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I hate zoos!!!

alianar 8 82 2 England
18 Aug 2010 9:07AM
the more i think about it the more it angers me.... Zoos
what is the point?
capturing wild animals and locking them up in a tight space so some tourist can watch it sleeping!? no wonder they're claustrophobic!
and then the most annoying thing is some zoos put signs on the cages saying: if released into the wild these animals will die!
well firstly if you hadnt of caught them they wouldnt have been tamed and could have survived and even if it was going to die for whatever reason let it die in nature because thats what nature chose for it, theres no point capturing it so it can be stared at for a few years. overall i think the whole idea of zoos is inhumane and it should be banned altogether!
thanks you be listening to me rant.

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User_Removed 11 2.2k 3 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2010 9:11AM
I agree. It can only be justified when species would otherwise become extinct.

I also have a serious issue with pets and animal husbandry.
alianar 8 82 2 England
18 Aug 2010 9:18AM
yes i mean half of the time the animals wouldn't even become extinct if it wasn't for us.
KarenFB Plus
12 5.0k 171 England
18 Aug 2010 9:23AM
Hi Aryan! Smile

A very emotive thread and I'm sure many folk will have their own opinion - most will agree with you!

I'm going to play 'Devil's Advocate' (taking an opposite view just for the sake of debate). Nowadays not many reputable zoos take from the wild. There is a lot of swapping/selling of animals between zoos, from breeding stock (this has to be done to strengthen gene pools and produce healthy animals). Admittedly, in the early years of zoos most of the animals came from the wild.

Nowadays the animals are born in captivity and are loved by their keepers (perhaps not so much in poorer countries where getting paying visitors is all that matters!).

There are certain zoos that have had such good results from their captive breeding that they've been able to put some animals back into the wild, where they were virtually extinct. (For instance the Onyx of the Sahara Desert BBC link ).

Not all zoos are good and not all zoos are bad - we need to improve peoples knowledge and make everyone care enough to make sure ALL zoos are good!
Dave_E 9 125 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2010 9:24AM
Looking at Zoos from the perspective of them being there just for humans to look at the animals I totally agree with you.
However there are many establishments which come under the heading of "zoos" where the primary aim is conservation of wildlife and the way of financing that work is allowing the paying public in.
It can be argued that it is only after seeing real animals in places like zoos that many people start to think about the effects of humans on this planet etc. and how this should change for the better.
I would humbly suggest that rather implementing a total ban, support for the "good" will be of greater benefit to all life on this planet.
User_Removed 11 2.1k 7 England
18 Aug 2010 9:25AM
Are animals still caught and taken to zoos? I used to know the head vet at the the zoo in Washington DC and most of their animals were born there so it was their natural environment. To release them would have meant a pretty quick death as they wouldn't know how to find food or run away from predators.

I have no particular view on it and haven't been to a zoo since visiting the DC zoo. I have to say the medical rooms there were better than many of our hospitals it seemed.
mohikan22 14 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2010 9:30AM
neither for or against personally but i do draw the line at capturing WILD animals that are NOT rare.....(unless they are illegally kept and then rescued) but if they are BORN in a zoo is it really bad for them? they dont know "the plains" or "the mountains" etc........and in "MOST" zoos they are better looked after than any animal at home im sure...
roxpix 14 2.2k 11 Scotland
18 Aug 2010 9:34AM
Interesting viewpoint Aryan

I wonder if I could add some info from my point of view

I don’t know of any zoo in the UK (and many other countries) that take animals from the wild to keep in zoos. I’d agree this practice would be very cruel (I guess there must still be some backward thinking countries out there where it may still happen)

Most animals are bred in captivity so while it may be a shame that they have never experienced the ‘wild’ they would not have existed there either & it also means that humans don’t flock to Africa etc in far greater numbers to trample over & destroy the natural habitat

Which zoo/s & enclosure has got you riled up? It would be good to know so that visitors can put pressure on them to change

You’re right some of the very old Victorian built zoos need to be very careful about the size of enclosure they put animals in.

They also need to think about the animals welfare, what’s in the enclosure, the space it has and how intrusive humans will be when visiting

Generally animals in the wild only need so much space in order to feed themselves or their group & as animals in zoos are fed regularly they only require a fraction of the space & its generally accepted that captive animals will live longer than those in the wild

They also use captive animals for breeding programmes to save those species that humans have endangered in the wild & many will rescue and keep animals that have been mistreated elsewhere
alianar 8 82 2 England
18 Aug 2010 9:36AM
i think that the idea of animals for us to look at is bad, if they want to breed them in captivity why should we have to watch them, and also if they live in zoos for many generations they adapt to zoos and become weak e.g a tiger who need really strong teeth to rip up meat will be given meat ready for him and over time he will lose his muscles and weaken so if he is released he will starve and if he then breeds in the wild his babies will have weak teeth and die, this could have a catastrophic effect on the species and could even lead to extinction. however i am aware that nowadays more is being done about it.
keith selmes 14 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2010 9:38AM
Last time I went to a zoo, the animals all looked relaxed and comfy.
Depends on the zoo I suppose.

When you mention claustrophobic and inhumane, I think of cities.
roxpix 14 2.2k 11 Scotland
18 Aug 2010 9:43AM

Quote: a tiger who need really strong teeth to rip up meat will be given meat ready for him and over time he will lose his muscles and weaken so if he is released he will starve and if he then breeds in the wild his babies will have weak teeth and die,

I really am wondering where you see this

My local park will feed the animals in a style closest to what they would experience in the wild i.e foraging animals have their food spread around, hunters like the tiger will have to ‘work’ much harder for theirs by climbing 20 foot up a tree for example, giving them plenty of exercise as well as the correct diet to ensure a healthy animal
KarenFB Plus
12 5.0k 171 England
18 Aug 2010 9:55AM
Don't forget, keeping animals (even dogs and cats) is an expensive thing to do. The food alone costs a lot, what about vet fees and keeper's wages. The viewing public is desperately needed for their upkeep and it also enables the zoos to build bigger and better enclosures.
User_Removed 11 2.1k 7 England
18 Aug 2010 10:02AM

Quote:i think that the idea of animals for us to look at is bad

How about the keeping of animals for our pleasure, I.E. pets? Many farm animals only exist so we can eat them, should we all be vegetarians?

Should we use animals for our pleasure, including food, is a good moral and philosophical question that isn't easily answered, but one worth thinking about.
JamesGarfield 9 915 4 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2010 10:08AM
Ultimately the human race has taken ownership of the planet and is systematically destroying it, zoos are one very small example of that sheer arrogance. If we hadn't hunted these animals to their almost extinction and destroyed the environments they live in for the pursuit of money and wealth there'd be no need for these places.
whipspeed 13 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2010 10:17AM
My dogs keep me for their pleasure rather than the other way round, I'm just their skivvy Grin

As for zoos, the good ones do a valuable job in increasing the gene pool in endangered species, the Onyx mentioned before, being a good example, also the przewalski horse which again was bought back from the edge by re introducing captive bred animals back into the wild.

What needs doing in this case is not to ban as is usually the case when people don't like something, but to work with those doing a good job and to help those not doing the right thing by helping them to reform or if that is not possible to close them and move the animals on for their sake.

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