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How to attract insects, butterflies and so on...

8 Jun 2010 7:23PM

Quote:Flies and wasps are attracted by the smell of rotting meat. There are even a few plants that mimic the scent/stench.

Hmm!! so are my whippets! Its bad enough having a series of potholes in the lawn without having dead carcasses being buried in it too!!WinkWink

i just leave down fruit and honey on a plate in the back garden,.as the days go on more and more come to visit the feeding station..more than likely bees and wasps and the odd fly

bugdozer 17 98 2
10 Jun 2010 1:43AM
Ceanothus in my garden seems good for attracting bumble bee, hover flies and for some reason, greenbottles!
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
10 Jun 2010 5:09AM
Did anyone mention chives? Excellent for most insects and useful.
mohikan22 Plus
17 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
10 Jun 2010 7:33AM
There are even a few plants that mimic the scent/stench.
dunno about meat but we have a large hedgerow at work that smells distinctively like dog fowl every year! really stinks. but the hover flys like it Grin
KarenFB Plus
15 5.7k 182 England
10 Jun 2010 8:41AM

Quote:a large hedgerow at work that smells distinctively like dog fowl every year!

There is one of these revolting hedges growing next to Exeter College - I'm sure it was planted to stop loitering............and it works!!! Grin
magnus 16 661 5 United Arab Emirates
10 Jun 2010 10:00AM
I'm surprised nobady has mentioned Buddleia yet, AKA the butterfly bush.
So named for it's magnetic attraction to butterflies. We have a couple in our garden and during the summer they are swarming with butterflies from dawn till dusk. One of the smaller varieties (sorry - don't remember it's name), with some judicious dead heading, will continue flowering right into December.

There's sure to be some in your local garden centre.
KarenFB Plus
15 5.7k 182 England
10 Jun 2010 10:08AM
Has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of butterflies this year? We have a few whites, some Speckled Woods and I saw one Large Skipper yesterday. But there are no Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells or Red Admirals about!
f8 17 9.2k 22 England
10 Jun 2010 10:52AM
It would helpful if subscribers to this thread were to mention their town/county or location when answering, because I have noticed for years that all butterfly species are dwindling alarmingly in the areas of north Bucks,Bedfordshire, so when someone says they have plenty please say where and when, and approx Nos.

Last year we had Painted Ladies in abundance all over the UK,this year the odd one or two. The fact that Buddleia is widespread and grows wild in most open spaces does not seem to attract many species of insect in the numbers it used to in my childhood days.

The species I have seen this year (2010)in my area north Bucks are: Brimstone, Whites, Red Admiral, Peacock, Skippers, Blues, all in greatly reduced numbers, each species I could count on one hand, this is not necessarily due to weather,its been year on year decline.
I realise this is not just butterflies but all species of flora and fauna. I am concerned.
magnus 16 661 5 United Arab Emirates
10 Jun 2010 11:11AM

Quote:mention their town/county or location when answering

Good point f8

My particular Buddleias are in North Lincs and can be crowded with Tortoiseshell/ Red Admiral/ Peacock (and maybe some more - I am not a butterfly expert)

edit: I've never seen Buddleia in the wild - maybe that's why the butterflies head for the gardens!
KarenFB Plus
15 5.7k 182 England
10 Jun 2010 11:52AM
Smile...........Mid Devon!

We have several different buddleia bushes (various flavours). The ones that have just flowered in the garden were totally ignored, and the rough ones we ignore (but the butterflies love), haven't come into flower yet! Smile
Julian 16 76 3 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2010 2:50PM
try baiting with fruit-like old bananas. This works for Purple Emperor the one you photographed recently.
KarenFB Plus
15 5.7k 182 England
14 Aug 2010 3:29PM
I tried banana - it attracted lots of flies and wasps (no butterflies!). Even the wasps kept their heads down, so I couldn't get a decent shot! After about 2 weeks I decided enough was enough and threw the bubbly goo away...................then the butterflies explored the table where the plate had been!
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2010 3:34PM
Christchurch, Dorset:

Echinops, Buddlea (both the standard purple and orange Popm Pom variants),Penstimons (the larger cupped varieties seem to be best),lavender (standard seems more effective than the fancy french lavender variants),Viburnum all seem to work well. If you include Wasps in the list then "Red Hot Pokers" work extremely well for me.

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