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I want to be a part of a team!

redstag 12 100 15 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2008 10:27PM
Just about got used to the critique team, but I've just seen a team I haven't seen before, the challenge team.

Can I start a team of my own, maybe the 'I don't need an EC to be loved team' or perhaps the 'Not a member of a team' team!

I don't mind having site moderators (essential when there are grumpy buggars like me leaving foul and derogatory comments) but what are all these other teams, and what qualifies one member over another to be part of the team?

Is anyone else bothered by the proliferation of new teams, is the site becoming overly competitive, are we heading towards the I'm a member of t' committee that makes me dead important type syndrome.

Maybe I've had too much wine.

Maybe what I really loved about the site originally was that professional or amateur we were all equal, and all our views were equal and valid, but now if you are part of a team...

Everyone I've met through the site seems to be very supportive, very helpful but most importantly free of ego, but sometimes when I come onto the site I feel that cliques are developping and what made this fun is maybe disappearing.

As for being part of a team, I already am, part of the EPZ community, and it is fun and cool and supportive, so why do you have to announce after peoples names that they are part of this team or that team, it only fuels my inferiority complex!


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Overread 9 4.1k 19 England
1 Aug 2008 10:30PM
I think the team builds here are a way of trying to get as many photos noticed as can be by having more specific groups. EZ is very popular and it takes only a short while before you are off page one - and by the end of the day its very lucky if anyone but a dedicated fan notices your photo.
Nothing wrong in that its just part of what you get with a big and popular site - seen it all over the net before.
Anthony 16 5.6k 17 Scotland
1 Aug 2008 11:25PM
As Overread says, the teams are there to help, and assist. You can use them if you want, or ignore them.

The Critique team for example, upload your picture, and mark it for Critique only. You will get at least one serious, honest, personalised critique from the team, others may follow, but you wont be left with nothing.

The Junior team, ensures that the junior members get comments and positive and honest feedback on the junior's photographs.

Thats about it really.

ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
1 Aug 2008 11:53PM

Quote:Is anyone else bothered by the proliferation of new teams

Is there a new critique team?

Crikey - the one I'm in has been around over a year now! No one told me about it Wink

TO be honest, I've no idea what you're on about - there's nothing cliquey about the "EPZ teams" at all. I'd be interested to hear what evidence you have to illustrate your point.

Can't speak for any other team other than the crit one, but when the idea was touted around in the forums, a few people volunteered to take time out to add critiques to a new part of the gallery, so that area would get used more - especially by newcomers.

Is that a bad thing?

The other areas, as far as I know, were getting left behind by the paid team cause they were busy with more pressing developments - so Pete offered people the chance to "manage" an area. So we got people looking after varios bits like the challenge gallery, glossary etc.

All these people give their time for free and add to the site more than most.

Is that a bad thing?

Should we all resign because you think our "badges", as you call them, are making us big headed?

Get a grip man - go start a clique thread instead Wink
Carabosse 15 41.0k 269 England
2 Aug 2008 1:15AM
The Challenge Team consists, and has always consisted, of one member.... so I guess not technically a team! Grin

Similarly the 'Junior Gallery Team' is just one person.
redstag 12 100 15 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2008 8:24AM
Well Carabosse, that explains why I've only just seen the challenge team.

I have no problem with a team of critique photographers, had a lot of help from them myself, but, I do think that they should only use their badge of office when they are doing the 'yellow panel' critique thing.

TO be honest, I've no idea what you're on about - there's nothing cliquey about the "EPZ teams" at all. I'd be interested to hear what evidence you have to illustrate your point.

The evidence is emotional on my part, just a sense that, I'd just got used to seeing 'critique team' when I came across 'challenge team' (which, as this is just one person, I want to be absolutely clear, there is nothing personal in this comment). So what does this team do exactly, is it needed.


Should we all resign because you think our "badges", as you call them, are making us big headed?

Get a grip man - go start a clique thread instead

Not sure it was the badge that did that for you Ade Wink
I don't want to start a clique thread, I really have no problem with groups of people who like each others work and click on them every time, heck I'm as bad as anyone at that.
I don't use the forums very often, but I really wanted to know what these teams are about, how they were set up. My tone was confrontational perhaps, (I did say maybe I'd had too much wine!)

So thanks Carabosse for getting to the nitty gritty and explaining the teams to me. Maybe a simple link to allow members to volunteer for groups with an explanation of their duties would solve this issue for me.

aftertherain 13 4.2k 2 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2008 8:38AM
You can join my B.O.F. team if you like Wink
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
2 Aug 2008 10:14AM

we didn't get badges , or even "critique team" after our name for a long time.

being honest, I joined because I was bored of the usual gallery antics of saying "nice pic" and apologising if you said somethnig negative. People still apologise for pointing out that a horizon is un-level. Never really understood that....?

CG team membership probably prevents a few people PM'ing you and moaning about harsh critique, but that's about it. it's not like oyu get free E2 membership or anything

And the new medals... very interesting really. I'd say 1 in 5 comments that come up for moderation are useful - sometimes you get a queue of 8 on the same shot, nominated by the same person, all saying "you're really good" or "lovely light". They are "nice" comments, but not "good critique Smile

Some people have risen to the challenge, Dan went mad at first, writing 10 essays a day! Zarquon, who's pretty new to the site, has been a revelation. So it's not just a CG thing - lots of people are harvesting them for their efforts. It's just another feature of the site that people can aim for if they want.

not sure if there are vacancies in any opf the teams, best to keep an eye on the forums as that's where these things are announced
Kris_Dutson 15 8.2k 1 England
2 Aug 2008 10:16AM

Quote:You can join my B.O.F. team if you like

Yes please. Wink
aftertherain 13 4.2k 2 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2008 11:46AM

Quote:Yes please.

We're very exclusive Wink
csurry 16 9.2k 92
2 Aug 2008 1:08PM

Quote:Quote:Yes please. We're very exclusive

Like there's more than one of you!


But one friend - means for BNMs only

BNM - Billy No Mates

aftertherain 13 4.2k 2 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2008 1:11PM
there you go, Cheryl you'd definately qualify for membership of BOF Wink
csurry 16 9.2k 92
2 Aug 2008 1:15PM
Sorry already a member of an even more exclusive club! I could tell you about it but then I'd have to kill you Wink

It's the secret handshakes you need to watch out for Jon!!!
redstag 12 100 15 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2008 4:05PM
I really appreciate you taking the time to come back. I want to be clear, I like the Critique team, I like the little medals too (I have been surprised and delighted to have been give a couple of points), that wasn't my issue.
As for PMing when you get a harsh critique, hmm now there's an idea, I like to think I can take criticism (I might sulk or ring Vintagered to let off steam, but I get over it quite quickly!). I'm not so hot at giving it because I do worry about the photographer's feelings.

The issue was that there seem to be so many teams growing up, it started with site moderators (who are essential in my opinion) then the critique team and then I saw Phil who is (on his own apparently) the challenge team. I was trying to be a bit tongue in cheek, but the serious point was that there seem to be new teams all the time. So how about a link (maybe there already is one) explaining the roles and who the team members are.

I'd like to thank the members of the critique team, who have a mammoth task and I do welcome everyone's comments on my stuff. But I value no star non E2 members as much as comments from the Critique team such as you Ade.

I did have a problem with the new medals, but I am over that now, just because it comes down to personal opinion on some critiques.

Finally, I feel sure very few of the critique team became part of the team to have the nice label after their name, most I'm sure really want to give to their fellow photographers. And all power to them! (There are some guys on here who guard their techniques like the crown jewels!)

Thanks again Ade, and if there is a BNM team, I'm in!! Wink

(Promise this was not ever meant to be a clique thread!)
redstag 12 100 15 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2008 4:09PM
BTW just looked under the heading ephotozine, and some of my questions are answered there.

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