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I've been grounded...

mark a. 16 920 United Kingdom
10 Mar 2005 3:27PM
Why don't you just go out and buy yourself another camera? Using his beer money, of course.
EricaC 16 34 United States
10 Mar 2005 6:40PM
His toy is the computer for you know what kind of pictures...I changed the passwords on all the log-ins. Smile To bad for me...he's the back up I.T. guy at work. He found another way to get into the computer. Sad But it got me back my camera. Smile All of your ideas did cheer me up though.

gajj 17 32
10 Mar 2005 7:52PM
Buy another pricey camara on HIS credit card, keep it in the trunk of your car for just such emergencies, use second camara to take pic of him in some weak moment, post in on the fridge to remind him that no one is perfect...
User_Removed 16 1.4k United Kingdom
11 Mar 2005 1:28AM
About 4 years ago I was going to stay with my now ex-wifes grandparents for the weekend, as you do, pack the car get the baby ready etc all done, you think? well, I got down the road and forgot something, so I turned round went home, picked it up and left (in a hurrry) as you do. This was on a Friday night, we returned on the Sunday afternoon to find the front door unlocked, I opened the door to find a guy, Paul, (very odd man) who lives in a block of flats around the corner asleep on the sofa with my T.V on, I say "Paul, ermm what you doin?" he says, "Am asleep leave me along!" lol

Needless to say, he thought we had just popped out and noticed the door left wide open so he stayed in my flat till I returned to look after it lol, he hoovered, washed his dishes after helping himself to the food in the fridge/freezer.

Strange experiance I can tell you and i've never left the house without locking it again!

The horible thing was, getting in bed that night and wondering if he's been in it? Every item of clothing, beddding, curtains etc was washed the next day.

The only thing that was missing was the frying pan... I asked him about it and he said that his mum gave it him, YES his mum gave it him before she died, he then told me that his mum died about 5 years ago and he's never been right in the head since...

It makes me think whats he's doing now.. not seen him more or less since then... hope your well Paul!

Sorry to ramble Smile
whippetrider 17 465
11 Mar 2005 7:37AM
I used to work in retail and come in to work in the centre of town at about 8:30am Saturday to notice that a (very large) bunch of keys had been left in the outside of the door of the bank opposite the shop! I bet that manager had some explaining to do!
EricaC 16 34 United States
11 Mar 2005 8:44AM
A bank manager! Ouch. Now that is serious. I am sure they got into a lot of trouble if somebody else found them. I used to work in the bank and anytime we lost our keys we had all the locks changed! Fortunately I never lost my keys.

Phoenix 19 1.9k England
12 Mar 2005 1:10AM

Quote:EricaC said:
I used to work in the bank and anytime we lost our keys we had all the locks changed! Fortunately I never lost my keys

Quote:EmmaC also said:
I am so bad at locking our front door! my husband came home from work early and found the front door unlocked, yet again!

Don't you just hate Alzheimer's ?

EricaC 16 34 United States
13 Mar 2005 2:14PM
Sure do...check out the names you quoted Phoenix. Smile

I honestly can say I have never lost my keys. I've always found them... Smile

Phoenix 19 1.9k England
13 Mar 2005 2:34PM
Personally, If I was married and I came home to find ny wife had left all the doors unlocked, I'd get all the locks changed before she got home
EricaC 16 34 United States
13 Mar 2005 2:41PM
My sister told me to change the locks because of what he did to me.
Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
13 Mar 2005 3:14PM
Lot's of interesting suggestions here, many of them illegal and possibly fatal. Of course, you could always just talk to him and tell him to stop treating you like a child.

I assume as you don't work that your husband bought camera ? And pays the mortgage ? And the insurance policy ? etc. Or do you have your own money ?
If so, just go and buy another camera.
EricaC 16 34 United States
13 Mar 2005 3:23PM
Big Bri,

We did actually talk it over as civilized adults. I only stopped working a year ago today actually, and had been saving for my camera while working. I was able to pay for most of it. He paid for the rest as an early birthday present for me last year so I could get familiar with the camera in time for his sister's wedding which was just before my birthday.

He does pay all the household bills. I make a little money on the side babysitting for a friend of mine who is going through a tough divorce right now. I did get the camera back the same night I posted the original thread.

Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
13 Mar 2005 11:24PM
good for you. Now you need to hide it so he can't do it again Smile
Phoenix 19 1.9k England
14 Mar 2005 9:52AM

Quote:Don't anyone get drunk around some of these respondents. You might wake up wrapped in celophane, Sharpie Marker all over your face, lying down in the gutter with a dog humping your head!!

Just your average Saturday night out at Toolies Country then, Gipperdog ?
DanSig Plus
16 288 Iceland
14 Mar 2005 10:03AM
lucky you erica that your camera has just been hidden for a week not stolen while you left your door open, serves you right Wink

hope you remember to lock your doors from now on...

I know I would probably lock my wife in a drawer if she left the door open while leaving the house Tongue

no insurance company would ever pay for something stolen from a open house.

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