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Infinity focus issue on Sigma AF 24mm f2.8 lens for Nikon

17 Feb 2020 12:26AM

I acquired a used Sigma AF 24mm f2.8 super-wide II (for Nikon) lens recently. I just realized that the lens is not able to focus on infinity. Anything further than 2 foot won't be in focus even though the lens focus turned into infinity.

I need to open the lens to adjust the focus distance, however I don't know how to disassemble it. I'm not able to find any info online. Is there anyone who has done it before could shed some lights?

Thank you in advance.

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EddieAC 15 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2020 7:02PM
I am going to assume you got the lens from eBay.

Personally I would look into sending it back for a refund especially if it arrived faulty and was not advertised as such.

I have dismantled a lens before to replace a lens mount ring as it had broken and would not attach to the camera. I thought it would just be a matter of removing the screws, taking the old one off, putting the new one on and replacing the screws again. No such luck. I had small parts to deal with, electronic connections and the aperture lever came out as well. A nightmare but eventually I managed to get it all back together with the new mount ring.

Have a look at the base of the lens. There should be a small screw that spins when the focus ring is turned as I think that is a "D" lens. I am guessing that the mechanism has failed and this will not turn at all.

If you do try to do it yourself then there is the risk that you will not be able to fix it or get everything back together so look into returning it first.
thewilliam2 3 1.4k
19 Feb 2020 8:29PM
If the OP used Paypal, they give considerable protection for 180 days.

Unless the lens was very cheap because it was described as faulty, I'd send it back.

Unless the OP is skilled at camera repair and, more important, adjustment, call in a professional which might cost more than the purchase price of the lens.
LenShepherd 12 4.1k United Kingdom
20 Feb 2020 9:37AM
I minor but but perhaps relevant detail to resolve is the question of is whether this camera lens compatible with your Nikon body.
Several lower price Nikon bodies do not support focus with "screwdriver AF" lenses, and several older independent make lenses are not compatible with the latest Nikon bodies.

If none of these apply the lens "is not fit for purpose" and - even if bought second hand - you are entitled to your money back unless (as has already been mentioned) the lens was described as defective.

A complication is how long ago is "recently"?
A seller could reasonably say if you have taken a month to note the lens does not work as it should and also says the lens worked as it should when sold - you have the challenge of establishing then the fault developed.

The first thing to do is contact the seller.

If the seller does not co-operate and you used a credit card for payment you have rights against the credit card company above (from memory) a minimum 100 amount paid.
If you used a debit card you can ask for the transaction to be reversed though there is a short time scale for putting this in place.
The situation with paying by Paypal has already been mentioned.
24 Feb 2020 5:08AM
Thank you all for your input and suggestion. I bought this lens from a swift store where no returns would be accepted. I didn't pay much though, so I decided to keep and fix it.

This lens seems not a popular one. I can't find any information about it online. I'll try some other online forums to see if I can catch someone who has worked on this lens before.

Thanks again and have a nice day!

29 Mar 2020 8:36PM
After some research on internet, I found a hint on a lens with similar construction. The fix is pretty simple. I post it here in case others look for the information.

Step #1: Remove the name plate in the front of the lens (using a lens wrench). It's pretty straightforward.
Step #2: Remove 3 small screws. Those are only 3 screws you can see after the name plate gets removed. Then you can remove the black ring easily (shown in the picture below). No thread, it just falls off.
Step #3: After you removed the black ring, you can see another 3 set-screws (shown in the picture below). Only lose them (don't take them off), then you can adjust the infinity focus.


Hope it helps.

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