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raziel_uk 13 4.9k
23 Sep 2004 3:43PM
The old chestnut of "Why don't I get m/any comments on my photos?" comes up quite often in the forums and I think I may have found an answer to it.

To get more comments, make more comments!

It's as simple as that.

Often when I've spent half an hour or so commenting on other people's photos I've found that one or two of those people have clicked on my name and viewed my shots - both old and new and often left comments of their own.

Just make sure your comments are genuine and constructive (especially if they are negative) and you will find that you'll get more people viewing your portfolio.


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u08mcb 13 5.8k
23 Sep 2004 3:50PM
Congratulations for re-inventing the wheel Wink
robs 14 678 2 United Kingdom
23 Sep 2004 3:58PM
I find it strange what is clicked on and commented on myself - the last couple of shots I have uploaded have met with little interest, or none at all in todays - yet I really like both pictures - perhaps the latter is more for sentimental reasons than anything else though! On the other hand some that I think are less good get more attention (put a shot up of a flower the other day which recieved a fair bit of attention - again I uploaded it as it represented a time and place that means a lot to me, but didn't expect much from it!)

It's a strange world!

I try and comment as much as possible as well Wink

23 Sep 2004 4:01PM
Well I can say I've tested that theory today, looked at the comments I've made and the ones received and I made over 65 comments and got 5 back! Now if you are looking for reciprocal clicks only then thats the wrong thing to do. For me I have to like an image first or feel able to offer advice, if neither is the case I dont click, simple.
ardbeg77 13 1.2k 6 Sao Tome And Principe
23 Sep 2004 4:08PM
I only buy the reciprocal clicks argument to a degree. I think it's more about building up a rapport or relationship with people, not simply a quid pro quo exercise. Just like life really - you'll feel more comfortable commenting on people's work, if you know somehting about them, or have 'spoken' with them previously.

It's more about 'you get out what you put in', I think. Just my personal view of course, feel free to call it b****s.

UserRemoved 13 6.2k 1
23 Sep 2004 4:33PM
Must admit to always a reciprocal look, but occasionally don't comment - sometimes because I can't find anything to say (not a reflection on the pic/portfolio, more one on myself!). Sometimes its just plain 'critique fatigue'.

3 areas I tend to do: daily upload (4-500 pics, but a quick overview), a few bookmarked portfolios, reciprocal look.

But, more often than not, time is the limiting factor
nanpantanman 13 24 1 England
23 Sep 2004 5:40PM
I agree with Mark. Time is the big factor.

I tend to comment on pictures that I like. If I have more time I go back over the pics more slowly. Its amazing what superb pictures you miss when you just scan through quickly. If I have a lot of time I look at those that other people have clicked a lot, to see what I must have missed (some thumbnails do not do the image justice). If I really have time for a good long session I will visit some favorite portfolios, ones that have appealed to my tastes in the past.

I never click someones image just because they have clicked me.
UserRemoved 13 6.2k 1
23 Sep 2004 5:45PM
Its amazing what superb pictures you miss when you just scan through quickly

Tell me about it! Always missing loads - problem is that I like so many! Strangely, I tend to not go to popular pics - very often I find them excellent but I can't really relate to them (so far ahead of what I can do, I guess!). On my occasional visits to the ECs, very often see pics for the 1st time!
nanpantanman 13 24 1 England
23 Sep 2004 5:47PM
One thing I don't understand is why a picture may have many comments but only show a few clicks?

Ashley's 'Trig Point' picture is a prime example. 10 comments so far and only one click showing!!
UserHasLeft 14 654
23 Sep 2004 5:51PM
I've decided that the perfect system is as follows:

All photos uploaded between midnight and midnight (or 6am - 6am or whatever) get placed in the 'pool' to be uploaded the next day. These 300, 400, 500 images in the pool all get uploaded at the same time the next day in a random order. Folks then know that they have 24 hours to view 250 or 600 images and can plan their life around it lol.

All images will of course be anonymous for a further 24 hours and the shot with most clicks will be 'Image Of The Day' leading to almost certain international fame and celebrity in the photographic world.

I had my coat ready before I started typing...
UserRemoved 13 6.2k 1
23 Sep 2004 5:55PM
Ummm, as a commenter but not a clicker I'd kind of assumed the pic had been posted for interest rather than critique

And I promise to come and visit you, Mike, on whatever site you end up on! Smile
UserRemoved 13 6.2k 1
23 Sep 2004 6:07PM
When looking at a pic, I tend to look at the portfolio and if the owner doesn't comment on pics, nor do I!

Similarly, if I post a suggestion and I'm ignored, tend not to comment on that person's pics in the future. Prefer someone telling me to p*** off and leave their pic alone, to stony silence! (fully aware that my suggestions are often wrong/inappropriate and that I've missed the point - but won't know/learn unless told so!)
UserHasLeft 14 654
23 Sep 2004 6:13PM
Must admit, I'm normally the same, Mark. If a portfolio has 50 pictures and 2 gallery comments, I tend to blank it. Why let 25% of the people provide daily critique for those with no interest in anyone else's photography.
pj.morley 14 947
23 Sep 2004 6:21PM
Whenever I post a photo, I try not to click or comment on others at the same time (I do come back to them at other times though) simply to avoid the reciprocal click syndrome. Maybe it's just me but I feel that if I get clicks/comments then the clicks/comments I get are for the photo and not because I have commented on another pic that was uploaded at the same time.

Does that make sense? If so please explain to me what I just said Wink
ali graham 14 102 Scotland
23 Sep 2004 6:24PM
Quick question for Mark, when replying to 'sugggestions' etc. is it the norm to reply on my photo or reply via commentors photo? Does that make sense.
I only ask this because sometimes forget to go back to photos i've commented on.


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