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Is the new Doctor Who any good?

Fujiconvert 16 1.3k England
26 Mar 2005 8:39PM
What are people's opinion on the new Doctor?
I came from the Tom Baker era and to me it's just not the same without the wobbly scenery etc.
I think they should probably have left him alone.
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
26 Mar 2005 10:40PM
Its early days but IMHO they have done it justice. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode last evening. At one point, my young son Ben ('Scruff' @ EPZ) said 'wow - that's scary Dad!' to which I replied "That's nothing son - in my day I was behind the sofa when watching this programme!"

Looking forward to the program evolving, but - for me - it works.

ktcam 16 457 Scotland
26 Mar 2005 11:46PM
I truly hated Dr Who when I was young and I could never get my head round how a cone shaped trolley could be a cosmic terror...However I did read about the new one and had figured i'd watch it as it seemed promising. To cut a boring story short, I missed it - but i'm going to tune in next week. Surely it must have come along way from the cardboard sets and crappy acting? Hope so.
Rob_Taylor 17 661 5 Wales
26 Mar 2005 11:56PM
I was never a fan but I found myself looking forward to this new series - something to watch on a Saturday evening with the kids.
I enjoyed the first episode, quite gripping and Billie Piper was gorgeous. I don't like Christopher Eccleston as the new Doctor though, that forced grin was way over the top for me ...let's hope he tones it down or I get used to it.
tim franklin 17 2.7k
27 Mar 2005 12:03AM
I enjoyed it, and liked Eccleston. Not sure about the "complete story in 45 minutes" format though. Last night it did come across as trying to fit a quart into a pint pot.
spacey 17 376
27 Mar 2005 12:16AM
it looked like it was made on a camcorder with the help of the tea ladies, boring, where are the daleks !
Mixpix 17 1.1k England
27 Mar 2005 12:29AM
I thought it was fun, was dreading Billie Piper but I think she did ok, the Daleks will be along later. I was let down at how quickly it ended but I'm glad its back without the shakey sets.

trahern 17 863 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2005 12:33AM
You couldn't expect too much from last night as they had to set the scene and introduce the charactures, you have to rember there's a whole generation that may never have seen Dr Who. I liked it, it was scary in parts for the kids and still had tongue firmly in cheek.
User_Removed 19 2.8k 11 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2005 1:10AM
I think the first episode was just to introduce us to the cast and the Tardis. I think better things are ahead of us. Flying daleks.....mm, not too sure about that.
spacey 17 376
27 Mar 2005 1:20AM
indeed, flying daleks ! THAT OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW WORLD when we were kids you always new, see a dalek, ? throw your chopper at him ( a bike)and run to the nearest staircase
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
27 Mar 2005 2:12AM
It's excellent. Keeps the spirit of the old series, but without so much wobbly scenery. I was watching some clips from old episodes (on Doctor Who Night) last week, and the monster special effects were unbelievably bad. We didn't notice in the 70's and 80's but now we're using to amazing special effects, they couldn't just create a massive maggot by wrapping up an actor in green bubble wrap!
macroman 18 15.3k England
27 Mar 2005 2:40AM
I thought it was in keeping with the tradition of the old series'.
It's been brought up to date with more modern SFX, to suit the new generation who might be put off with wobbly scenery, and Masters of the Universe who can't go upstairs to the loo ;o)

My 30+ daughter is still frightened of the Daleks, WHooooOOO!!

Quote:throw your chopper at him

Was that the porno version? He, He!
27 Mar 2005 3:05AM
On the whole I thought it was pretty good. I thought that Eccleston gave the Doctor's part a breath of fresh air. He did an excellent job.

I thought the storyline was a bit cramped, but that was more than likely due to establishing Rose's part.

Billie Piper can play with my sonic screwdriver any time she likes...
mark a. 17 920 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2005 3:38AM
We all loved it here. It's done a good job of keeping the traditional cheesiness / comedy ("There you go, armless!") with excitement. Wasn't overly scary though (although my mum was scared by the wheely bin!)

I thought it was great, and do did the rest of us, including my dad who still fondly remembers the first episode. Plus they still had the sonic screwdriver, so all is well.
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
27 Mar 2005 3:39AM
The conspiracy nut and his internet site was a nice modern touch, but if we're talking Dr Who traditions - Billie Piper's casual leisure wear... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Ceri Smile

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