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Is it really worth changing?

fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2010 1:39PM
Six years ago I took up photography and although I have never become a genius, I love it with a passion. However, I started with the Canon 350D then went up to the 40D and now have the 5DII. As you can imagine I have many thousands of pounds worth of equipment, all my lenses are canon.
As I have slowely progressed and constantly questioned photographers about their equipment and setups I think I may have gone down the wrong road with Canon, maybe Nikon would have been the wiser choice.
Has anyone made the change themselves having gained so much equipment for their canon/nikon and was it the right change as I can't imagine how much it will cost for me to change over!

KathyW 17 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
4 Sep 2010 1:48PM
Why do you want to change? Do you think Nikons are "better" cameras, or have better lenses, or have you been using a Nikon and prefer the way it handles?

You have excellent kit now, and you will indeed lose a lot of money by changing brands at this stage. I'd think very carefully about what the Nikon system can give you that the Canon one doesn't before splashing out...

I have Canon, the other half has Nikon, and to be honest, there is little to choose between them. If I use his camera I tend to end up with the same end result as if I used my Canon. A lot of it is to do with the way the images are taken and processed, rather than the brand of kit used. I have found that images taken with the Nikons tend to need a little less processing than Canon RAW files, but on the whole I much prefer my camera because it is what I'm used to and delivers the goods in spite of me Wink
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
4 Sep 2010 1:56PM
Whats wrong with your 5D2?
Why do you think Nikon would be a better choice for you?
photofrenzy 14 424 2 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2010 1:59PM
I switched from Canon to Nikon three years ago and it cost me an absolute fortune , The thing is Nikon gear is realy expensive lenses especially.

Now i aint getting into gear wars but i loved using canon but i was allways admirable of the quality images that Nikkor optics produced. Although didnt realy like the look of thier cameras i decided to ditch my EOS-1 Ds gear along with 17-40 f4 L - 24-105 f4 L lenses.

Then went for the Nikon D3 with Nikkor 16-35 f4 vr - Nikkor 105 f2.8 vr micro - Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 vr, Now i am happy with my purchases and image quality that i am getting with my gear and dont realy care what else comes out im happy with what i got , But the Nikon gear cost me nearly twice as much as Canon. If your personally not happy with what you got then change but also beware of the cost involved too. Wink PS you aint stated why your not happy with what you got ????Wink
thewilliam 12 6.1k
4 Sep 2010 2:02PM
Of course it's worth changing - for the photographic manufacturers and dealers because this accounts for a lot of their income! Just think of how much you'd be putting in their pockets. You'll get between one quarter and one third of the new price when you trade in your Canon kit.

The new kit, Nikon, Leica S2 or Hasselblad H4, won't be perfect: it'll just have a different set of faults and foibles. And you'll struggle to create anything worthwhile until you gain "unconcious competence" with the new kit.

I'm unusual in that I keep the same kit for decades. I chose Hasselblad medium-format in the late 1970s and I still use some of the original kit with a digiback - and I'm now a full-time professional. My one change of marque was from Pentax Spotmatics to Nikon F2 and FE and that was about 1980. I found it traumatic because I'd used the Pentaxes for a decade and knew them well. Not to mention the cost. But Pentax had changed the lens-mount and my SPF bodies were costing a fortune in repair bills so it had to be done.

Nikon is for life and not just for Christmas! The pro models are built like a brick privy. Old lenses can be used with new bodies and mostly vice-versa. Their lenses are tack-sharp when new and stay sharp, even with heavy use. Professional colleagues do seem to have more problems with their Canon kit.
justin c 17 5.1k 36 England
4 Sep 2010 2:08PM

Quote:As I have slowely progressed and constantly questioned photographers about their equipment and setups I think I may have gone down the wrong road with Canon, maybe Nikon would have been the wiser choice.

If I was in your position, I'd stop questioning other photographers before it costs you a small fortune Grin. Why do you feel the need to change? The equipment you have is superb, especially the excellent 5D Mk II.
Snapper 16 4.5k 3 United States Outlying Islands
4 Sep 2010 2:09PM
I changed from Nikon film cameras and Fuji S2 dslr to the Canon 5D with 24-105 because it was the first "affordable" full frame and I got caught up in all the hype. I've found that I don't really like the way Canon does things compared to Nikon, but I do like the IS lens and appreciate that the 24-105 is mid-price compared to the equivalent Nikons. Is it worth changing back as I've still got a few reasonable Nikon lenses? Probably not at the moment as a 3 year old 5D isn't worth that much, but when the 5D eventually dies it'll be a close thing and I suspect I'll go back to Nikon. Entirely personal though, so don't let it sway you either way!Smile
fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2010 2:12PM
Thankyou to everyone for your input. To be honest I have no credable reason for wanting to change other than; whenever I have had any dealings with profesional photographers they always seam to use Nikon, which suggests they are the better option for whatever reason. I have heard the auto ISO change is a huge bonus and the nikon is better for fast multi shots.

User_Removed 14 485 13 England
4 Sep 2010 2:26PM
i am a Nikon owner, if you wanna swap your 5D2 for my D300 then i will gladly go back to Canon Wink
fran_weaver 11 44 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2010 2:30PM
I think that says it all RedEyes! Thanks everyone for all your much appreciated comments

JamesGarfield 12 915 4 United Kingdom
4 Sep 2010 2:41PM
The two Pros I know use Hasselblad, no plans to change to that though, it's a bit expensive.
cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
4 Sep 2010 10:00PM
I've been the same route fran, 350D now 40D and all Canon lenses and I wouldn't change for the world. I think the Canon L series are recognised as probably the best lenses on the market today. My 300mm f2.8 is an absolute dream and give me the best results I've ever had before.

justin c 17 5.1k 36 England
4 Sep 2010 10:09PM

Quote:whenever I have had any dealings with profesional photographers they always seam to use Nikon

Perhaps they can't afford to switch to Canon Wink
User_Removed 11 1.4k England
4 Sep 2010 10:26PM
I don't notice any difference between operating both cameras, they are both cameras after all. Results from both will be the same, just slightly different methods to get there.

Canon's mount is easier to tool (custom parts)- that's for sure.

Lens wise Nikon's aren't that superior any more, particularity now the newer lens versions from canons new production facilities are easily obtainable.

However the custom digital LF/MF backs from fuji are worlds ahead and always have been.

I switched from nikon to canon alot - Its nice when you have a parallel friend who shoots Nikon who switches with you Smile
thewilliam 12 6.1k
4 Sep 2010 11:29PM
It really depends on whether your cameras are tools or toys. Any good quality camera will allow a skilled photographer to create good pix and I'm convinced that it doesn't matter which marque we adopt.

The top makers will leap-frog one another, so if you're determined to have the very best, you're condemned to a life of constant upgrading and changing of marques.

My advice is to choose a camera (or system) that you really want and then get it. Preferably buying lenses one at a time so that you can "make friends" with each one. Good cameras and lenses last a long time and there isn't usually any need to buy each new model as soon as it comes out. Upgrade just before the kit no longer does the job that you bought it for.

It's a familiar camera that gives the best pix!

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