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strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2012 12:22PM
So Pete a key phrase in your latest post
Quote:but that is a guess
. So why when you do not have the facts do you argue the situation.? You look to have changed your tune, again. And if you read my post again you will find yours actually backs my statement.

Quote:Let me tell you again, there are elements of the phase AF system that cause AF errors still in the SLT system.
Thank you for posting your agreement.

As for the cars, have you considered the target audiences and consumers who have pushed for such a product and their age ranges???

Having had the experience, I would say on UK A or B road, the GT86 is more fun that a Ferrari California, but on a track the Ferrari comes alive, it just needs a lot more space and when things go wrong a lot more skill. It all depends what you want, both are great cars in my opinion. In fact a FIAT 500 twin air turned out to have some fun characteristics and requires some precise inputs. For another journey I would pick a mainstream hatch. It all depends what you want. Fun is personal and subjective.

As one guy said, I could purchase a set of toys for my wife and tell her to employ them herself for her pleasure while I watch, or I could participate. She may get more out of the toys but I think I would enjoy being involved more myself, while some guys just want to watch. Oh and like cars, fastest is not always the most fun.
thewilliam 12 6.1k
12 Nov 2012 12:35PM
Mod, are you able to knock some heads together?
Steppenwolf 9 1.2k
12 Nov 2012 1:49PM

Quote:So Pete a key phrase in your latest post but that is a guess. So why when you do not have the facts do you argue the situation.? You look to have changed your tune, again. And if you read my post again you will find yours actually backs my statement.

The usual "Aunt Sally" - as Andrew Neil calls it. You certainly live up to your forum name strawman. As wikipedia puts it:

"A straw man, also known in the UK as an Aunt Sally, is a type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position."

Basically the "straw man" is a debating trick (often employed by polticians") where they demolish a false argument, that is either explicitly or implicitly attributed to their opponent, which the opponent has never made. Some of the less intelligent listeners/readers are fooled by this.

I have never said that the SLTs do not have the potential for BF/FF - or indeed that there are no examples of SLTs with BF/FF. If I have find the post. I have simply stated that the SLTs are less susceptible, or as DK puts it:

"This new camera design, termed ‘SLT’ or single lens translucent by Sony, seems to have involved enough new design to solve problems which have plagued SLRs for years."

He has his own theories as to why (which include the lack of the moving mirror). I have simply stated my own guess as to why they seem to focus more accurately. But the question of why they are more accurate is pretty academic. Your position is that they are NOT more accurate, which is the exact opposite of my position. It's entirely acceptable for you to say I'm wrong (although it might be more credible if you'd actually tried using an SLT) but it's not acceptable to try to say that I agree with you.

Anyway, I hope you now understand that there are causes of bad focus which are not due to the camera - you seem to have gone quiet on your "killer fact" after I demolished it. It'll be interesting to see if focus lens micro-tune is introduced into the M4/3 range some time.

BTW, strawman, we're not on first name terms - and let's stop the sexist smut. I can see you get all your views on cars from Clarkson but there's no need to sink to his level.