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I'm..buying..a mac?

kokobrown 13 1.9k Scotland
3 Sep 2006 9:10PM
Ive decided I really want a mac..
Im sick of my Sony Viao..its quite chunky..it looks nice though..but its noisy..its slow and ive just had nuff!

Can anyone give me their experience of Macs. Im looking at a macbook pro..plus i believe i get a 20% student discount..!

L x

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ewanrayment 13 718 1 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2006 9:20PM
My experience = they are great.

Get one and you wont go back Smile Intuative to use, they don't crash (and on the slight chance that they do, they recover easily), they are easy to use, neat, cool and generally rather good.
aftertherain 12 4.2k 2 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2006 9:21PM
I had a Mac years ago - where I live there was only one repairer for the whole county and his estimate to upgrade it was more than the cost of two PC's.
Check the aftersales service before you buy!
Frank_Reid 11 225 1 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2006 9:24PM
I would say that now you can run windows on a mac go for it. I am on to my 3rd i-mac and I also have a powerbook.
neither of these run windows but I am going to get the new top end mac in the new year.
I have had PC's but never again.

Frank Reid
kokobrown 13 1.9k Scotland
3 Sep 2006 9:45PM
thanks guys..
im defo getting it..
i want it now though..i may have to wait until january to get it though..thats my next installment of my student loan..im going to new york with my first instalment!!

L x
BOB S 15 2.6k
3 Sep 2006 10:13PM

Quote:Ive decided I really want a mac..

Should keep you dry in the winter...... Wink

What has made you want to go the Mac route, have you tried one ? Try and run all the software that you currently run on your PC before making the change.

Best of luck - you may need it.

strawman 13 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2006 10:21PM
My experience of Mac, nice to look at but expensive with lots of believers. Nothing in it in terms of reliability, lets face it they virtually use the same core components these days.

Its a lot like Mercedes cars, trading on the past.

Write down on a piece of paper what is wrong with your current PC, then get an equivalent cost Mac of the same age.

Or try a new PC at the same price against the Mac.
lgc 12 62 England
3 Sep 2006 10:32PM
a friend of mine who does my website bought a new ibook 2.0 duo core from america in July, after seven days it stopped working, it wouldnt swithc on no matter what he tried it just died, he sent it away to the tech assistence who said it had problems with the battery. Its now been six weeks at the tech assistence here in Brasil, and still nothing, they say that they are still waiting for the new parts to arrive from america.
Check out the support section on there american site and you will see they have had a lot of problems with the new models, some even catching fire!! as you can expect my friend is pretty gutted especially when he sold his acer which was six months old and was working great in order to buy an ibook for $1500 and hes without a laptop till further notice!!
javam Plus
12 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2006 11:22PM
For work I manage 7 windows servers, a few PC laptops and all workstations are PC's. The computers I have at home, bought with my own money are Mac's.

I have a G3 iBook (still going strong and lasting 4 hours on the battery 4.5 years on) and a 20" iMac.

The current Mac Book range seems well priced and spec’d compared to the PC opposition and I would wager that no PC laptop that weighs as little has as good battery life.

Photoshop, office, macromedia apps cost the same for a Mac as they do for a PC. People who say software is expensive for a mac are people who are used to not paying for their software. Either sourcing it from work or illegal downloads. If you have PC software already and you switch to a Mac, yes it is expensive as you need to buy it again (although you can run windows on a Mac now so a copy of Bootcamp (free) and a windows licence and you can run all your current software on the Mac), but if you switch from a Mac to PC, guess what, you have to buy the software again as well. So why is going one way such a bad idea, but going the other way is portrayed as seeing the light?

As for PC's being cheaper to upgrade, I just don't think that is the case any more.

Laptops have never been easy to upgrade so ignoring them for a minute. If you want to upgrade a PC's chip, the chances are that for a significant boost in performance you will need to switch to a different model, which will need a different motherboard, which will probably need different memory and maybe a more powerful power supply, or video card. It may even mean switching from PATA HD's to SATA HD's. It is no longer cheap to make a worthwhile upgrade to a PC.

The main item I can think of that could regularly be upgraded on a PC for a modest cost is the graphics card, so if you are a gamer then yes a PC is still a better choice. Personally I would go with a purpose built games console every time (they cost less than some graphics cards anyway!)).

As for repairs, every town has at least half a dozen people who think they can fix PC's and probably every town has a number of people who are being ripped off and told to upgrade when a defrag or removal of cover disk software would fix the problem (and I include PC world staff in this).

Apples need to be fixed by a specialist and that can take longer, but when your car needs fixing do you take it to an authorised dealer, a specialist, or a friends son?
cambirder 13 7.2k England
3 Sep 2006 11:48PM

Quote:my friend is pretty gutted especially when he sold his acer which was six months old and was working great in order to buy an ibook for $1500 and hes without a laptop till further notice!!

What a wally, why would anyone splash a load of cash to replace something that is "working great"
User_Removed 12 4.9k England
4 Sep 2006 12:33AM
Have a mac 6 yrs never gone wrong....... only had to reinstall once. in all that time. Connected to the internet all day, every day. My Daughter had two Mobile windows laptops in 1 yr. Whether it's the way it's used, I know not, but it's always crashing. Great when it's ok, and the amount of software available is endless. Have an idea that that is the problem with windows, to many crap pieces of software.
Superficial 11 147
4 Sep 2006 1:25AM
I have a Powerbook and an A64 PC. For photo stuff the PC wins hands down - Photoshop is several times faster for the same task (Yes, really), Picasa is better than iPhoto - although I could use .CR2 support :o( - and Rawshooter isn't available on Mac.

For everything else, the Mac is better, though - I much prefer it for browsing the web, sending emails, office etc (All the other things you use a PC for).

So yeah, you have to know what you'll be using it for, but don't be swept up into the myth that MAcs are better for image processing, because in my experience they're not. Perhaps it is a bit unfair comparing a desktop PC to a laptop though, laptops are inherently slower anyway.
joolsb 12 27.1k 38 Switzerland
4 Sep 2006 7:40AM
Funny, my PowerMac G5 with dual 1GHz processors and 3Gb of RAM just screams through most common PS tasks...

Quote:Perhaps it is a bit unfair comparing a desktop PC to a laptop though, laptops are inherently slower anyway.

A bit like comparing a 2CV to a Ferrari, really.
alexkerr 12 21
4 Sep 2006 9:13AM
I ordered my macbook pro 15.4" on saturday. It's my first mac, and I took a lot of convincing to get one instead od a vaio. The laptops are well priced, and I too got a student discount. A big tip however is to order it over the phone. I rang up the student discount line (0800 039 1010)and asked for a quote. I was sent one (and it was much cheper than the internet discount price). I then rang up again and said that I want to buy one but the price was still a little too high (cheeky, I know) but it worked. The original price of my package was £1,810 and i got it for £1,400.
Should be arriving in the next week and am very excited. The fact that it can do windows was the dealbreaker for me, having bought photoshop for windows, i will be able to run it on my new mac.
Get the macbook pro, not the macbook as the graphics card is not capable of very much at all. And get as much memory as possible, but you may find it a lot cheaper to buy only perhaps 512MB from apple (as they charge a premium) and buy perhaps 1GB from another company. The new memory can be installed simply, just needs 3 screws to be taken out, and about 3 minutes of your time, and it's about half the price. Try a company called Crucial.
Hope this helps, if you contact me I can always let you know what it's like when it arrives, and ultimatley, was it worth it!

Geoffphoto 11 13.5k United Kingdom
4 Sep 2006 9:49AM
Hey the old debate continues !
Mac v PC
Nikon v Canon
Liverpool v Manchester United
The Stones v The Beatles
blah, blah. blah..........
all have their plus points and supporters, but only YOU can make the decision of what is best for you, nobody else. For instance I have used Macs for over 10 years and they have always suited my needs but some people find that PC's suit them better, it's the classic how long is a peice of string argument.
Make an informed choice and go for it......enjoy your Mac !!

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