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Is it a Bridge too far for Olympus

kodachrome 7 720
14 Jan 2018 9:42AM
Have Olympus given up on Bridge cameras, and just relying on super zoom compacts. The Stylus 1s being the last they made.
Bridge cameras from the other manufacturers are a thriving format yet Olympus are not in the Bridge club.

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DaveRyder Plus
5 3.5k 1 United Kingdom
14 Jan 2018 9:54AM
Ok I'm an Olympus user (for very many years).
Having had a OM film camera when I moved to digital I tried a few Olympus Bridge (a Fuji or 2) and ended up with the Stylus 1 - a lovely camera.


My OMD E-M10 with the 14-45 pancake would be about the same size/weight etc, has a bigger sensor (not sure about pixel density) and is a little more versatile in that you can bolt on other lenses.
So a bit of a conflict and internal manufacturer competition.

Given the expense of producing and supplying two units with not much difference in size and weight what would you do.

They have successfully produced a mirrorless interchangable unit in the bridge camera user/sales zone.

I'll agree an OMD E-M10 isn't cheap - but then neither was my Stylus 1.

kodachrome 7 720
15 Jan 2018 8:37AM
Hi Dave, I moved over to a Panny FZ3330 Bridge last year as I was finding carting a body and lenses round, my shoulder was starting to complain, I just wanted a camera that was versatile and an all in one package, the lens on the FZ330 is a Leica Vario-Elmarit zoom constant F/2.8 from 25-600, I can go out on a field trip to photo wild life and some flying aviation at air shows. OK, the sensor is small but at 12mp and the leica lens more than makes up for it.

I still have my old Oly E-510 with 14-54 and a E-410 with 14-42, both take superb Jegs which is all i'm bothered with these days. I also have a Mk 1 EM-10 with a Panny 12-32 and that also takes superb Jpegs, but the FZ330 is more or less covering what all these cameras do in one package. I just wondered if Olympus are going to continue with their Stylus Bridge cameras as there has been no new models since 2015. A compact Bridge for holidays abroad would be ideal, and a EVF very preferable

derekd 13 10
6 Feb 2018 4:39PM
yes it is very sad that Olympus have stopped making the Stylus 1 and 1s as they are excellent cameras, I switched last year from heavy Nikon dslr's to Olympus Stylus 1 and OMD EM10 with 14-150 zoom lens. the picture quality is superb, just wish Olympus menu was easier to follow. But otherwise no regrets just happy that the weight is much reduced
StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
6 Feb 2018 6:41PM
I think Panasonic still have a good line-up of bridge cameras. I had the Stylus1, and the FZ1000, and I only kept the Oly for a week. The FZ1000 is a classic. and I used it extensively for 2 years. Much easier to use than the Sylus1. Imo of course.Smile
kodachrome 7 720
8 Feb 2018 10:55AM
Trouble is the FZ1000 is a monster in weight and size (compared to a DSLR), although its a star performer as is the FZ330.I love the IQ on my Olympus cameras, but I miss the APS-C cropped format, My old Canon 600D was superb for landscapes and the lens choice was huge both new and used. Agree about ease of use on the Stylus 1,
kodachrome 7 720
8 Feb 2018 7:01PM
Just as a follow on from my last post, I shoot mainly Jpegs and with a few tweaks and adjustments in PP on the FZ330, I can almost get Olympus Jpeg colour which is very pleasing. Yes agreed, Panasonic have a good line-up of Bridge cameras. I had a Stylus 2 for a while, big sensor, superb IQ and easy to use and optically better than the Stylus 1, but no EVF, and in the end I reluctantly let it go even though there was a clip on EVF available but not cheap. I really cannot see me returning to APS-C even though I liked the format for certain subjects,
I went through a Sony SLT A/57-A37 for a few years, but, but never liked Sony colours, so let that kit go.
StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
8 Feb 2018 9:03PM

Quote: I really cannot see me returning to APS-C even though I liked the format for certain subjects,

I was where you are till a few months ago, I was browsing ebay, which I hadn't done for awhile, and I saw a Nikon D7000 and a tonne of kit, all almost brand new, less than a thousand clicks, and the auction only had 30 minutes to go, and the high bid was ridiculously low. I put a bid in and won it. I received it and messed around with it for a couple weeks and decided to sell it as the same package I'd purchased. I got enough for it to start looking around, and I decided on a Canon 77D, new. I'm still familiarising myself with it, but I am very pleased, I even sold the FZ1000 and got $50 less than I paid for it. So I have accumulated a little stable of lenses; Canon 300mm f2.8L IS USM, Canon 55-250mm IS STM, an amazing lens for less than $200, Canon 40mm f2.8, and the fantastic little 10-18mm IS STM, and I just received the Canon 100mm f2.8L IS USM. So all I need now it a bit of reasonable weather to get out and try it out. I spent a morning at the zoo with the 55-250mm, and it's amazing that Canon have put such great optics in this little cheap, plastic lens. It also has a great close focus capability. The 77D is a fun camera, and with the fully articulating back screen and touch focus couple with Canon's dual pixel technology, it's a whole new world. It has 6fps max drive, which is enough
StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
8 Feb 2018 10:34PM
I forgot one lens, the 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS II USM. Another modern, quick, silent, plastic lens, for a reasonable price.
kodachrome 7 720
9 Feb 2018 4:18PM
The 77D is a good camera, and gets good reviews. I think if I ever decided to dangle my toes in APS-C again it would be Canon, but one of the older 18mp models such as a 60D or even a 600D. for landscapes. I had a 550D years ago. It took stunning pictures and I loved Canon colour for landscapes. I just prefer APS-C over M/4/3 for landscape work, having a touch LCD is low on my priorities, I don't even use it on my Olympus EM-10. I guess I'm old school.
Your lens collection looks good, it would have to be second hand for me but the used market on Canon and Nikon in the UK is huge, so plenty of choice and prices. As I said initially, its such a shame Olympus are not making Bridge cameras any more, but now that Panasonic have such a big lead, it would be a hard act to follow
StrayCat 15 19.1k 3 Canada
9 Feb 2018 7:39PM
I'm only a few months into Canon, and will be paring down my lens collection. I will be keeping the 100mm f2.8L for sure, and the 70-300mm IS II, and the 10-18mm. Some or all of the others will be sold. I just have to wait till our very hard winter conditions ease up; -30C last night, and we've had a total of about 40cm of snow in the past week, driving is treacherous; 50 car pile-up 2 days ago, and 400 accidents in the city about 5 days ago.

If you ever decide to look at Canon again, check out the 70D, it has the dual pixel technology, which makes a huge difference. I didn't use touchscreen with Olympus either, but in the case of a 77D, by selecting live view, and using the touchscreen, you basically are using a mirrorless camera. Another option, but expensive, is the M5, a fantastic little camera, but you will need an adapter for Canon's huge lens selection. I've seen deals which include a free adapter.

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