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I want to buy 2cameras out of the 3 listed below plz help asap

1 Jul 2017 10:38AM
I think we all understand what you are asking and as far as I understand it you want a camera for astro work and a camera for home photos. You could use your home phone for family photos!!! And if you are serious about astro work then any of the cameras will do the job - in fact most cameras will do the job. I have done it myself without a camera specifically designed for astro work. Buy any two of the cameras as long as they are comfortable for you to work with will do the job. Serious astro work really requires serious equipment - as I have already said learn to stack - for which you will need stacking software, a telescope and adapters for the telescope so that you can attach whichever camera you have to it. But you aren't that serious, so it doesn't matter which of the cameras you buy. And remember it isn't the camera that does the work it is the photographer! I'm quite sure that a phone camera could take a decent Milky Way shot given a photographer using it.
Hmm but if i gave you an offer
Saying. That ive got 2 cameras
Eos m with 22mm f2
And sony rx100 II/III

Which one would you personally take if u was in my boots?

Based on the 2 links above. Which would u take

Plz just pick one ONLY

Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
1 Jul 2017 11:08AM
Question, if we said go for X camera and it proved to be wrong for what you want it to do, who would you blame?

We cannot make the choice for you, only you can, as Angie has pointed out and so have I each of the three will handle differently, you need to go and try each of them and buy the one that sits comfortably in your hands and has an operating system that you get on with.

We can only give advice, you have highlighted three different forms of camera, OK two are canon, but one is a DSLR the other an APS-C mirrorless, they will feel and handle differently.

I use several cameras mainly as a full time photographer but they are all Canon DSLR's with similar (not the same, but close enough) handling, controls and menus that I am familiar with...

Which of the cameras in your list have you tried? Which one handles best for you? Only you can answer that, you have been told what you need the cameras to be able to do....
I cant go and handle them. Theres no place in nottingham and i dont have any friends who own these so thats why im stuck
Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
1 Jul 2017 11:27AM
A quick check and I see there is a Jessops and a London Camera Exchange in Nottingham...
The eos m is old so you can only buy it second hand as its discontinued in shops. And im guessing thats the same with rx100 to as the new model is rx100iv but i want to buy the cheaper older ones if that makes sense
Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
1 Jul 2017 11:34AM
Yes it makes sense, you don't have to buy when you handle the cameras, the newer versions will be slightly different but the handling will be close enough for you to get an idea of what you are comfortable with. You need to go and do some ground work yourself, after all what suits me may not suit you, this is what we are trying to say.
Well the sony is same shape and all
But the eos m has changed and differs alot with the grip so its still not answered and im not the kind of guy to blame ppl. But what would your lots personal choices be out of the eos m and rx100 III?
Either way if it doesnt fit with me theres no loss as theyre still awesome cameras . So plz ?
saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
1 Jul 2017 12:58PM
You can listen to other people's recommendations all day long, but at the end of the day, all they are doing it recommending what suits them, not you.
Make it as easy as possible for yourself...Philh04 has given you the names of two photo shops in Nottingham. Go to one or both. Explain, as you have here, what you are after, importantly, what your budget is, and ask them what the options are for you. They probably have second-hand cameras for you to choose from if your budget doesn't stretch to new ones.

Quote:But what would your lots personal choices be out of the eos m and rx100 III?

The answers to this question will give a wide variety of reasons for preferances. Some will recommend because of user-friendly menus, how it feels to handle, type of settings, low-light capabilities, battery life time, choice of lenses...the list is endless.

At the end of the day it has to be your own choice, based on having held the cameras yourself, studied free downloadable user manuals and even possible borrowed the cameras from the shops mentioned to test drive them - most camera shops have rental facilities...

So basically no1 can andwer my simple question. That which camera canon eos M with 22mm f2 or sony rx100mIII has better low light performance for astro photography. Any by astro photography i mean taking single pics of the milky way from a really dark site?

Like i said im not bothered how it feels etc as long as it gets the job done because the camera will be on a tripod and all i have to do is set the iso shutterspeed etc which isnt hard to do on any camera interfrace so its really down to which performs better. Yet no one can answer this simple question.

If someone asked me which phone should i buy iphone 7 or samsung galaxy s8 . I woudnt say see how it feels . I would say buy Apple and heres the reason. Because ive used apple and its got a great touchscreen etc.

Philh04 Plus
15 2.3k United Kingdom
1 Jul 2017 2:07PM
Your argument doesn't really hold, although all my computing is Apple, tablet, phone etc are Android for good reason, I have camera control far easier than iOS, again it is personal preference, you said Apple but that is only your personal opinion and would not be relevant to others.

I guess that not many (if any) here will have directly compared those two cameras and can only draw comparisons from the same sources as you have access to, personally I wouldn't touch either of the cameras you have listed, the older EOS-M was not well received (search DPR) and the Sony is a 1" sensor which will not handle high ISO as well as a larger sensor.

As Malcolm says pop into the stores, LCE especially and have a chat with them, they may come up with a totally different but more effective solution to your needs.

At the end of the day only you can make the decision, nobody can make your decision for you...
26 Jul 2017 5:05PM
First thing for milkway shot you need a fast ultrawide and second a camera with decent high iso performance. There are many options out there, first thing you should tell us your budget and imho you don't need two camera.
KWE 3 2 United States
29 Jul 2017 1:49AM
Why are you limited to these 3 cameras? I can't wrap my mind around that.

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