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I can't believe it!!!!!!

21 Mar 2012 11:25AM
Hey Peter

Really glad to hear about you getting back out into the fresh air and at a great time too because the weather looks amazing right now, well it does up in Scotland. Gutted I'm missing this but I guess I'm to blame for my spectacular crash which has broken my bone Smile Ah well I can still smile so that's a good sign Grin

happy running and thanks for the message.


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JackAllTog Plus
10 5.7k 58 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2012 1:06PM
Bike crashes at speed can be messy, my worst one left my arm bleeding for 2 days and stitches in my head. But also as a cyclist you are pretty fit so you'll heal quickly - as soon as you can substitute cycling for walking or something similar to keep you fitness levels and spirits up till you get back in the saddle. Meanwhile just try another genre of photography - or even just reprocessing what you have already taken.
Heal well.
21 Mar 2012 5:07PM
Hi Stuart that sounded nasty that's for sure, well I'm looking forward to try and walk a bit soon, in fact if I stand up for too long by shoulder and shoulder blade hurt a lot so not at that point just yet Sad

Looking through my images has become my new job over the last few days, I'm a big fan of twitter for finding out various information and showing the world my photography. So far this year it's worked because I have managed to get 2 website features which was out of the blue that's for sure. More to come would be great. Also two F1 races back to back has been great because I'm stupidly a fan of that, can't let it go Grin.

Well Stuart thanks for the message and hope I'll be back to my best soon.
peterjones 17 4.9k 1 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2012 8:34AM
Fitness is often talked about as a help in warding off heart attacks, strokes and the like where I find it is of real benefit is that the whole body works better; if you have occasional joint pain like me they disappear with fitness; you can have a pint or two at lunchtime without knocking you out for the afternoon presumably because of a heightened metabolism and everything become easier to do; even the brain seems to process quicker.

Exercise is proven at least in my case to keep blood pressure well down.

Stuart I hadn't realised that your collar bone break is so nasty that you can't stand; I assumed you could walk around at least as normal but I guess the break like a rib cannot be immobilized say like an arm or a leg?

User_Removed 17 2.8k 11 United Kingdom
23 Mar 2012 1:48PM
I had all cartilages removed from my knees many years ago due to Tennis injuries and wad advised to stop playing.
I was enjoying success and didn't want to stop and now, I can't walk very far at all.
I hindsight, I wish I'd taken the advice.
brian1208 16 11.6k 12 United Kingdom
23 Mar 2012 3:04PM
Gerry, I have all sorts of joint problems (including a total knee replacement) and was grumbling at my Dr a while back that if I'd known all the high impact sports I had done when younger would end up giving me such problems I wouldn't have done them.

His response, even if I hadn't done them the chances were I'd have ended up much the same and at least this way I had enjoyed my activities in the past and knew the reason for my knackered joints Smile
digicammad 16 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
23 Mar 2012 3:56PM
You never can tell. So far, despite 40 years of football, squash, badminton, running, etc, etc, my knees are holding up fine, hopefully replacing the above with cycling will keep them that way.

On the other hand, I can empathise with Fabrice Muamba as I was also felled by a heart condition, though mine was caused by a particularly nasty virus. I remember thinking "why me and not that bloater walking down the street with a bagful of junk food!"
StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
23 Mar 2012 6:55PM
I'm just getting over a lingering cold, and with the weather over the past couple of weeks I wasn't able to do my normal walking excercise, and I've had the first arthritis aches beginning in my knees, first time. Have to get back out there, as said above, it affects the whole body.
Carabosse 16 41.3k 270 England
23 Mar 2012 6:58PM
As regards exercise, never let it be forgotten that the chap who supposedly 'invented' jogging - Jim Fixx - dropped dead at the age of 52 while on a run!
justin c 16 5.0k 36 England
23 Mar 2012 7:30PM

Quote:As regards exercise, never let it be forgotten that the chap who supposedly 'invented' jogging - Jim Fixx - dropped dead at the age of 52 while on a run!

On a similar note. I do a lot of running and cycling and always use a heart rate monitor when training. I bought a book several years ago on how to get the most from your heart rate monitor and how to use it to it's full potential.
The author sounded very knowledgeable with a wealth of experience and qualifications. One day I decided to see if I could find out any more about him from the internet. The first site I came to boldly displayed the message that the person in question is now deceased, having had a heart attack and died whilst out cycling :o Bloody hell!!! Perhaps I'll give his advice a miss after all.
23 Mar 2012 7:42PM
It' amazing what we all do to our bodies with exercise and so forth, exercise is supposed to keep us fit and healthy but if we get injured due to a specific sport it can stop us doing it altogether. It's enjoyable in my case and by many of you so we persist with niggles in the hope to get back to where we were before.

Peter It's amazing what happens in a few days, I've gone from hurting standing up for more than 10 mins to feeling a bit better, still stiff and it hurts a lot in the mornings, but as you said laurel don't push it too early because that can set you back.

I had a trip to the Fracture Clinic today and the doc said that I've broken my collar bone in the worst possible place, apparently right at the end where it joins onto a weaker part of bone, which is very hard to operate on Sad But he suggested I wait 4 weeks and go back and see if it's managed to join back onto the bone :-l Is that an excuse not not operate because it's difficult or Is it the best for my bone, I don't actually know but what I do know is that the collar bone is sticking up fairly drastically. It's 2 weeks since it happened and he didn't even look to see what It looked like. I might just be being paranoid but due to being a fairly active person most of the time I just want it to be fixed soon so I can get back out cycling and running.

With regards to hear problems my sisters friend was 32yo and very active and was out running and collapsed and unfortunately didn't make it so It's a pretty scary thing. I guess that Bolton football player was lucky to have so many people around to help him or he may not have made it. Lucky man.
brian1208 16 11.6k 12 United Kingdom
23 Mar 2012 8:53PM
My eldest lad is 42 and a sports / fitness fanatic (Kite surfing, snow boarding, mountain biking, road racing etc).
Chatting to him the other day it became apparent that he has suddenly become aware of his own mortality as several of his sporting buddies of the same age have passed away with cancer and other illnesses he always associated with the "Elderly".
I guess we all think we are invulnerable when we are younger but it is a shock when death and sickness catches up with us and those about us
cambirder 15 7.2k England
23 Mar 2012 9:03PM
Any of you cyclist do any Audax riding? Just got into this at the tail end of last season and recently completed my first 200 km event. That was originally my main target for this year but its more addictive than crack and I've signed up for a 300 km ride in April and if that goes well will have a crack at the AUK National 400 in June.
digicammad 16 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2012 7:58AM
Never heard of it before now, but I do try and do a long one each year. Done the Trans Pennine and Hadrian's Wall so far, hoping to do the Way of the Roses this year.
cambirder 15 7.2k England
24 Mar 2012 10:07AM
Looks a nice route, I've yet to do a coast to coast. If you need any warm up rides take your pick from this lot .

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