How many of you print your work?

stix 17 924 87 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2010 6:59PM
Just doing some research for an article. Can I ask you ,the great unwashed, how many of you print your work, or don't as the case may be. Those that do, what do you do with them?( a lot of do's there). As a percentage of your total work how many get printed ? What motivates you to print? Why don't you print? Are the people who don't missing out? WIth the internet and photosharing sites, is printing so last century?
Any thoughts gratefully received.
User_Removed 14 2.2k 3 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2010 7:01PM
Yes. Those that have sales potential or exhibition potential.

If you don't print then you're wasting your time having a camera that has more than 4MP

JJGEE 16 8.0k 18 England
19 Mar 2010 7:06PM
Now that I no longer have a darkroom I do not do any printing.

I used to print regularly from colour transparencies and B&W negatives but the chemicals / paper got harder to buy in small quantities resulting in a lot of wastage with the larger quantities.

One day I may get a printer for prints from scans and now digital camera but I at the moment I am still struggling to digitally process images to get anything worthwhile for printing Sad
JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2010 7:10PM
as an amateur its all for personal gratification or for family & friends. Once a year a big 24*36 inch print, maybe twice an month a a4 print for my coffee table folder, maybe twice a week 4*6 print for a smaller folder. Occasional 20 4*6 print runs for fam or friends often given with a subset CD of jpegs for the event i was at.
I like a4 or bigger prints as good detail is visible.
justin c 18 5.1k 36 England
19 Mar 2010 7:11PM
I print virtually every image I process and at either A4, A3 or A3+ size.
I enjoy printing and love seeing the results emerge from the printer.
The prints just get stored in boxes in a filing cabinet but I get great pleasure in looking through them once in a while. Some get framed and put on the wall.
I process and therefore only print, a tiny proportion of the images I actually take.
Less than 5% get processed, i.e. converted from the original Raw file.
I find printing great fun, challenging and extremely satisfying. Experimenting with different papers is something I'd love to do more of.

I strongly resent paying the absolutely extorionate and rip-off prices that Epson charges for ink though.
stix 17 924 87 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2010 7:11PM

Quote:If you don't print then you're wasting your time having a camera that has more than 4MP

Interesting view Chris.

Negatives? Chemicals? I don't think I understand jjgee.Wink
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
19 Mar 2010 7:17PM
Yes. Up to A3+ - and I would agree with Justin re the cost of Epson OEM carts but, having had a horrendous experience with Lyson inks last year, I put up with the costs now as the quality is assured.

I also agree with Chris' comment except I would up the pixel count to 6Mpx. That said, I have had a 4ftx3ft poster print off my D70 which is perfect as it was printed by a good RIP operator.
stix 17 924 87 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2010 7:19PM
Wow stuart, you have a printing schedule, thats incredbly well organsied.

Quote:I print virtually every image I process and at either A4, A3 or A3+ size.

Thanks Justin, Thats brilient.
I know what you mean about printing costs, my epsom 2400 drinks like Mel Gibson.
justin c 18 5.1k 36 England
19 Mar 2010 7:23PM
I'm still on a very dated Epson 1290S and I've always paid roughly 15 for a colour cartridge.
The prices have gone up a lot and I'm now paying 20 per cartridge, which I'll tollerate, but if they're no longer available I would absolutely refuse to pay the full 35 for a cartridge.
I'll try compatables or put the printer straight in the dusbin Sad
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2010 7:30PM
I print regularly to 15"x10" for competition and sales use
I have larger images printed via a friend who runs a print shop and has a canon 6100 and these prints go to 30"x20", 36"x12" and similar
I also print for hanging at home and provide a printing service for a select few friends (I would hate to print other peoples work on a regular basis - too much emotional strain trying to get it "right" Wink )

For me, unless I have the print in my hand I can't see the image (I don't have the ability to judge it on-screen)

Over the year its certainly hundreds of prints and I suspect at times over a thousand

(I have to sell some of them to pay for the ink and paper (I mainly print on fine art papers such as Hahnemuhle photo rag 308, which don't come cheap!)
Daffy1 14 407 Ireland
19 Mar 2010 7:31PM
I print a lot for various reasons but mainly because I think a beautiful picture needs to be framed properly and looked at hanging on a wall. People think my pictures are paintings !!
Print up to A3+ in colour and B&W. When your pictures are hanging on a wall you can discuss the picture with more meaning and in more depth than you could ever do on a "blog" like this.
danbrann 17 640 17
19 Mar 2010 7:44PM
I print up to A3 on a canon printer but only for club competitions and the odd sale. Things are expensive because I use fotospeed High white smooth then mount them to 20 x16.
DOGSBODY 13 1.4k 30 England
19 Mar 2010 7:58PM
I used to print mono and colour up to A3 when I was on the club lecture circuit but then my printer got a terminal illness and I couldn't afford to replace it with a model that was not expensive to buy and run so I retired from the circuit and very rarely print anything nowadays.

I always feel that the quality of the image must be higher for printing especially for exhibition prints which will receive some pretty close inspection and, as a result, I do feel that my standards heve slipped somewhat since I stopped printing.

Prior to going digital I was also a quite active mono darkroom worker and I still love to see a good black and white print. Digital mono is now very good but the cost of equipment and inks for producing large black and white prints is beyond my means. Sad
LensYews 12 1.3k 1 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2010 8:20PM
I print very few of my images, most go straight to the website, and from there to the lab and onto the customer. The rest go to the media or libraries. I only print the occasional proof for someone who doesn't have internet access. Perhaps I'd print more if ink cost less than Champagne. Smile
19 Mar 2010 8:30PM
I print about 90% of the pictures I process at 6x4, then print the facourites (about 5%) at 9x6 or 15x10, depending on how I feel.

For what it's worth, I don't think there's much point in taking and processing them if you never see them in print.

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