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Interesting Comment from President of Sony Electronics


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Reason : oh FFS enough already

Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
17 Oct 2012 3:29PM
Camera phones are disruptive........... to the extent that sales of digi compacts have dropped something like 30% over the past year and continue to fall.

Some of the latest CSCs are disruptive to DSLR sales.

The motor car was disruptive to sales of horse drawn vehicles. Sometimes it's known as progress! Wink

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adrian_w Plus
10 3.7k 4 England
17 Oct 2012 3:38PM

Quote:but of course its a Sony what could they possibly know about Camera's

I know it was an ironic comment but the answer is quite a lot since they are actually Minolta under a different name.
CDSINUK 5 223 England
17 Oct 2012 4:00PM
i must admit ive been surprised recently by my next door neighbour, he is a professional photographer, i was astonished by him raving about the photographic capabilities of the new I phone, i must admit after viewing some of the pictures i was impressed ? thats pretty disruptive Smile
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2012 4:37PM
In this market I do not think Sony have produced a disruptive product, in fact not since the playstation can I think of a disruptive product from sony. The NEX series follow on the lead of the m4/3 cameras which I would say were more disruptive products. the SLT is not disruptive in itself. And the full frame cameras have all been follow on products.

Their new full frame camera, well if that's you bag was the Leica product not the leading product, and has the leica still not got the advantage as you can change lenses.

I agree camera phones are disruptive.
cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
17 Oct 2012 5:08PM
LOL....Smile The whole thing is BS, So whats new from individuals who tout a particular brand flavour, Especially if your the big cheese .....?

That said anyone following Formula 1 motor racing, Will no doubt have witnessed " Works Teams " being beaten by " Customer Teams, For example Team Mercedes being well and truly thrashed by Mclaren racing using the very same engines, So no matter who makes the component, It comes down to individual implementation of that component.

THIS is where the 60 plus years of experience comes into play, Its also why many people buy a Canon or Nikon & Olympus cameras because the names are synonymous with photography...!!!!

The same people will probably think " Sony " when they want a new TV or HiFi for the very same reason......Grin

Why should Sony be that bothered anyhow, They get to sell a few cameras and supply other brands with components, If you ask me they are doing very nicely all by themselves, Without the need for self appointed disciples to continually trumpet their brand.

Kako 11 159
17 Oct 2012 9:24PM
The danger for Pentax and Nikon and anyone else who rely on a major competitor for a critical part of their own products is that they could be refused the parts on a whim and suffer major blows to their product lineup and ultimately credibility...now that really would be 'disruptive'.
18 Oct 2012 12:31AM
The Walkman was superb.Mobile music. Great idea from Sony. Then they brought out MiniDisc.
Steppenwolf 6 1.2k
18 Oct 2012 9:09AM

And as a follow on question, why is it that Nikon keep on producing better cameras than Sony when using Sony sensor technology? What is giving Nikon the edge?

I don't think that Nikon are producing better cameras than Sony - if you look at them objectively. It's difficult to do a straight comparison because Sony SLTs are "different" from the traditional SLTs, but if you look at the consumer grade cameras I guess you could compare a D7000 with an A65 or a D3200 with an A37. If you look at the DPR ratings there's virtually nothing in it (they haven't done a full test on the A37 yet, but the D3200 gets very similar marks to the A35). In each case the Sony has vastly more features than the Nikon while being cheaper and, of course, is significantly better for video. The Sony's get better marks for RAW IQ and worse for JPEG. The Sony's have a much faster frame rate. I reckon the EVF is an advantage but some might disagree.

I think you have to be carrying a bit of bias to say that Nikon is better than Sony. It depends on what you want.
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
18 Oct 2012 10:17AM

Quote:Personally I think Nikon's reliance on Sony sensors could become its undoing if as Sony start to catch up and squeeze that supply stream.

The latest Olympus cameras (OM-D, E-PL5 and E-PM2) all have Sony sensors as well. Can't see why Sony would want to choke off that revenue stream - especially if (for example) selling sensors to other manufacturers is more profitable than selling their own cameras. (I'm not saying it is, but I would not be overly surprised).
mdpontin 14 6.0k Scotland
18 Oct 2012 12:04PM
Agreed. As long as it's a profitable line of business for them, and isn't hurting their own camera business, there's no reason for them to squeeze supplies to other companies.
IFIMAGE 10 143 Wales
27 Oct 2012 12:26AM
"no such thing as bad publicity" Wink

Hi Rog I know you do a lot with HDR I have used the in camera HDR function on MY A580 and tbf it's not to bad, I take the point about +/- .7 or .3 is useless, I include a link A580 V Nikon D700, I have used My 580 to death, in all conditions from product shots to stage rallies, macro to mountains. Yesterday was the first time to use the Panoramic function hand held, it was not far short of amazing I thought it would be next to useless I could not fault it. Sony has used this function in it's sub 200 point and shoot camera's for years, one thing they are not is stupid.........They got us talking about them Smile I'm thinking of upgrading to a SLT-A77 any thoughts?

Cheers Ian.. http://snapsort.com/compare/Nikon_D7000-vs-Sony_Alpha_DSLR-A580
IFIMAGE 10 143 Wales
27 Oct 2012 12:27AM
Main reason for upgrade this A 580
has to die soon after all the abuse it has had over two years, I might buy another if the price falls?
kodachrome 6 702
27 Oct 2012 9:14AM
I have often wondered if Sony actually listen to what photographers want rather than blindly producing cameras they 'think' people want. Canikon and Pentax listened for years and I think Sony are finally incorperating designs and functions people want.
I recently bought the bottom of the range and cheapest DSLR Sony make, the A37. For goodness sake, it has more features and functions [for the price], and user friendly button positions and function adjustments than my Nikon D5100! Some one has been listening at last, well I assume they have.
mdpontin 14 6.0k Scotland
27 Oct 2012 10:25AM
Minolta went through the same process, as I see it. With the Dynax 7xi, it was as if somebody had given the designers and engineers a free hand. It was crammed full of clever ideas to the point of being a bit "mad" in the eyes of some. It was followed by the Dynax 700si, in which the technological excesses had been better harnessed into making what was an excellent tool for photographers. The next generation - the Dynax 7 - was a superb camera, and by that generation, the wildness of the 7xi was just a memory. I still have both my 700si and my 7, although I never use film these days, so they're of no use to me. Perhaps one day I'll put some film through them for old time's sake.

I'm not sure that I'd argue that what Minolta did with the 7xi was a mistake, given the excellent cameras which followed - and the 7xi was very popular in its day too. Perhaps Sony is following a similar path in being engineering-driven in their design process, from which they can pare down and focus on the things that work best and are most popular with photographers in subsequent releases. Sometimes a bit of "crazy" opens new approaches.
RogBrown 11 3.1k 10 England
27 Oct 2012 1:56PM
Yeah, looks a nice piece of kit Ian if a bit pricey. Loads of spec & I'm pleased to see they've sorted out the AE bracketing at last. I've still got the A300 which does everything I need it to so no point upgrading for the sake of it. You had yours about the same time as me didn't you? Did you wear yours out? Wink