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HX300 sharpness settings

johnlillburne Avatar
10 Mar 2019 9:07AM
i have the option to select different sharpness settings

i have selected the highest

why wouldn't everyone select the highest sharpness ?

am i losing something somewhere else?

would someone let me know what is the 'fastest card' available.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
10 Mar 2019 9:46AM
I) Depending on your subject you can choose how much sharpness you need. For example, you are taking a close portrait of a young person, you do not want to emphasise every line or wrinkle so you might choose to reduce the degree of. The same for a moody misty landscape, the choice is yours.

But if taking a photo of a piece of machinery, you might like to emphasise the sharp edges and contrast. Leave your camera on high sharpness if you like and change if needed.

2) The fastest card - you need to specify what type of card you want and why.
johnlillburne Avatar
10 Mar 2019 9:51AM
thanks for that very helpful

someone on the forum suggested I used a faster card

the reason was I complained that when I pressed the capture button on my hx300 there was a delay of 1 maybe 2 seconds before I could take another shot. some kind soul suggested that a faster card would reduce the delay. I didn't know that their were different types of card. would you e kind and explain

Tianshi_angie Avatar
10 Mar 2019 10:31AM
It was me that suggested a faster card but I don't know what card you have. If you look on Amazon and Search for Memory Cards then there will be options. Cameras take different types of card so as someone else suggested it would be useful for you to read your manual, this ill tell you what type of card you need. If you don't have a manual for some reason then Google your camera and specify 'Manual For.....'.
However as it seems that you are not quite sure about things I do actually think that the card you have in your camera may be running out of space and needs Formatting - which clears all previous data. Because there is a limited amount of space available on the Memory Card this means that the more pictures you take the less space there is available and means that the camera has to search for space in which to write new images. This could well be the reason it is taking time.
To reformat the card you have you need to find 'Format' in the camera's own software. Again if you don't know where this is the manual will help you to find it. I believe that the Menu button on your camera is at the back of the camera and is on the left of the two bottom buttons. When you press this a menu will appear in the screen and you can scroll through to find 'Format'.
There is a copy of the manual at but it is all Languages so you will need to look at the English Section.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
10 Mar 2019 10:51AM
Your camera takes a SD card, no need to explain about others, compact flash etc.

You might find that a faster card would reduce the delay, memory cards are relatively cheap and you might not need a large capacity card, but they tend to be built for higher speed. There are dozens of different quality makes and models available but I looked at a recent review in a magazine recently before I bought myself a new SD card.
Try something like 1) Integral 64 gb High speed V10 - which I have bough and used.
2) Sandisk Ultra 64 gb
3) PNY Elite 64 gb Elite Performance
The first two are under £20
And watch out for fakes. Buy from a reputable source.

banehawi Avatar
banehawi Plus
19 3.0k 4373 Canada
11 Mar 2019 4:39PM
You would need to be using an ultra slow card to notice any delay when taking a shot, - so I think theres something else going on.

There can be a delay if you shoot a "burst sequence" of shots while the data is recorded onto the memory card, - which I assume is not what you are doing?

There can be a slight delay if you are shooting RAW images rather than JPEG images, - which are you shooting?

You should experience little delay shooting fine JPEGS

In the specs shown in the EPZ review for this camera, the shot to shot interval is 0.9 seconds WITHOUT FLASH, and if over 3 seconds WITH FLASH. This will be longer depending on the state of charge of the battery. So are you using Flash?

Depending on the available light, the flash may first all the time in A or P modes. You can disable the flash, but make sure you are shooting outdoors in decent light.

This is unlikely to be a card issue, but if you provide feedback we can get a better picture of whats going on.

A suggestion, take a shot in decent light, using A or P mode and upload it to the Critique Gallery, including you shot settings. We can tell whats going on with more information like this. Also, try not to start new topics, - leave this thread going.

johnlillburne Avatar
12 Mar 2019 9:01AM
thank you W
no flash


no burst

I have stumbled on a solution I get the delay when setting the camera to Programme

I get much less of a delay ,acceptable to me, when the hx300 is set on "i camera green camera setting, on the selection dial. do you know why its better

banehawi Avatar
banehawi Plus
19 3.0k 4373 Canada
13 Mar 2019 12:35PM
Can you upload am image to the Critique Gallery?


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