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clicknimagine Plus
12 1.0k 105 India
14 Jun 2021 7:36PM
What you think is good and what could be done better as a Guest Editor...

Your suggestion can help me...
chase Plus
17 2.4k 625 England
14 Jun 2021 9:24PM
I think there will be some suggestions Somnath, but, there are many things to consider when giving GEAwards.
The good things for me are....

The management listened to the members and gave us a Guest Editor with the availability to all members to take up the position for a week, no one is excluded.
The GE can please themselves how many or how few images they award in their week.
Taking up the role of GE really makes you look at other genres and consider everything and anything.
I like the idea of the Forum thread where the GE can select their image of the week....I wish there was a nice pretty extra badge though.

Maybe things that could be done better....
It would be really great if the GE commented on the image awarded, some do, some don't, a simple one liner would suffice and make a World of difference to the OP.....well, it would to me.
Would be great if more members took a week to be a GE, it is hard work but very satisfying, then there is a chance of reaching a wider audience.

Different people see things in different ways and that is really important, otherwise we would all be uploading the same image, now that would be boring. Some miss things that others see, I say that from experience in the Critique Gallery tbh, one of us will spot something that others miss, so easy to do.
People view things in different ways, do you want a story telling image, a record shot, black and white, something perfectly exposed, something very different or experimental or something that you can't put your finger on but you can't stop looking at it ? the list is probably endless.

It is difficult to 'move away' from your own genre, but being a GE widens your approach to other types of photography and gives you different ideas, a solution to a problem, different lighting ideas gotta look at all the Gallery first and there are many helpful folk out there who will share their ideas.

Some peeps will agree with all of the Awards given on the site, some will disagree with some or all of them...for their own reasons, pleasing all of the people all of the time is not an easy thing to do so, the solution, please yourself.

Perhaps think about how you give User Awards, what makes you press the button ?

Two people stood side by side looking at the same image, one thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread, the other thinks it's a load of poop and walks away....who is right, who is wrong ? for me, neither.....there is no right or wrong, just a difference of opinion.
mrswoolybill Plus
15 3.3k 2537 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2021 9:26AM
As Janet says...

I read through this thread last night. Some posts have I think been deleted, that expressed considerable hostility towards different or unfamiliar genres. That's sad.

I have heard that a large number of members routinely use the filter to view the Gallery, looking only at their own specialty; so they eventually see that as the only valid, 'normal' photography, and everything else as an aberration. Can I suggest that it's worth always looking at the Gallery as a whole, just to see the wide variety of work here - only use the filter to research particular subjects. And that is particularly important if you are considering volunteering as GE.

Speaking personally, when I have done the GE job my main criterion has been to look for people using their own eyes to find their own pictures, and doing that with technical skill and an eye for composition - whatever the subject.
dark_lord Plus
18 2.9k 825 England
15 Jun 2021 12:39PM
I think it works well as it is, but there is a but.
It would be nice to see mor comments from GEs as has been mentioned. This should be encouraged but I don't see how it could be 'enforced', ineed that could have a negative effect.
I don't always comment when I hand out a UA but when I've given GEAs I hae made the effort (I don't think I missed any but I'm not giving a 100% guarantee).
I would like to see more members take on a GE stint. It may be of course some genuinely don't have the time to dedicate to it, butI also think that there are members who 'don't think they're qualified'. You don't need to be an 'expert photorapher'. That said there are a lot of good photographers on here that have great portfolios and it would be good to see them as GEs.
It's the same in the Critique Gallery, we welcome comments from other members, being constructive or helpful need only take a line or two.
I've neer used the filters in the Gallery in case I miss something really good, and inspiration can come from anywhere.
clicknimagine Plus
12 1.0k 105 India
19 Jun 2021 5:40PM
Thanks Janet, Moira and Keith...some good suggestions I have got, please don't hesitate your suggestion can help me...

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