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I want to buy 2cameras out of the 3 listed below plz help asap

I want to buy 2 cameras out of these 3 listed below and i will also put ehich lenses they will come with. Also note that price isnt a matter and my choices wont change so i just need help deciding which 2 cameras i should buy plz.
Also all of the 3 cameras are portable . I want one camera to be able to take pics of the milkyway , and one to be an all rounder eg for family pucs travel etc.
Theyre in no specific order listed below

Canon eos 100D with 50mm f1.8
Canon eos M with 22mm f2.0 stm
Sony rx100 II

Now please help and tell me which of these 3 should i get for begginer astro as i will be in a darkste for taking only single exposure of 20/30sec for milkyyway
And 1 camera for overall family pics trips??
To be honest i really want to get all 3 but thats pointless...

I know that canon eos m is capable of milkyway pics and the sony is too BUT im not sure if the canon eos 100D(rebel sl1) with the lens listed above can take a good shot of the milkyway .
30 Jun 2017 3:07PM
Pentax k3ii has a built in astotracer , if that helps.
Nope nadeem these 3 are the only choices. Plz if u could tell me out of these 3 that would be great
Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
30 Jun 2017 4:10PM
This may be a silly question, but why do you need to purchase two cameras when they will all do what you want, it will all depend on which one you feel most comfortable using.

The 100D with 50mm lens will give a moderate telephoto while the EOS-M with 22mm lens will be a moderate wide-angle.

If it were me I would buy one of the Canons with suitable lenses for your purposes, maybe the EOS-M with 15 - 45 lens for general and perhaps the 22 STM or the ef adapter and a suitable ef lens for imaging the Milky Way.
Nigeyboy 13 1.0k United Kingdom
30 Jun 2017 4:20PM
The Milkyway is very faint, so I would suggest getting as fast a wide angle lens as you can. Anything longer than a 30 second exposure and you may begin to see trailing in the stars etc.

If you intend to do this as a serious hobby, then a company called Skywatcher do a cool little mount called the Star Adventure that will accept a DSLR and track the sky - you can then get exposures measured in minutes, meaning the fast (expensive!) lens is not so important.

good luck in your search


Nigeyboy 13 1.0k United Kingdom
30 Jun 2017 4:27PM
Oh - I would go for the Canon. But that's just me . . . .!!
Hmm yeah ive seen the skywatcher but im actually not looking for that atm.

And thanks for all the comments and info

My wuestion hasnt been answered
1) is the canon eos 100d(rebel sl1) with the 50mm f1.8 lens capable of picturing the milkyway. And yes i know 20/30sec max is the limit..

And then again the same question IF ALL THESE 3 CAMERAS ARE CAPABLE OF TAKING A SINGLE EXPOSURE PHOTO OF MILKYWAY then which 2 cameras should i get?

I want 2 cameras because... 1 i can keep one camera out of the 2 with me at all times. And the second camera will be for home use family pics outings dinner and sometyms night shots sky with fam.

So please guys try and answer my question my putting yaself in my boots and guide me which 2 out of these 3 choices to buy.... and to reply and tell me if the canon eos 100d with the lens listed above is capable of capturing the milkyway WITHOUT stacking
Nigeyboy which 2 would u go for ?
30 Jun 2017 6:56PM
If all three will do the job you want then no-one can answer your question - except you. Go into a shop and physically hold all the cameras to see which you are most comfortable with. This may sound sexist but ... as a lady you probably have smaller hands than any of the guys - so what suits their big hands will not be comfortable in your small ones. I also think that weight comes into play - holding a camera steady takes some strength which is something that many folk don't consider. You aren't always allowed a tripod - places such as the Shard in London do not allow tripods so how comfortable you are with the camera is, I think, one of the first criteria. And no-one can give you any idea of what YOU need.
30 Jun 2017 6:59PM
BTW if you want to get into astronomical photography then you will probably need to learn how to stack. That way no star trails and perfect milky way images.
Haha lol
This posts made me laugh soo much
Well im a male 23 years old and im pakistani hence the tough name. Usman aka ozman which is easier to pronounce is my name..
Hmm yes mate i get what your saying but i was wondering if the canon eos 100d(rebel sl1) can take good shots of the milky way using this lens???
And if u was in my place which 2 cameras eould u choose if these 3 were the only cameras that existed if that makes it simpler. Plz reply.
I wish i could make one of them clicky voter things on here so ppl could vote then the 2 with the most voted polls i would buy
Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
30 Jun 2017 8:06PM
I still wonder why you need two different cameras, but it is your choice.

Each of the cameras you have shortlisted will handle differently so you need to try them to see which you are most comfortable with, given that each is completely different I can't see how anyone can give you a definitive answer.

If it is any help you need a camera that has good high ISO performance as you will be shooting at around ISO 3200, you will also need a fast wide angle lens, a minimum of f2.8 preferably f1.8 (so that you can stop down slightly if the lens is softish wide open)

You will also need a good stable tripod, something you will not be able to skimp on.

Is the second camera that is at home going to be used by other members of your family?
Im personally going towards the rx100 II and the canon eos m with the 22mm f2 lens
That is because eos m will cost me 160brand new body only and lens 120 so total is 280

And rx100II used about 350 so total is 630 and both of the cameras will deffo perform in low light very well and for stars etc.
And both cameras will be with me . I just like to buy 2 lots of everything so when one isnt charged or i just feel like taki the other then i can.

Rx109 has great reviews

So does the eos m for astrophotography. But i just love the eos 100d for its sheer size and compactness for a damn dslr.
30 Jun 2017 10:05PM
I apologise - but what I said still holds - YOU need to hold the cameras and make sure you are comfortable with them. There is only one person who can decide what is right for you - would you ask us to choose your shoes or your girl friend. A camera must be what suits you - not anyone else.

Its like having a work phone and a personal phone. Or you could get a dual sim phone but to me thats no good is rather have 2 phones 1 for home and 1 for work (eg astro).

Hope my example could give you a better explanation of what im trying to ask?
And doc thanks anyways

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