in pre cut or
open sizes. I would guess that smaller sizes would be easier(10x8-12x14 ish)

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