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Image Library Software

iainpb 16 40
17 Jan 2006 2:30AM
Hi All,

Im currently designing some image library software which will allow storage of images associated with keywords and categories allowing image search by any criteria. I am also intending to incorporate version control so you every time you edit a photo you will always have a copy of the original. I was wandering if anyone had any ideas or features they would like to see in such software. I want to eventually release this as a free tool to photographers.

any feedback appreciated


User_Removed 17 3.3k Russian Federation
17 Jan 2006 2:42AM
I'd like it to do all the keywording for me!
tttfoto 19 592 Poland
17 Jan 2006 4:21AM
iainpb 16 40
17 Jan 2006 4:28AM

what does that mean?
steve neil 16 597 Australia
17 Jan 2006 5:21AM
It means you are talking in a foreign language to most readers here and will be ignored for it. Get your web site up and running and we can at least tell if you are any good at this sort of thing and worthy of our replies.

I'll second Magicboy's comment though Smile
iainpb 16 40
17 Jan 2006 5:47AM
its not a web site and i find your reply rude and unhelpful. the basic idea is explained in my first post, its a computer program that stores your digital photos and allows you to associate keywords with them, through those keywords and descriptions you can search for your images. I am creating this as i know stroing images logically is an issue many photographers find tricky.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2006 5:57AM
To be fair to Iain, he did say in his first post exactly what he was doing and he has made no attempt to advertise anything. So what is wrong with giving him some advice, maybe you might even get a free copy of the software out of it. :0)

edit - Iain, I think you need to make your software do what Google Picasa does on the cataloguing side, but with your version control added in. If you used the program to call the editor (eg PS) then you could wrap the version control around the call.

iainpb 16 40
17 Jan 2006 6:05AM
thankyou, that is the kind of thing i'm looking for Smile
User_Removed 17 3.3k Russian Federation
17 Jan 2006 6:06AM
Sorry if I came across as being flippant - it's just that keywording is one of the banes of my life, and if you could create a piece of software that was able to do that in all it's possible permutations, then I'd buy it at whatever the cost!

I don't have any specific ideas for you, but you maybe want to download trial versions of all the usual suspects (like Extensis, which seems de rigueur for the pros) and see what it is that they all offer...
iainpb 16 40
17 Jan 2006 6:10AM
hehe, no problems. There is actually an artificial intelligence project underway at the moment that is designed to recognise patterns and generate keywords for you. Don't think my programming skills are 'that' advanced though. Will be positing a version as soon as i have a decent working version.

thanks for any input
steve neil 16 597 Australia
17 Jan 2006 9:28PM
I'm sorry too but I'd rather think I was being cheeky than rude! Fact is, I'm really interested in what you are doing but when I went to check your web site it was down (and still is). So my first impression was not a good one. Besides all that I often see folk ask for good advice and get ???????? which really winds me up and so my response was in a way aimed at that person and not you. Keep us updated on how you get on Smile
lobsterboy Plus
17 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2006 10:38PM
Heres some ideas:
Automatic filenaming and directory creation when loading from a card - in the same way downloader pro works.
A slideshow with customisable tagging so that as I view the images I can delete all the ones I don't like, and tag the others as "good", or "use later", or "send by email" or "put on website", 1 key press for each tag.
The tags would not be exclusive so I could mark something as "good" and "send by email".
I could also select tagged items accross subfolders.

Select images by size, type (pdf,tif, etc), dates.

Proof, email and send to another application the selected items.
nikon5700ite 17 1.8k
17 Jan 2006 10:43PM
I do all that with Windows Explorer and my brain Smile
Mind you way way back I worked as a photo librarian so organising things has no terror for me.

Files coming out of the camera are first copied to my 'archive' folder, on a second HD, and then moved into a working folder using a folder name which relates to the shot[s]. This empties the camera for the next shoot. Actually I use a card reader these days, faster than the USB cord.

When I have finished working up files the 'camera' ones are deleted, simply keepingthe re-works, since I have duplicate camera files in Archive.

I see no point in spending money on anything else.
Although I use Irfanview Thumbnails to search with.
lobsterboy Plus
17 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2006 11:00PM

Quote:I see no point in spending money on anything else.

But the question was about free software.
nickp 16 491 Scotland
17 Jan 2006 11:48PM
I'd be interested in a tool that amongst all the other goodies mentioned also retains the underlying directory structure, maybe as an optional thing.

eg I keep originals in a dated folder. Images I work on for specific purposes (print, web) I save into directories beneath the original (..\2005_01_16\print). Picasa for all its good points disrupts this structure and presents folders without their parent path.

BTW there'll always be resistance to change. Money is one source which you've dealt with. Time/effort to change is another. The tool needs to be able to build its database of images as automatically as possible rather than folder by folder.

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