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I'm a plonker

bobby55 Avatar
bobby55 13 67 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2018 1:23PM
I'm the first to admit it, I'm a plonker.
I love my old Sony A100 combined with a manual Helios lens, following various threads it was suggested the switching the focus screen for a split image would help with focusing and so I bought one for £15 inc postage from China. Following the Chinese instructions I attempted the job but completely ruined the original screen in the process. The split screen was a waste of money as it did not line up properly. Undaunted I purchased a non working A100 from ebay and when switching the screen, I slipped and managed to scratch it. Now I have one for spares or repair with scratched screen, my original perfect A100 with a scratched screen (although it still takes perfect pics) that annoys me.
The camera shops say it will cost more than the camera is worth to repair and Sony no longer stock them. I've already spent what I consider to be too much for 2 pieces of plastic. Has anyone got an old scrap A100 that they could sell me the parts I need to attempt a third time lucky repair at a reasonable price?
EddieAC Avatar
EddieAC 18 3.8k 2 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2018 1:43PM
There are a few A100 bodies available on ebay. This may be an option.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
29 Apr 2018 4:16PM
Having had one of these cameras (it is now my daughter's) I wonder what difference you were hoping a split screen would make?
bobby55 Avatar
bobby55 13 67 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2018 5:10PM
Eddie..I already bought and ruined one body from ebay, I'm trying to keep costs down, at this rate It would have been cheaper to buy another working camera......or better still leave well alone Smile

Tianshi_angie With the helios lens on the A100 it is fully manual, no auto focus, the aperture ring is also manual so when stopped down it is like looking with the dofp button pushed so difficult to see. The Split circle focusing screen would help.
This explains it better

Tianshi_angie Avatar
29 Apr 2018 7:23PM
Thanks for that, it does explain it. You must have a great deal of patience!
bobby55 Avatar
bobby55 13 67 United Kingdom
2 May 2018 3:15PM
I think I must have...
With the aid of baking powder, white vinegar and kitchen roll, I managed to polish out the scratches on both focusing screens so normal operation has been restored. Just need to sell on the spare body. Alls well that ends well Smile
Tianshi_angie Avatar
2 May 2018 5:03PM
Glad you succeeded.
bobby55 Avatar
bobby55 13 67 United Kingdom
28 May 2020 10:41AM
Two years on and it's still going strong but still annoying, however, bought another on ebay as spare or repair for £25.00 ($30). I put a fresh battery in, attached the lens and ......result. It works perfectly.


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