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iMac for HD Video Editing (from 5D Mark II)

stevemelvin 15 675 2 United Kingdom
11 Mar 2009 2:31PM
Thanks CB. Not the most overwhelming endorsement, but I'll take it! Smile
mlewis 16 1.5k United Kingdom
11 Mar 2009 5:10PM
Why XP Home? Get Vista x64 and at least 8GB of RAM.
stevemelvin 15 675 2 United Kingdom
11 Mar 2009 5:27PM
I am tempted by going 64-bit, to make use of more RAM, but I'm nervous (as a non-techie) about compatibility and things working OK.

More people seem to be generally happy with Vista nowadays, but when I mentioned it to the guy in the PC shop he nearly fell off his chair that someone would want Vista over XP. His very clearly expressed view was to not touch it with a barge pole! I don't necessarily agree with his view, but if I am to stay at 32-bit then I may as well stay with XP. But if someone can sell the idea of 64-bit to me, I'm happy to switch to Vista (on the basis that 64-bit XP is not sufficiently stable).

stevemelvin 15 675 2 United Kingdom
11 Mar 2009 7:02PM

Quote:Any idea what make the motherboard is?

OK, I'm getting a little out of my depth here, but I think he has specced it could be any of Gigabyte, MSI or Asus. AM2 if that makes sense.

Quote:I'd advise Vista 64 too

Are there any particular issues to be wary of here? It seems that drivers are not so much of a problem any more but here are some questions that have occurred to me (sorry if they are a bit noddy or naive!):

1) Are there any issues with wireless networking at home where the different PCs all have different operating systems (e.g. my PC on Vista 64, my wife's on XP and my laptop on Vista 32)?

2) Our printer would be connected to my (potentially Vista 64) PC. Would there be any problems with my wife's PC (XP-based) connecting to the printer via my Vista 64 PC? (Driver conflicts etc)

3) Would I need to buy a new 64-bit version of Photoshop (I'm using CS2 at the mo) or is there just one version that works on both 32-bit and 64-bit?

Quote:I'd also prefer an Intel Quad processor, not the AMD.

Any particular reason why?

Quote:One thing I've noticed about these guys in the small PC shops is that many don't know about building computers for real work like photo and video editing. They'll start telling you how fast it plays Call Of Duty 5 at high res etc.

Ask him how Photoshop's memory handling compares under XP v Vista and he won't know what you're talking about. Tell him that you want to edit video and he'll probably tell you (wrongly) that your video card is the most important thing.

Oh I very much suspect you're right in this case, which is why I'm taking the shop's advice with a pinch of salt and seeking some opinions here - with my trustworthy and knowledgeable friends on ePz! Smile
dickiedriver 14 212 United Kingdom
11 Mar 2009 7:25PM
Steve, all the above comments are really worth while, and all have merit, have you looked at buying a dedicated gaming PC they are aimed and the new level of high end games coming out at present so they could fit your needs to a tee have a look HERE

This should be more than enough to meet your needs, hope this helps.

mlewis 16 1.5k United Kingdom
11 Mar 2009 8:06PM
I run Vista x64. All my software has installed and runs with no problems. 16bit software will not run on it but most people are unlikely to be wanting run that sort of stuff as it would be very old now. Vista is extremely stable in my experience. Any vaguely current hardware usually will have relevant drivers. There were driver issues when it was first released two years ago but they have been resolved. Your PC builder is being a bit silly dismissing Vista. It is more secure than XP and runs very well. Also, XP is now obsolete having been replaced by Vista.

Photoshop CS2 will run on 64bit or 32bit Vista platforms. Adobe won't support it on Vista but it runs. All 32bit software on Vista x64 runs as it would on a 32bit platform.

There should be no problems networking XP and various flavours of Vista together.
stevemelvin 15 675 2 United Kingdom
11 Mar 2009 9:20PM
Guys, that's some great advice and info. Many thanks.

Will keep thinking and researching........may be back with more questions soon!


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