How to Turn Touch AF off when shooting Manual?

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expos81 4 1
30 Aug 2019 7:08PM

I am trying to learn how to use Manual Focus on my G85. When I am in MF mode I am wanting to be able to move the focus area around the screen as I am recording so I can then manually focus in. Unfortunately, it just focuses instantly, no matter what settings I try and change.

I have tried turning Touch Settings > Touch AF and TouchPad AF OFF, but it still lets me drag around the screen and autofocussing.

When I click the little 'AF' on the screen it goes off, then comes back on again.

Tianshi_angie Avatar
31 Aug 2019 11:04AM
I would suggest that you try to find a tutorial on YouTube. As no-one has answered I am guessing that no-one has that camera. I had a similar problem with my Sony A7 but having watched a video on it I discovered what I was doing wrong - I had actually misunderstood some of the finer points! Good luck.
expos81 Avatar
expos81 4 1
31 Aug 2019 4:40PM

I have watched loads but cannot find out how to do it. On one forum someone also said they had the issue and was going to watch the thread. I did a short video which may help anyone visiting the post.

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WestCamera 4 121 United States
31 Aug 2019 5:15PM
Can you take your camera back to the shop where you bought it and ask for their help? If not, is there a shop around where you live? Maybe someone there can help you.
whatriveristhis Avatar
31 Aug 2019 8:25PM
This is weird... surely if you are focussing manually there's no point in moving the focus area around the screen... I don't know that camera, but I imagine doing that would activate the autofocus for a "one off" shot.
If you are focussing manually, then you should be using the focussing ring on the front of the lens barrel and not touching the screen at all. Or am I missing something here?
Tianshi_angie Avatar
31 Aug 2019 9:03PM
If you have Touch AF off then I think when you touch the screen the Auto focus automatically switches on. I would expect that if Touch AF is off and you wish to move the focus point it will be a normal shift of focus i.e Move your camera to where the central (or chosen focus spot is) and refocus manually.

Try this video if you haven't already


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