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ian walker 16 717 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 12:20PM
OK, so having worked for the same company for 15 years, i and the rest of the company got the bullet last week when our American owners decided they didnt need us anymore.

In this time i havent had an interview, so my interview technique is more than rusty.

I had a call this afternoon from a potential employer. really dont want to mess this up as its a company i would like to work for, its much closer to home and i havent got a job.

any top tips from those who know.


StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
9 Dec 2005 12:34PM
I had my last interview in September, 1964, but I would think, be yourself, and be honest, and good luck.
UserRemoved 17 4.2k
9 Dec 2005 1:14PM
Try here ian

Its a real pity the search on the forum is sooo ***** now that I had to look through all my previous posts to find this one.

If people take the time to type something out, the least the site owners can do is make sure its easily searchable.

Maybe that would be of more use to the site participants than the flashing or graphic bars in portfolios.

Soo much free advice is given and yet its now almost impossible to find.

Anyway rant over, hope you find something useful there Ian and good luck.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 2:33PM
I'm with you on this one Joe, I really hope the search is being given priority. You can search the forums from Google, but that should only be seen as a short term workaround.

jimthistle73 17 2.4k 1 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 3:08PM
Lean forward; smile; keep your hands in full view. All these tecniques will project a positive image to the prospective employer. Body language is worth a sackload of experience in an interview situation.

Did I say 'smile'?
Westers 16 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
9 Dec 2005 3:31PM
Hmm, get onto your HR department quick and arrange some interview training as part of your lay off. If not try the local job centre for some training...they may not challenge you in the way the company you want to work for will but they'll tell you where you're going wrong (just tell them you're looking for feedback).

Other than that I can't suggest anything you could do in the short space of time. Reading about techniques is fine but unless you know what your weak points are it's could just end up strengthening your strong but not essential interview skills and ignoring your weak but essential skills.
willf1 16 51
9 Dec 2005 4:33PM
I would say: be calm and dont blurt out the obviuos answer or the first thing that comes into your head. Stop, have a think for a few seconds and give a better answer. If you are unsure what the question means or is about/direction, then ask them. One of the best pieces of advice I could give you would to try and be enthusiastic with your answers - as if you had just discovered a solution to a big problem they may have and that you are eager to tackle it - from the feedback I have had, these were the main things that impressed my employers about me. Fools!!

Good luck,

User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 11:45PM
[Quote]Lean forward; smile; keep your hands in full view.[/Quote]

Absolutely essential - plus maintain good eye contact with whoever is asking the question.
Research the company and have one or two good questions ready to ask them.
Mostly look as though you are enjoying the experience and smile Smile
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2005 12:13AM
Sorry if anybody has already said this. Don't over talk. It's easy to babble when you are nervous. Think about what you are going to say before you open your mouth, a few seconds pause won't be a problem and you will then be able to give a concise answer.

Good luck.

pj.morley 18 947 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2005 2:35AM
What is the position you are applying for? We need to know that for specific advice but generally...

Be positive, if you already have the interview then you are more than half way there.

Don't be late, give yourself plenty of time to find the venue. Be smart, keep eye contact, smile, firm handshake, don't fidget, never make jokes. You may have an excellent sense of humour but the interviewer might not appreciate it. Keep it formal etc.

I interview on a regular basis and the one thing that stands out is enthusiasm and motivation. Having a real interest. I know these things have been said but they are worth repeating.

It also pays to do some homework on the company and tell them some facts about themselves even if they don't ask the question. Work it in for example... you get the question..

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? (a crap question but use it to your advantage)

A. I see myself being experienced enough to lead a team of people and would like to develop new strategies for dealing with such and such. I see from the (state source of info i.e. company report, last weeks article in newspaper, tv/radio broadcast/company internet site etc.) that the company is very interested in "whatever" and that's an area I'm interested in and I would like to be involved with/develop etc. (Don't worry too much if you're not actually interested in that particular area because they probably won't hold you to it or even remember you said it, but it will hit the right note at the time)

This shows that you have done some research on them and it impresses interviewers.

Don't make answers up or waffle. if you don't know, say you don't know or ask them to rephrase the question or give you more info before giving the answer.

And as someone said, ride out the silences. When you have finished speaking then stop. Sometimes an interviewer will purposely leave a pause to see your response.. Ride it out and wait for them to speak.

And it may surprise you to know that often, the interviewers themselves are nervous because they don't want to make a fool of thesleves by asking stupid questions.. Very often they do ask a stupid question.
ian walker 16 717 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2005 4:05AM
Thanks everyone for the replies.

The role is system intergator/project manager for a robotics company.

role on Monday morning, new job for christmas would be a good present, even better than a Canon 5D :o)
User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2005 5:21AM
let's hope you get the job - and the camera as a celebratory present.
Good Luck.
Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
10 Dec 2005 5:25AM

Quote:system intergator/project manager for a robotics company

Go in to the interview singing the old song "Robot Man"! Grin

.............or maybe not!
ian walker 16 717 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2005 5:54AM
think not............. though where i used to work i was known as Irobot.

lots of good advice, thanks all for taking the time to answer, thats whats great about EPz.

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