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How much money have you made from.....

ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
7 Jun 2012 10:36PM
....being credited in magazines for photos you gave for free?

You get asked by a business if they can use a photo on their newspaper/magazine/publication, their payment being a credit which will be "great for business and lift your profile!".

You let them have it and your name is there in the credits...

How much money have you made, which can be directly attributed to that image - from people hiring you on the basis of that photo, or buying a print of that photo etc.

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danbrann Plus
13 637 17
7 Jun 2012 11:03PM
My motto was Always that I would like my name on a cheque rather than a bye-line in a magazine or newspaper.
scottishphototours 14 2.6k 2
7 Jun 2012 11:30PM
Yep, totally agree Ade they always wanted to con you... Sad

Had a local wedding venue worth millions ask me for free pics for their wedding brochure, no thanks I said. I gave them a selection of the best and sat down and argued a usage fee per pic and they paid me thousands for doing so.

You soon learn that having a "profile" means zero income. Better to have an income...
geoffash26 14 2.5k United Kingdom
7 Jun 2012 11:32PM
Zero Tongue
Sezz 13 617 15 England
8 Jun 2012 12:51AM
Just to balance things a little.. I've given a few images away in my time (not anymore) namely to a few local magazines, inc' Kent Life, the Parish Magazine and a few other publications.

I have since found out that one of the Parish Councilors is a Sales/PR manager for a popular local tourist attraction. He has since given me commissions and has passed my name and website to everyone that he knows throughout the Kent Tourist board. This has proved very fruitful for me and I now have enough paid work to keep me busy until next year at least. Sometimes a little self promotion can reap rewards!

Also just to say that it's taken me quite a few years to get this far and most of the information that I've needed to help me along the way including advice on pricing, contracts, model release forms, website, promotion etc has all been gained from this wonderful site ePz and it's most helpful members!

Im not as naive as I used to be and I know that there are organisations out there aiming to get first class images without having to pay for them, undermining the professional photographers but if you're careful with those that you do give free gratis then it can work in your favour!
KevSB 14 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
8 Jun 2012 7:27AM
Also to balance the coin, I'm more involved in a community which has a a much smaller subscriber base. The magazines don't sell enough to get onto the supermarket stands.
as ive said before I take part in that community and the members pay out thousands of pounds and more each to take part so I provide images to magazines and venues to support and promote the groups themselves.
If it was not for that fact then I would not provide those images, on some levels agree that it seems morally wrong but I get to have so many fantastic exsperences.
So in my case I consider that I do it for the hobby rather than the commercial interests who in most cases don't have the budgets.

An example last month the winter scenes of 1940 eastern front was used in a 3 page article in a small hobby magazine, this is valuable scource of recruiting for the group who do this for enjoyment and members have invested nearly 20k in these portrayals and at best get paid exspences for attending events but mainly nothing.
Again ths weekend was approached by local council to provide materiel from an event I was a guest of showcasing the group, do I refuse and lose valuable exposure for the group or decline. Another councal contacted me last month for a picture to be used on a banner promoting an event, again it's in the interests of that group so do you refuse!
779HOB 6 1.2k United Kingdom
8 Jun 2012 9:23AM
I regularly contribute to a magazine, in fact it forms most of what I do with my camera now. I get payment and a credit for every photo. I was lucky with this magazine though as they approached me and offered payment. If that first contact had been on the basis of a credit as payment I might have done it as I would have seen it as a way to get my name out a bit. At what point that arrangement would have stopped, not sure, but the credit would have had to turn to a cash payment as some point for me to have continued to provide images.

I would say that the magazine also run a 1/4 page advert for me free of charge as they don't think they pay enough! The advert has resulted in one job. So on the that basis a 1/4 page colour advert produced one job I am not sure I would have got any interest on a simple line credit. Or, maybe no-one likes my work!

Our local paper doesnít pay for photos so they donít get mine. I took some photos at a fishing event a while back and the organiser asked if they could have one for our local paper. I refused on the grounds that the paper doesnít pay and a credit in the paper was worthless to me in that paper. Have to say the organiser was surprised the paper didnít pay.

I wouldn't give a photo for a credit now to anyone - turned down a someone yesterday who wanted one of my jubilee images for a credit.
thewilliam 9 6.1k
8 Jun 2012 9:37AM
Only our parish magazine would ever get pictures for a credit: every other publication has to pay.

Most photographers seem to get these requests and if companies ask enough times, somebody is bound to say "yes".

I'm reminded of a song by an Australian comedian, Kevin B Wilson, entitled "Do you f**k on the first date? ". Even though he gets slapped a few times, enough girls say "yes" to make it worthwhile.
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
8 Jun 2012 10:16AM

Quote:I have since found out that one of the Parish Councilors is a Sales/PR manager for a popular local tourist attraction. He has since given me commissions and has passed my name and website to everyone that he knows throughout the Kent Tourist board.

that's fantastic - clearly won a great contact there.

Would you say there is that it's the "referrals" rather than the "byline" that you are benefiting from?
Sezz 13 617 15 England
8 Jun 2012 10:34AM
Thanks Ade and yes I see what you are saying, yes mostly refererrals.

I sold a couple of prints from the 'byline' in Kent Life which was nice but not gonna get rich on... Just wanted to say that giving a few away in the beginning has really helped me to get noticed and set the path to paid commissions.

SJ x
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
8 Jun 2012 11:08AM
If you can get "warm referrals", they are worth a lot more than a byline... the investment in time/effort/fuel/entrance fees etc. to win new clients via networking is pretty huge when you break it down, so a even 1 or 2 new clients from what you've done is a win.

Now if you're hoping to get these referrals off a "byline", then you may as well start chasing rainbows for pots of gold too Wink
Sezz 13 617 15 England
8 Jun 2012 11:54AM
Absolutely agree Ade, trust me I know how hard it is, I've worked hard networking, getting my work noticed and spent time & money doing so - As I tell my kids, if you want something you've got to work for it, nothing gets given to you on a plate, well it doesn't in my house, except dinner lol Wink
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
8 Jun 2012 12:27PM

Quote:Now if you're hoping to get these referrals off a "byline", then you may as well start chasing rainbows for pots of gold too

Agreed. I've never had such an expectation and have only ever accepted 'byline work' for charities I'm happy to support.
TimMunsey 7 86 United Kingdom
8 Jun 2012 2:58PM
Best thing I did was let Live it love it Leeds magazine use some of my photos, got a good number of sales and jobs from that.
If your shots of use to someone then you have a market, it's free advertising.

ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
8 Jun 2012 7:32PM
Well done Tim - you're actually the first person I've ever known to achieve this

I live in Leeds and have never seen the magazine, what is it ?

And what kind of images did you put in there, and what kind of image did you make money from - and were they directly from people reading your credit line, or from referrals generated from the picture editor ?

Sorry there's a lot of questions there - just interested to see where I'm going wrong really Smile

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