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Is photography too easy?

eric55 6 24 United States
19 Jan 2019 8:28PM
So of course, snap shot shooting should be easy. From snap shot shooters come photographers. Without the easy snap shot camera I doubt there would be as many fine photographers as there are now or will be in the future. The brownie, point and shoot, and now smartphone all had the same purpose, and all played a role in photography in this way. Good shooting, everyone.Grin
SlowSong Plus
12 9.2k 30 England
19 Jan 2019 10:10PM
I started out as a snapshot shooter. I'm still one, but after 30 years, just a bit more informed. Smile
philtaylorphoto 19 334 2
19 Jan 2019 10:26PM
When I used my Canon EOS 600 ( a film camera in the 90s with 'scene modes') I was surprised how often it made the same decision about how to take a shot that I would with 20;years experience behind me. At the time I usually used a hand held meter.

Of course snap shooting in auto modes is a bit like letting predictive text do your spelling, so you never learn to spell yourself or use the write word.
SlowSong Plus
12 9.2k 30 England
20 Jan 2019 9:59AM
When I originally started out, I had a super little Pentax P30 which I used on manual all the time for years, and which took me successfully to the RPS. I then bought a Pentax Super A which was an enormous step up at the time. I still have both, but, sadly, not my darkroom.

I tend to use each one of my seven other cameras in a different way. The 60D I love for macro using manual, my little Canon 100 compact is always in may handbag, although these days it's been replaced more often with the Lumix TZ100, and is most often on A, sometimes P. My other three Lumixes, used with a short or long zoom, are for street on A, or with the 100-300mm for nature. I have a very old 400D and G11 which are scattered around the house in case I want a general shot and can't be bothered to go upstairs to the camera cupboard.

I'm glad I learned all the techy stuff early on as I can now happily snap away knowing what's going to happen and how it's going to look (most of the time). I prefer using AP and exposure compensation when required, and that's my go-to setting. I don't think I've ever used the green button on anything as it disables lots of functions that I use, but anyway, where's the fun in that. Neither do I think I've ever used the function buttons, except macro. I think I'll have a go at the others though and see what happens.

Whatever, I'm still a snap shooter, however you want to interpret that. Like typing - I learned to touch type in my teens but still couldn't tell you where all the keys are if I think about it, but I can type at fast speed without error. Like all things, you do something often enough and it becomes automatic. Smile

Philh04 Plus
15 2.2k United Kingdom
20 Jan 2019 5:23PM

Quote:Of course snap shooting in auto modes is a bit like letting predictive text do your spelling, so you never learn to spell yourself or use the write word.

LoL TongueWink
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
21 Jan 2019 3:00AM

Quote:Has the innovations in modern cameras and equipment plus the advances in photo software made photography too easy?

The biggest innovation is the invention of the camera phone on which 85% of photos are taken, according to recent statistics.

It can never be too easy. Tongue
MalcolmS Plus
15 1.2k 13 England
23 Jan 2019 10:46AM
A conversation had many times.

Other person: " Wow, that's a good photograph"
Me: " Thanks very much"
Other person: "Mind you you've got a good camera haven't you"
Me: "Yes, but it's not driven by a monkey"
thewilliam2 3 1.5k United Kingdom
23 Jan 2019 1:05PM
One friend heard something similar in the introduction as he was about to give a talk to his local WI.

During the break, he was given a slice of cake and commented that somebody must have a very good oven and probably an excellent mixing bowl to boot!
SteveAitch 2 40 United Kingdom
24 Jan 2019 12:35PM
Oh, it's been going on for years...

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