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How to attract insects, butterflies and so on...

29 May 2010 3:59PM
Hi guys,
I met a guy who said to me some suger sirup on flowers or plants would make photography easier and after few minutes i will get a lot of butterflies...i usually have enough patience to wait but i thought why not on the easy way if possible; so i tried sugar sirup and honey but the expected success was not really huge.
Do you know another tips maybe?
User_Removed 12 718 9 England
29 May 2010 4:03PM
Superglue Grin

Only kidding, any glue will do......

Seriously, honey and sugar water are good for attracting the wing beasts, but it pays to hand around flowers which are known to attract butterflies, and patience, sadly, does help im afraid.
29 May 2010 4:10PM
Thanks Rap! The problem is not to be patient, i can wait...i just wish to keep the insect on the same flower longer Wink
User_Removed 12 718 9 England
29 May 2010 4:31PM
The way i approach it is simple, i take a walk somewhere where i know there will be a good number of flutterbys, and just find their most popular flowers. There are lavender fields near me which literally get swamped with butterflies, there were thousands last year all concentrated in a small area.

They are quite predictable really so finding them is easy enough, then its just a matter of creeping up on them slowly or just waiting for them to come to you. I didnt bother with a tripod, not even with my 300mm lens, so freedom to pan and move is important unless you really do want a specific shot.
Overread 13 4.1k 19 England
29 May 2010 6:39PM
Sugar water and honey will certainly help you keep insects interested for longer - it also have the advantage that you can spread it over a surface (like a leaf) which makes it a lot easier for you to get shots (for example whilst you can hang around a flower for bees, many will stick their heads right down to get the food, leaving you with only seconds with the face visable before all you get is a bees bum in your viewfinder Wink).
29 May 2010 7:15PM
Thank you for your help guys, i think it is time to study what kind of flowers are good targets for butterflies...So, lavender is the first one!
MikeA 16 1.3k England
29 May 2010 7:27PM
You may find this tip quite useful even though it is primarily aimed at video users. First tip on the following page:

bugdozer 17 98 2
2 Jun 2010 1:26AM
Don't use jam. You just get wasps. Sad
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
2 Jun 2010 2:17AM
Fresh slices of orange for butterflies.
5 Jun 2010 6:14AM
The problem with sugar is that it can invite a lot of unwanted insects into your garden.
A good local garden center will be able to tell you what are the best flowers to attract butterflies.
You may also want to ask if they also know of any more wild flowers that will also attract butterflies.
frenchie44 15 342 United Kingdom
5 Jun 2010 9:44AM
I spent 15 years photographing butterflies, moths & dragonflies, the best plant in the garden is Budliea, easy to look after, nothing to do to it except before spring prune it. i have counted over 7 species of butterflies on the bush at once,

Peacock, red admiral, small tortoiseshell, large tortoiseshell, comma, marbled white, largewhite, orangetip, brimstone and many others will visit the bush.
Overread 13 4.1k 19 England
5 Jun 2010 10:43AM

Quote:Don't use jam. You just get wasps. Sad

What's wrong with wapsies? Cute little devils!
Just put a few old bits of fruit around and they'll happily get themselves totally drunk on the stuff - most are then highly docile (at least in my experience) and won't pay any mind to you at all.
thewilliam 12 6.1k
5 Jun 2010 12:04PM
Flies and wasps are attracted by the smell of rotting meat. There are even a few plants that mimic the scent/stench.
Scutter Plus
13 1.7k 6 United Kingdom
5 Jun 2010 12:07PM

Quote:Flies and wasps are attracted by the smell of rotting meat. There are even a few plants that mimic the scent/stench.

Hmm!! so are my whippets! Its bad enough having a series of potholes in the lawn without having dead carcasses being buried in it too!!WinkWink
8 Jun 2010 7:01PM
catch them with cups and bait them with honey..put leaf with honey in the cup when the insect goes to feed on it open t he cup and start shooting..better yet go out in the morning when its cold..they dont move then Wink

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