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Internet killed the radio star

Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
17 Oct 2013 10:58PM
I just read an interesting view by David Byrne (Talking Heads) about internet being a disaster for musicians. It's not just photographers suffering from the world of free content.
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
17 Oct 2013 11:07PM
Agree Pete, and it isn't just photographers and Musicians either. We had a good friend from way back visit us recently, and he said every night he goes to bed and tunes in to the old time radio shows on his iphone; Amos and Andy, Jack Bennie, Superman, Rifleman, etc. I know he mentioned some old time British radio shows also. Since he left, I've found some great radio stations on my Nex 7, and connect wirelessly to a compact little speaker that gives out great sound, or if my wife complains, I use the earphones. It beats being glued to TV, which I find lacking in real quality programming, except for nature shows and a bit of hockey. When I listen to music stations, which is new for me, I choose blues, or old time rock and roll.Smile

My point is we don't have any new radio shoes to tune into. I had satellite for awhile, but I got tired of the filthy language on most of the stations.
KevSB 16 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2013 11:28PM
Disaster for high earning musicians agreed, but what about those who are making there name on the net that would never have that showcase.
arhb 13 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2013 12:02AM
Home taping is killing music............ that was the first version I remember of this moan.
This argument was initiated and perpetuated by the record companies, who are losing far more(percentage per unit cost) than the pop stars who sign up with them.
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2013 12:35AM
It's an opinion piece, based on his personal preference and not backed up by any evidence.

Where he says

Quote: I'd be even more curious if the folks who "discover" music on these services then go on to purchase it. Why would you click and go elsewhere and pay when the free version is sitting right in front of you? Am I crazy?

What he think's is crazy is exactly what I do. If I didn't find the music on a free servce like Spotify, Bandacamp, or a Creative Comons site, I wouldn't find it at all. And having found it, I'd think it crazy to rely on streaming it, when I can buy it and download it and have my own copies on my various devices, where I want it, without any internet connection.

If he had satisfied his curiosity and written an informed article backed with some figures or survey results, we might have some idea how many people are like me, and how many like him, and how that affects musicians generally. By musicians, I don't mean the famous few, but all the others as well. The ones I found on Youtube or on free download sites, and then bought their albums. The ones who aren't on Spotify or anywhere else are the ones I'm not likely to buy.

P.S. "free download sites" - legal ones!
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2013 1:07AM
Example, from Novia Scotia, now on Amazon
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
18 Oct 2013 1:33AM
The motor car was a disaster for stage-coach repairers and horse breeders! Wink
KevSB 16 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2013 9:46AM
Maybe we are heading back into a time when the people are taking control of the music industry, the end of big money and factory Music. to me what music should be about.
779HOB 8 1.2k United Kingdom
18 Oct 2013 10:02AM
I think it's got two sides definitely. I've recently photographed musicians just starting out and without the net they really wouldn't get heard by more than those who go to the gigs or hear them busking. They give away their music but get paid to play gigs and one day hope to sell the downloads too.

On the other side I know a producer who's produced some big names, one being Jamie Cullen. He lives in LA but as his wife is from the UK they have a house here too. This summer he said he'd lost 90% of his income from royalties due to illegal downloads. He's selling his house here.

I think people like my producer friend will obviously change the way they work, up front fees as opposed to royalties or something.

Free music, free photos, free movies, free tv, all here to stay, people will just have to adapt to the change.
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
18 Oct 2013 10:54AM

Quote:Free music, free photos, free movies, free tv, all here to stay, people will just have to adapt to the change.

I think this is the key point.

And you can add free content to the list too. At one time as a photographer you had to buy a magazine to read reviews, techniques, news, interviews etc with we have three full time members of staff writing the magazine elements and providing a daily version all for free. We would have died long ago if we hadn't created a business model that worked without charging.

I can see how musicians can adapt , by providing merchandise and touring, but not sure how film directors could adapt - and they'll be hit next when more channels like netflix / lovefilm appear.

And closer to home photographers...paid for exhibitions, print sales? A common question in the forums..."xx has contacted me and asked to use my photo (no payment) what should I do?" If you don't provide it someone else will. Likewise to David Byrne who's considering stopping providing music on such platforms - there are plenty more who would love to.

So maybe those who are in photography as a business may need to start considering how to adapt...because it's unlikely things are going to get easier.
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2013 11:12AM

Quote:not sure how film directors could adapt
This is one I have wondered about. Full size movies requre heavy investment, regardless of the distribution methd. If people expect to get them free or very cheap, who will make them ?
With music, I don't personally care whether someone is famous and publicised or totally amateur and only available on the net, or somewhere in between.
So far as I can see, where you have one talented and comitted individual with a voice and/or an instrument, and some half decent recording equipment, that's that.

So, will there be a democratisation of movie making as well ? Will the blockbusters find a revenue method, or will we all be only getting low budget indie films ? Would that be a bad thing ? Is cheap necessarily bad ? Is expensive always good ? I don't know. But if the big lavish productions can't make money, we'll be saying "they don't make them like that any more".
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
18 Oct 2013 11:39AM

Quote: or will we all be only getting low budget indie films ? Would that be a bad thing ?

I find many low budget movies are really very good. I much prefer a good plot than a lavish film with special effects, top of the game actors, and expensive film score. That said these so called budget films usually still cost huge amounts. Here's an interesting list of films that cost less than 1 million!
Hallie 7 167 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2013 1:19PM

Quote: It's not just photographers suffering from the world of free content.

My partner and I enjoy music festivals (the not for profit festivals) every summer where we both indulge in gig photography.

She in particular has built relationships with bands where both mutually benefit - they get to use photos they like for websites, promotion etc and in return she has received T-shirts, CD's and free concert tickets.

The removal of monetary exchange is always a pleasant way to trade Smile It seems its only the 'pop' and 'celeb' world that moan about it, those already with a few quid stashed away Wink
spaceman 16 5.3k 3 Wales
18 Oct 2013 4:08PM
Years ago there were many Cassandra-esque prophecies regarding the death of cinema but they proved to be unfounded. Cinema box offices remain as busy as ever.
conrad 16 10.9k 116
18 Oct 2013 4:20PM

Quote:Internet killed the radio star

Internet also promotes the radio star. Every disadvantage has an advantage. (Or was it the other way around?) Smile

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