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I've been grounded...

EricaC 16 34 United States
10 Mar 2005 10:18AM
I am so bad at locking our front door! I rushed out of the house yesterday afternoon as I was late for my daughter's check up appointment at the doctor's office. Well to my surprise my husband came home from work early (while I was at the appointment) and found the front door unlocked, yet again! Ugh. I had school last night and while I was at school he took my camera and hid it! He said he would give it back after a week! I am so ticked at him! Come on now. By treating me like a child isn't going to resolve anything!

Sorry to vent I am just a little ticked right now! My Tulips are opening right now too!!!!

Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
10 Mar 2005 10:21AM
Erica can't you make out that it's your husband at fault - he's now even forgetting that he's just unlocked the door seconds earlier Wink
Franticsmurf 18 838 Wales
10 Mar 2005 10:23AM
You were testing him, Erica, to see if he would notice the door was unlocked.

jeanie Plus
17 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
10 Mar 2005 10:24AM
Aha ... so thats how our leader thinks eh????? Hmmmmmm
Bernie 17 2.2k
10 Mar 2005 10:24AM
Wish I had that sort of power over my Mrs. She'd just throw me out if I did that to her.
EricaC 16 34 United States
10 Mar 2005 10:28AM

Love your point, I'll have to remember that for the next time I forget to lock the door! LOL


I don't work and I love him to much to leave! I just have to think of something else!

csurry 19 9.2k 92
10 Mar 2005 10:28AM
It's his fault for not fitting a Yale, then he would have probably been locked out waiting for you to return cos he might have forgotten his key. So you were doing him a favour.

Similar story, went shopping one day. Now duties are I drive the car, mum sets alarm, locks door, etc.

Anyway on return, she can't find the key. We search high and low in the car, tip out handbag, etc. No sign. We drive back to all the places we have been to see if they have been handed in, no luck.

We drive home again. She goes over to a neighbour across the street to see if he can help us "break in". Meanwhile, I think well I'll jyst try the door. Sure enough, she never locked it in the first place and keys still on inside of the door.

She comes over from the neighbour to find out how I managed to get in. Most of the day wasted retracing steps. Needless to say, she has to show me the keys whenever we go out. Mind you doesn't mean she has locked the door Wink)
EricaC 16 34 United States
10 Mar 2005 10:37AM
Cheryl (csurry),

I wish it happened that way, but it didn't. I've had to rescue him because he's locked his keys in the car! I don't know what's worse!

csurry 19 9.2k 92
10 Mar 2005 10:39AM
When you get the camera back offer to take his portrait. Then use goo or something and make him look silly and post it here. We'll do the rest Wink)
ray1 16 546 1 England
10 Mar 2005 10:40AM
Put him on stoppages, that will focus his mind Smile
10 Mar 2005 10:44AM
I've locked myself out many times, usually my then husband had a key but when I found myself on my own the last time I locked myself out I had to get a neighbour to climb in through the bedroom window, never locked myself out again I can tell you, twas very embarrassing remember what I'd left out. I have gone out and left the door open too, same neighbour kindly shut the door and told me when I got home what he'd done, to this day he's always had 'a look' whenever he says hello.
csurry 19 9.2k 92
10 Mar 2005 10:46AM
Is this another of your after the watershed stories, K?

I must find that thread to find out about your other party trick.
ewanrayment 16 718 1 United Kingdom
10 Mar 2005 10:49AM
I've managed to leave the key in the front door overnight before... oooops
EricaC 16 34 United States
10 Mar 2005 10:50AM
I know I have some pictures of him somewhere. I'll have to look.

Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
10 Mar 2005 10:55AM
I managed to leave my front door keys in somebody else's car.........

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