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I'm skint!

Sus 13 3.2k 9 England
25 May 2009 1:04AM
Good fight thread!

We're all aware that there's a lot more thats more important than personal possessions; health, one's family, a safe roof over your head etc etc.

I don't think the OP meant it to get so 'deep' - just wanted a bit of a moan - as we all do once in a while - about the difficulties in our lives. Doesn't mean we're not aware that there are people worse off than us.

And if people are going to compete on how hard up they are on a thread, what's wrong with the occasional post to say how well someone's doing? There's nothing worthy about being skint, equally as there's nothing worthy about doing well, so why take it so personally?

Most of us must be relatively comfortable to be able to afford camera, computer and broadband equipment. But equally most of us don't have quite enough money for what we want. A little bit more and.. I could have afforded that dream house, could get the new car I need, oh well. Either way only wanted to enable seeing friends and family more often, which is all that matters in the end....

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Sus 13 3.2k 9 England
25 May 2009 1:07AM
Hubris and Nemesis - good idea! (looking for names for new dog!)
Tooth 13 5.8k 227 Ireland
25 May 2009 1:18AM
We used to live in shoe box in't middle of t'road..

(I know, I'm off to bed, group hug Wink
Sus 13 3.2k 9 England
25 May 2009 1:24AM
Husband won't let me name new dog Hubris Sad (actually we don't have a new dog yet anyway).

I once had to buy non-organic grissini from Tesco. The trauma, I never got over it.
looboss 11 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
25 May 2009 6:04AM

Quote:Glad to hear your venture is making you loadsamoney, Luis!

Nobody, but nobody, can afford to be complacent - however rosy things may seem at the moment. Hubris is very often followed by Nemesis!

its not all about the money! The point I'm trying to get across is that although there is a general recession is not all doom and gloom, there is money to be made out there and we all need it whether we like it or not!
I am a firm believer in not placing all my eggs in one basket or too many pokers in the same fire, any good business man worth their salt will tell you this, been employed by one employer and having just one stream of income in today's modern society is a no no, there's no employer to employee loyalty anymore and soon as things slow down the employee is out on the street without an income, hence a job for life or security is null in today's society.
My business allows me to have many more income streams, the property thing is just one more of these that most people can understand, it's not meant to be a boast, just a little nudge to get people thinking outside the box and stepping out of their comfort zone, so much more can be achieved this way and it doesn't necessarily have the underlying reason of pure greed.

but hey! t is because of this love affair for the 40 year plan most people have with regards to their working life as an employee which is the very same reason I'm doing so well, a lucky few realise is not that cracked up as it was made out to be, most of you work for such a minority Smile or did!
StrayCat 14 19.1k 3 Canada
25 May 2009 6:29AM
Luis, sounds like you're doing ok. I was lucky and had the same job for just about all of my working life; one needs to prepare for retirement, but not at the expense of living today. To bounce from job to job, and never have a steady income, and a well thought out private pension plan, or company plan is a recipe for never realising one's dreams. However, to have a proper career, and get the most out of it, I can't see how you can have other jobs also. I saw several people mess up a good thing because someone talked them into one of those pyramid things. I had a friend who gave up $3.50 per minute,(Yes, our pay stubs were in minutes worked), to spend morning noon and night at Amway. He drove his colleagues nuts trying to talk people into joining him, and when he was fired because he didn't show up to do his flight one morning, one of many I might add, he drove us friends away because we wouldn't join his business. He lost his home and everything else of value that he had, but he still bragged that he was financially better off than before.

To some it's like a religeous cult; they take on these wierd Alabama type preacher characteristics, and become impossible for the rest of us to associate with. We went to bat (the Union) and got his job back with seniority, but he lost over 20 years on his pension, and he couldn't come up with the money to pay it back.

He told me I was crazy to not do something productive with my 20 days off a month. I told him I enjoyed spending the time with my family, and that the time off was the main drawing feature of the job for me. I enjoy myself today, and I have no regrets; too much work is not good for you.

User_Removed 11 2.1k 7 England
25 May 2009 6:41AM
I have to agree with Denny. Stay clear of this type of "business" one or two at the top make loads, but only by the one's below them selling the "opportunity" to their friends. They drip information to you like a cult until you are so suckered in you write the cheque. They don't care if you are successful they just need that check and then you just need that check from your friends and so on. They say it's networking, but it's just another way of saying pyramid.
looboss 11 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
25 May 2009 7:00AM
I totally agree with you both stay away from pyramid schemes! 100%
And I may add in business stay away from negative people Wink
CaptivePixels 10 343 2 Scotland
25 May 2009 9:22AM

Quote:We used to live in shoe box in't middle of t'road

Eee eck. When ah were nobbut a lad we couldn't afford t'shoebox - and t'middle of t'road were for them posh uns anyway. We 'ad t'gutter and thought us sen lucky.

Fishnet 14 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
25 May 2009 10:13AM
Sus is right, there's nothing to be proud about being poor and there's nothing to be proud about being rich.

As for how some people got to be skint? Well, it's not all black and white, all it takes in one tiny thing to happen to you that is out of your control and boom, money gone.

In our case the Mr's bitch sister suing him by being a corrupt solicitor and pulling strings, and making us pay her our entire life saving's didn't help, followed a few years later by redundancy. She was still at it when we tried to buy this house by having 'stolen' the deeds to the one we were selling, she is evil through and through.

What could anyone do to plan or prevent that from happening?
booboocat 11 201 United Kingdom
25 May 2009 11:19AM
Hmmm,so what line of work do you do then Luis?/just wondering.
Well I am totaly skint,I do work,but my boss has gone belly up in his buisiness,no work due to recession etc,which in turn means no work for us.
I havent been paid for over 7 weeks,so that means no money coming in at all.Yet the council tax,rent still wants paying,they dont seem to wanna listen that its hard for me.My boss cant afford to pay me for the work that I have already done for him,its like pulling teeth with him trying to get any money outta him at the min.
I do live in a cottage in a small village,but its rented,and high at that,they still need paying.
We have charity shop clothes,etc,old furniture,and am currently flogging whatever I can on good old fleabay to get some cash.
Ah but aint life sweet? I know compared to others in poorer places etc I am considered well of,but as I have had to eat beans on taost for every teatime meal its getting a tad waring now.
For whatever reasons money is very tight for a lot of people at the min,and its hard.
Oh and if anyone says 'At least you got your health',I aint,gotta have brain scans as they think I have a tumour or something up there,(proberly just realised its my brain they have found at last,lol)
Sorry people,rant and moan and feeling sorry for myself is over for now,Enjoy he bank holiday and whaever ypu do with it.
Take care.
looboss 11 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
25 May 2009 3:46PM

Quote:We used to live in shoe box in't middle of t'road

cardboard was it?

you were lucky!

When I were a lad............
Fishnet 14 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
25 May 2009 4:57PM
When I were a lass, me dad used to take us t'bakers and let us lick window as a treat on us birthday.
mark_delta 10 1.3k
25 May 2009 5:06PM
we ad tin bath int yard, we youst put dog in frst to wharm watther up !
PaulSR 12 511 England
25 May 2009 5:13PM

Quote:When I were a lass, me dad used to take us t'bakers and let us lick window as a treat on us birthday.

I had to clean those windows, it was disgusting.

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