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How old are you?

Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
23 Oct 2002 5:33PM
Interesting fact of the day:
We've always had an optional request that asks for you to input your age in the "My Profile" area when you register (you can still do this now if you haven't already. Currently the 2036 sensible entries (not including ones who put over 50, 1, old, young, don't ask etc) produce an average age of 46. The good thing is that the spread goes from 15 to 83 so we are catering well for a real good mix of readers.

Do you feel old or young? Does it matter? Thoughts welcome.
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2002 6:38PM
How old are you then Pete or are we allowed to guess?
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
23 Oct 2002 7:29PM
I have a mind that's about 20, a body that feels about 50, hair that should be on someone 70 and I'm just below our average age at 41.
onewildworld 19 696 4 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2002 8:15PM
Age? A transitory (obviously!) invention by "man" to help one person relate to another. You're as old as you feel, and as the saying goes, "As young as the woman you last felt!" (Ladies swap it around!). Personally I don't take much notice of age - respect you'r elders and learn from them, but equally they should treat you as equals (God, do I sound like a whingeing teenager?!) and respect what you know. Me, I'm 23 going on 40, with the enthusiasm of a 12 year old! Wink
No, age doesnt matter unless you want it to!
Franticsmurf 18 838 Wales
23 Oct 2002 10:06PM
On cold, clear Saturday mornings I'm 16, leaping out of bed to catch the pre-dawn mist. On Monday mornings, I'm about 55, struggling out of bed to catch the clock in work. On holiday, I'm 21, fit and eneregetic and prepared to leave the car behind in search of the ultimate photo. On the birth certificate, I'm 38.

Dave F
Toymaker 18 587 1
23 Oct 2002 10:15PM
I agree with the sentiments that have been expressed so far. I particularly liked the last two.

I too act far to young for my age and can't believe there are people ten years younger than me who act ten years OLDER.

Age is what happends between the ears not what's on a dog-eared birth certificate. But that's easy to say at 51 huh.
centur 19 106
24 Oct 2002 2:13AM
mmm Pete thots 'certain industrys' it seems age DOES matter .. something I totally disagree with ..naturally SmileWhen it comes to superficial benchmarks as seen by "what sells"...right again ...ya can be old and past it at 22 if u are an aspiring super model... Has the movement progressed any towards the glamorising of women past there virginal come sexgoddess stage ah thats right they are considered"elegant"! and that would be moi in "good light" Cheryl: who begs the 5th oh oh tooooo late Smileps ..onewildworld I appreciate your diplomacy Smile actually I am not that worried about the battle of the gendersSmile lol not really .. I am far to intelligent to think that "men" actually think they superior to women ! said with my toungue FIRMLY placed in my cheek for fear of it being "bitten" off! Wink
centur 19 106
24 Oct 2002 2:17AM
lol intelligent but can't spell for "quids"oh for spell check in the forums Smile cheryl
Toymaker 18 587 1
24 Oct 2002 5:50AM
Hi Cheryl,

Worry no longer here's the answer to your browser spelling worries. A spell checker for IE text fields like the ePHOTOzine Forum. It adds an option to your Tools menu and you just enter the text as normal then click on the spell checker and voila.

Here's the link - unfortunately the site is hosted on a limited bandwidth site so keep trying the download though, it's worth it.

The spell check can be activated by either right-clicking your mouse or if you look in the IE menu under view/ toolbars/ customise you can put a button on the tool bar instead of looking in the tools menu for it. You get a nice abc button on the toolbar to click on.
centur 19 106
24 Oct 2002 6:21AM
um ..mmm..thanks Barry now let's see IF I am smart enuf to work out how to download it ...tehe!
Thanks again... CherylSmile
sinargee 19 245
24 Oct 2002 6:32AM
As my old mum used to say I am a little older than my teeth and not quite as old as my hair. Age is a state of mind, and its mind over matter I don't mind and it doesn't matter.

In my head Iam about 19 and have the spirit of a 19 year old its just the thing that carries my head around is getting a bit frayed round the edges. My brains are growing and pushing upward through my hair and now my head is a solar panel but as the sun don't shine very much here I am thinking of converting to gas. OK I am 55 satisfied.

regards Bill
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
25 Oct 2002 4:48PM
I agree about being younger than your hair.

I am 35 but my hair is at least 50. But then, i have 2 daughters, so going grey early is inevitable.
sinargee 19 245
25 Oct 2002 5:14PM
My father was bald at 35 and I had three daughters the last one just got married and even the cat is female so is it any wonder. What I want to know though, as Billy Conelly once said what life catastrophy does my body think I need nassle hair to deal with it. and yes I do shout at the telly.
Pressman 20 88
25 Oct 2002 6:25PM
My mind thinks I am 30 sometimes - but my body definitely knows I am 75!.
Tinman 19 29
27 Oct 2002 7:25AM
I am below the Average age of this site so I must be an apprentice, and as I am learning to be a Grand photographerSmile It all seems we are young at heart and all the comments keep making me smile and most of Cheryls make me Larf as she aint coming from the same angle as most!Smilethis site is just right with not too much mutual back slapping.A big round of applause to Pete for setting it up.

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