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I've got my polarising filter stuck on a lens.

Calvin 9 1
2 May 2011 5:44PM
I have a B&W58mm circular polarising filter I use with my Canon lenses which I've misthreaded on to my EFS 55-250mm lens. I cannot get it off - does anyone have any suggestions please?

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BigRick 14 2.1k 3 United Kingdom
2 May 2011 5:45PM
type 'stuck filter' into the search bar at the top,,,, over 400 results
geoffash26 15 2.5k United Kingdom
2 May 2011 7:13PM
Pete Plus
18 18.8k 97 England
2 May 2011 9:28PM
A thick elastic band helps grip it and usually works
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
2 May 2011 9:31PM
Try one of those jam jar opening wrenches you know the ones with the rubber band, it grips tighter the more you twist. Also sticking it in the freezer overnight might help.
StuartAt 15 1.1k 8 United Kingdom
2 May 2011 10:00PM
Place lens filter down on a grippy surface and twist - theory is that all sides of filter are getting even pressure, whereas if you do it by hand you are exerting pressure on a couple of specific points. Same logic applies if you use a filter wrench or similar.
monstersnowman 14 1.7k 1 England
3 May 2011 12:08AM
I know it is a bit unhelpful in this thread but .. I have never had a cross threaded filter, probably because I hold the filter to the lens and turn backwards till it drops into the thread and I visually check it looks straight as I turn to tighten on .. and I never apply any force at all. If I feel ANY resistence I reverse and repeat. This seems to prevent cross-threading. Good luck though.
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
3 May 2011 1:43AM
Stuart - one problem with that is the front ring of a polarising filter is designed to rotate Wink

I go with the elastic band idea.
MikeRC 14 3.6k United Kingdom
3 May 2011 7:38AM
...another vote for the elastic band. will tell us when it's off won't you ?
peterjones 17 4.9k 1 United Kingdom
3 May 2011 8:07AM
an elastic band will work, I find a Marigold rubber glove better.
User_Removed 10 4.6k 1 Scotland
3 May 2011 9:54AM
If all else fails (and I do mean all else) you may have to sacrifice the filter. In this case, very carefully run a drop of superglue between the two sections of the filter (being ultra-careful not to get any between the filter and the lens) so as to lock both rings of the filter together. Then any of the suggestions further up the thread should work. Drastic, but it might save the lens. But be very, very careful.
JackAllTog Plus
10 5.8k 58 United Kingdom
3 May 2011 1:15PM
Hi Leftforum, Excellent idea - but it triggers one from me, if you have the time use a PVA woodglue instead (the green bottle, not the waterproof one) then a day later after its set, and hopefully removed - leave the filter in warm soapy water for a few hours - then the PVA glue will disolve and the filter may be saved?
scotty99 13 124
6 Jun 2011 8:53PM
Point a hairdryer in the direction of the lens(with lens cap on) for a while. The warm heat will expand the threads.Then get one of those rubber jobbies that you can buy to help open jars.
HJKeithW 11 59 New Zealand
8 Jun 2011 5:41AM
A filter wrench is an inexpensive tool which will grip the filter all round its circumference and should shift it.

You can also use a length of heavy electrical cable (not flex). Wrap it round the unmoving part of the filter and twist the ends together to tighten with a apir of pliers. It's a good idea to have 2 lengths so you can undo 2 filters which get stuck together
66tricky 13 742 Scotland
8 Jun 2011 11:20AM
You may also be be able to tighten a tie wrap round the fixed section which could give you enough purchase (and increased torque) to free the filter. The tie wrap could then either be slipped off the now free, threaded side or carefully snipped free.

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