Inspiration from the art world.

Nick_w Plus
12 4.3k 99 England
24 Dec 2012 8:47AM
Well back to a well worn subject for me, inspiration.

I'm at the end of my current DM projects (just finishing off last images in each series), and I'm looking for my next project. I'm not looking for a series of images as such, as the last ones I think stifled me a bit.

What I would like to know which pieces of art or artists do you like and why? Can be anything, from Turner to Dali, from Michelangelo to Henry Moore. From Surrealistic to realistic, from abstract to sweeping vistas.

I will start the ball running with Dorothea Tanning

Why, well to start I don't like all her stuff, why is that a quality, well to me it shows she pushed the boundaries. But what I like about her work, is the hidden depths and meaning makes you think.

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24 Dec 2012 9:43AM
I take inspiration from various sides of arT (as well as music), but would have to include:

Rembrandt (His use of light, or creating light, has always inspired me)
Rene Magritte (Surrealism at its best, imo)
Banksy (For his graphical statements and twists on modern society)
thewilliam 11 6.1k
24 Dec 2012 10:05AM
If you want your photography to be "art" rather than just snapping, it's essential to take an interest in the history of art. Critical* viewing of art that you don't like is just as valuable as admiration of art that you love. We can learn something from every field of art.

* I mean critical is the academic sense rather than mere destructive criticism.
Nick_w Plus
12 4.3k 99 England
24 Dec 2012 10:26AM
No William, I can't ever pretend my photography is art. However I have always studied the art world for help, to see how they interpret a theme different, how they use / interpret light, the colour pallets they use, not forgetting composition.

Paul super examples, yep Rembrandt was so good with the use of light, his Chirosuro style was brilliant, would have liked more non sat portrait work.

Magritte, was superb, not sure about the best Surrealist, but up there (I'm reading a book on him now) - for me he kept to the same themes too much and became cliched, returning to the same theme over and over and over. The bowler hatted man, the apple, etc if people realised the significance to Magritte of the woman with her head bandaged, I'm not sure it would be as imitated as it is - although his work does form part of one idea I have.
cameracat 15 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
24 Dec 2012 11:00AM
Not everyone's cuppa T, But have been drawn to many examples from " Renaissance art " period.

The thing that fascinates me is detail, The detail in some examples is quite mind blowing, Especially when you stop to think about the process, The way these guys used light and colour is awesome.

That said I have been cursed with an eye for detail, Sometimes it drives me mad....Smile

I don't so much take inspiration from it, As in composition etc etc, But it serves to remind one to pay attention to every detail, Especially those little almost unseen details.

A merry and artistic Christmas to you all....Wink
Nick_w Plus
12 4.3k 99 England
24 Dec 2012 1:55PM
Thanks for that Vince, I'm not big on the Renaisance, tho I think DaVinci has played a big role in all aspects - you can see his influence in Rembrandts work - but also in the Surrealist movement - I would say Vitruvian man was a forerunner to much that followed.

I just remembered a piece I saw a Tate modern, that to me blew away the Picassos and Dalis that it stood beside and that was Petit Sphinx Ermite by Leonor Fini , dark and very moody.
Fishnet 15 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2012 2:17PM
I love the Pre-Raphaelites, always have done. My father is an artist and he used to take me to his exhibitions from the minute I could walk, my dad was heavily into op-art as I was growing up and believe me when I say I had the most bizarre wall covering in my bedroom as a child, geometric shaped polystyrene tiles in 3 different shades arranged to give a 3D effect, my friends had bunnies and flower wallpaper......not mention the art works hung on the wall.

Anyway, I prefer classic art, the Pre -Raphs, Botticelli, Alma Tadema, Lord Leighton, Whistler etc etc I like some modern art but not much, I utterly adore Hockney though.

The last photo I uploaded I was trying to go for a fine art painting style.
Fishnet 15 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2012 2:23PM
OK, make that 2nd to last, I just uploaded another lol
brian1208 Plus
16 11.5k 12 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2012 3:31PM
Another vote for Rembrandt - I have lots of fun (and some small success) recreating his lighting in the studio with historical renactment friends as subjects

Turner as an example of the use of colour and abstraction for images with emotional impact

Constable for the more detailed graphic landscape image

Dali for pure madness in abstract imagery combined with intense colour and detail
miptog 13 3.6k 63 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2012 4:17PM
Perhaps one artist who has been highly influential in our appreciation of light and shadows is Caravaggio
DaveU 13 1.4k 125 England
24 Dec 2012 4:54PM
I too love the pre-raphaelites, especially Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. I've also a soft spot for Jack Vettriano ... there's a great homage to his work over on another channel ..... fabulous work IMO
Nick_w Plus
12 4.3k 99 England
24 Dec 2012 6:51PM
Shows what a heathen I am, I've had to google Pre-Raphaelites.
brian1208 Plus
16 11.5k 12 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2012 7:01PM
This thread reminded me of a session I set up for my camera club a few years back.

A friend of mine is a professional artist, trained via uni and art school so she had the right background to educate us "mere photographers" Wink in art appreciation

She spent 3 hours with us taking us through some of her favourite works by different artists showing how the images were created and how they worked artisticically.

The general consensus was that it provided us with new ways of thinking about our image making

(Some of it must have rubbed off as my artist friends often seem appreciate my work better than fellow photographers! Tongue )
Nick_w Plus
12 4.3k 99 England
27 Dec 2012 11:41PM
Thanks everyone, any other suggestions?
SlowSong Plus
11 8.3k 30 England
28 Dec 2012 9:08AM
Well I don't know if it influences me photographically, but Johannes Vermeer is my favourite. He painted light so softly and paid such attention to detail. I always make for the Dutch galleries whenever I visit a gallery. They are such calm and peaceful pictures (unlike the Italians which give me a headache). Smile

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