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How to get an RC - No problem


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Reason : Run its course

Henchard 16 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
16 Jul 2008 10:50AM
or the great reciprocal clicking honey trap.

First apologies for posting this because I suspect there may be some heated debate and also because it touches on a sensitive topic that comes up regularly in the forums. Threads about reciprocal clicking and clique cliques regularly surface, the upshot generally being that it goes on but not much can be done about it.

Now the reason for this post is that a couple of weeks ago someone posted a harsh critique about someone's photograph that was then pounced on in a forum thread because he had dared to suggest the reciprocal clicking was the reason the picture had got so many clicks. The comment was, in my opinion hard but accurate.

At that stage the poster started to get attacked for stating his opinion. Comments like

"That comment on the lady's shot was one of the worst below the belt shots I've seen on here. In fact, it reeks of schoolyard bullyism"

"I cannot imagine how anyone can consider that this comment complied with the guidelines."

"Itís not clever, itís not funny, nobodyís impressed. Are you man enough to apologise?í" (I'm still not sure what for)

So on with the story. I was discussing this with my wife who was astonished at the reaction and who didn't believe me when I said that she could get an RC just by clicking on other peoples photos and saying 'nice photo' or 'nice colours' etc.

So she decided to put it to the test. I gave her my Canon 5D which she has never used before (she is not a photographer) popped outside the back door took a hand held image of a poppy, joined EPZ and with my help posted the photo on the site. Now the photo in her words is c**p. In my words it's colourful (she pumped up the saturation), has little petal detail due to the poor lighting, a distracting background, is not sharp due to being handheld or the poppy blowing about and has too shallow a depth of field. Basically it's fairly appalling.

Now for the fun, she started clicking on other people's portfolios leaving comments like 'nice shot' or 'nice landscape' (always using that dreadful word nice) and generally jumping from one portfolio to the next person who had commented.

The photo was posted on a Monday morning and she posted 65 nice photo comments on other photos throughout the day. By early evening she had an RC and by the end of the day the photo had 35 clicks (it ended up with 38 votes).

The comments left on her photograph were in her words 'a complete cheesefest'. Not one person had offered the smallest criticism or gentle advice. Here are a few comments

"On the day of your debut, you have uploaded a nice picture and have managed to collect the comments of my most respected commentators"

"Your first posting is impressive. Lots of detail and beautiful colors. Please comment also to other members so that they will gonna see your work also."

"Great composition, colour and detail"

Well having tested out the "How to get an RC in 8 hours" theory she has now deleted the photo and comments. She didn't want to start a 'witch hunt'; merely see what would happen.

The purpose of this posting is not to open up those other postings but to show that my wife has now proved that absolutely anyone can post any old rubbish and get an RC just by commenting 'nice' on (about 60 or so) other peoples photos. Sorry if this causes controversy but we thought it an interesting experiment. Although like everyone else I have no idea of the solution.
Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
16 Jul 2008 10:56AM
LOL what a lot of effort to prove something we all know Smile
Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
16 Jul 2008 10:57AM
Hope you've got your armour on John Grin
BigCol 19 1.8k 1 Scotland
16 Jul 2008 11:01AM
Just imagine how many extra clicks it would have received had she also included a breast or two!
My 'rule' for my photography is simple, it's my hobby, I do it 'cos I like it, I post what I like and if others like it it's a bonus. Mind you I've not posted much of late but then I've got other things going on in my life and photography is taking a bit of a back seat at the mo'.
I've always tried to be open and honest with my comments, although on more than one occasion this has landed me in hot water so I seldom comment these days and I rarely make any sort of constructive critique unless I know the photographer in question.
DaveU 15 1.4k 127 England
16 Jul 2008 11:01AM
Lol ..... what a great idea. Lucky she did'nt get an HC or EC Wink

You're right of course, RC's have no real merit and are too easily achieved to be of any value or any real gauge of photographic talent.

Not worth getting uptight about though as I don't believe that there is a solution. Apart from scrapping RC's altogether of course.
fotodayz 13 179 1 United Kingdom
16 Jul 2008 11:13AM
I keep trying for a reverse RC and I'm nearly there Wink
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
16 Jul 2008 11:15AM
I've thought of opening an account to do just that, just for amusements sake

didn't bother cause I know the team log our IP addresses so it'd be obvious I had 2 accounts, and I really could not be bothered doing 60+ "nice x" comments

so cheers to your wife for saving us the bother.

I think I clicked on 3 shots yesterday, maybe 2....? can't remember.

most of my comments don't harvest "nice pic" responses funnily enough Wink
mdpontin 16 6.0k Scotland
16 Jul 2008 11:15AM
So 'nice pic' clickers get reciprocal clicks? No surprise. Does that mean all RCs are achieved on that basis? No. Should we scrap RCs because they aren't an accurate measure of whether a photo is good or not? Not in my opinion, but I'm only one member.

I don't even think it's always 'click cliques' either. Some people no doubt feel that because somebody has taken the trouble to view/comment/click on their photo, they should do no less than return the compliment.

I think attacking people who try to give helpful and honest critique is more of a concern than worrying about clicks/RCs. If you see it happening, please log a report and we'll look into it.
16 Jul 2008 11:22AM
you know of course that people will just say/claim/think they commented in a very positive way because she was clearly a debutante, and she needed to be encouraged in her efforts, which they did by showing a positive attitude, and so they actually were helping her, whereas your wife and you were just abusing their kindness and helpfullness, and undermining the true spirit of the site, and... Zzzzzzzzzzz

... which makes you guys the bad guys in short Wink
redjoker 13 981 4 England
16 Jul 2008 11:22AM
perhaps we should have a "mark as rubbish critique" button

i know ive been given my fair share
Mjhearne 14 432 4 Scotland
16 Jul 2008 11:22AM
I dont think RC should be scrapped all together, As I think these can be encouraging for new members. I remember getting really excited about getting a RC! But a year and a bit down the line, I obviously realise that some people do just return comments with a click. So I know myself that a RC isnt really a huge achievement. Mutual clicks are gonna happen even if you remove the RC. And I think its a shame to remove this especially for new members.
cambirder 17 7.2k England
16 Jul 2008 11:45AM

Quote:Now the reason for this post is that a couple of weeks ago someone posted a harsh critique about someone's photograph that was then pounced on in a forum thread because he had dared to suggest the reciprocal clicking was the reason the picture had got so many clicks. The comment was, in my opinion hard but accurate.

I think that was me, just before I escaped to Canada to avoid the heat Smile I know I got attacked for the criticism, but most of those were misplaced in defence of the photographer when in fact it was those leaving comments I was having a go at.

Even though I just got a rare RC I think its time to scrap them, 99% are awarded purely on sycophantic reciprocal clicks. The one I caused such a fuss over had climbed to 44 clicks by the time I returned, and how those 44 people could justify those clicks and glowing comments over such a poor photo is beyond me.
Krakman 14 3.6k Scotland
16 Jul 2008 11:46AM

Quote:A slightly different experiment which I've always fancied trying would be to post a tech question in the forum. Essentially the same as a previous one that didn't get resolved.

Get a blonde friend with big boobs and a sexy profile picture to do the asking.

She doesn't even have to be that attractive. A tree wearing a kilt would probably do Sad
glyndwr 13 91 10 Wales
16 Jul 2008 11:47AM
I don't understand what the fuss is about.
There are people who click each others work, through the site they have become friends, what is wrong with that?
An RC is a milestone for everyone regardless of their ability, I know I got a buzz on my first.
I hope I am wrong but the site now seems split, there are those who regularly upload, click, comment,learn, make friends, and there are those who seem to spend time in forums having a go at the others.
Recent threads about , Nice light', 'Looks good large' are tiresome.
Why doesn't the management of the site block these threads which are of no use to anyone?
bangalicious 13 1.3k 5 England
16 Jul 2008 11:49AM
You had me at "discussion with the wife" Smile