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Is 'The Mono Enthusiasts Group' a success?

capto Plus
8 6.4k 20 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2012 3:38PM
Is 'The Mono Enthusiasts Group' a success?
Pros, 82 members, lots of experience to be found which can be of help to many others.
A good place for like minded folk to gather.

Cons, Only a 1/4 of members have visited in the last week.
A lot more comments needed on posted images offering advice and critique as well as 'nice pic, well done'[ plenty of that can be found elsewhere].

If all the knowledge and experience of members can be shared then everyones image quality and pleasure would rise.
I enjoy the group and consider it a success and want it to flourish.
A good friendly and frank discussion could be a breath of fresh air.
widtink 8 406 2 Scotland
21 Oct 2012 5:31PM
I enjoy the group as well , so its a success in my bookSmile i oftel look but very rarely post images because i feel this is a more serious forum and my images don't often meet the very high standard of the group. Is this the right attitude ??


PS another thing , i find it hard to critique on peoples images that are way better photographers than I
sherlob Plus
14 3.1k 129 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2012 7:43PM
Rod - get posting and don't worry about it. How do you think others have learned?

I like it, and yes I'd consider it a success. Sadly I rarely get time to spend on epz never mind on a particular group. It's always the risk with social networking sites that such groups become cliques and risk separating from the whole. I don't see this happening and feel that when I do get a few minutes to visit epz I can choose where to spend that time.

I'll try and spend a little more in the group from now on!

21 Oct 2012 8:59PM
I remember some years ago, a reader's letter was printed in "The Shooting Times", or maybe it was "Trout and Salmon" magazine, the gist of which was " If Ireland is really the home of Hunting, Shooting and Fishing, where are all the books on these subjects by Irish authors? The editor's reply was that he had pondered on the same subject, and he could only conclude that the Irish were too busy Hunting, Shooting and Fishing to be bothered writing about it. Wink
Maybe the Mono Enthusiasts are too busy Planning, Shooting and Editing their shots to visit their group Smile
I was out & about on Monday last week and I produced a shot that I'm very well pleased with. I haven't posted it in the Mono Enthusiasts Group though, simply because I've been too busy with the other things I have to do. Like helping babysit 3 grand-daughters. Turning up at a course I was accepted on to. Attending a couple of necessary appointments. Getting on with life, in short. Smile
I'm with you on the subject of giving and receiving critique - this is one of the reasons I joined the Mono Enthusiasts group, and it is, I believe, something which should be enforced - "Lovely Shot" is not good enough. One of the groups ground rules is that serious critique is a requirement of membership. Maybe another reason why some members don't post willy-nilly. A plus point in my book. I've seen too many forums where total rubbish garners comments like "Totally Awesome" totally awful, more like!
So! I'm off to post my (to me!) wonderful shot in the Mono Enthusiasts group. Look in, feel free to critique, and see if you can spot a flaw which I only spotted today!
Snapper 15 4.5k 3 United States Outlying Islands
21 Oct 2012 9:56PM
Don't know if it is a success or not, but I've just had a quick look and it seems like a good idea to me. Oh, and I joined while I was there. Wink
bouic Plus
11 3 United Kingdom
22 Oct 2012 12:21AM
I must admit to giving short comments. But I do like the idea of a small number of us submitting work.

Rod, don't be afraid to say what you think about an image and don;t get upset if you get a critical comment on your work. The main thing is keep producing work.

Maybe when we submit work, we should invite sensible constructive criticism, I know I would value it as we can never stop learning.

dubstar62 7 1
26 Jan 2013 9:50AM
All pictures taken by those who post on any forum should not feel any doubt as to wether their shots are of a lower level/standard..
A picture is a moment in time captured by an individual who perceive passion or emotion at that point....
All Pictures posted on this forum or any other convey a personal journey.Never forget One mans mono is another mans colour..
Dont get me started on Modern Art.........
cats_123 Plus
16 5.0k 30 Northern Ireland
26 Jan 2013 10:33AM
The difficulty with the groups is maintaining the momentum and it does no harm at all for the occasional thread like this to re-stimulate interest and bring in people who have only just joined or have never ventured into the mono school before. Smile

I've tend to use the group where I've tried particular techniques or I think my meagre Lightroom skills have helped enhance the shot, as opposed to the B&W group where I will try to post quirky or interesting shots where I think mono is the most suitable medium.

I think it helps to have some form of explanation as to how the shot was developed/manipulated and, personally, I think it's also helpful to have the original file added as a `version' so that we can try and produce examples of any `critique' we may give.

I also try to look at each shot on it's own merits with no regard for the experience or background of the photographer. The more comments the merrier Smile
wynn469 11 157 Wales
28 Jan 2013 10:08AM
The measure of successes is watt individual members get from it.

Personally I look on groups work quiet often, but time doesnít always let me comment on all work, certainly I donít post without giving feedback on more images.

I belong to Mono, Black and white and weekly black and white challenge group on ephotozine, there is no such thing as a perfect picture, but we all see something different in an image.

Time is my great enemy with the weekly black and white challenge, but enjoy both looking and taking part, makes me take something I would not normally take thus broadening my horizon, and I enjoy more creative elements of members work. Not always managing it.

I look at the three groups as different streams of the same river.

Thatís my Monday morning out of the way and the cat looks happy.

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