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Is the new Doctor Who any good?

c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
27 Mar 2005 6:26AM
Why I believe he was!

Ceri :0
lobsterboy Plus
17 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2005 6:48AM

Quote:Exactly so why bring children up to see that a girl's role is to look cute and traipse around behind the male doctor?

In the new one her role seems much more to go round pointing out "the bleeding obvious" to the doctor who seems to have his head in the clouds.

Really enjoyed this new version, I thought it was one of the best things i have seen on TV for a long time. Certainly the best thing on primetime saturday night for about 10 years.
macroman 18 15.3k England
27 Mar 2005 6:50AM
On the other hand why bring children up to see that a boys role is to look cute and traipse around behind female doctor?

Why not make 'em gay & lesbian and keep everyone happy!
Morpyre Plus
16 1.6k 8 Wales
27 Mar 2005 6:58AM
i think the new doctor who is good but i don't think it can ever truely replace the tackyness of the old ones. the new one was cool because it had a vw beetle in it Smile

it should be on for an hour though, i agree that it had a bit of a squeezed into a space too small feel but it will improve in time.

i liked the humour feel through the episode.

peter "morprye" turner
Franticsmurf 18 838 Wales
27 Mar 2005 7:02AM
Well, I enjoyed it for a bit of entertainment - no deep issues for me! Smile

Plus, since I was in school with the writer and was best mates with the guy supervising the model effects (we made sci fi movies on super 8 in the early 80's), I am slightly biased.

There was still enough wobbly bits for me (where did the guns in the dummies come from, and as someone else has mentioned, when did they transpose bits of Cardiff to London?)

Dave (not behind a sofa).
macroman 18 15.3k England
27 Mar 2005 7:12AM
I thought the wheely bin bit really clever, although the BURRPPP at the end spoiled it, they should have edited that out.
JJGEE 16 7.9k 18 England
27 Mar 2005 9:39AM
Unable to watch last night but just released viewing figures ( from the BBC !) show 10.5 million were able to.

Does anyone know if they are going to do a repeat before the next episode?
Phoenix 20 1.9k England
27 Mar 2005 9:43AM
Really enjoyed Eccleston's perfomance as the Doctor, a little bit quirky but then again isn't that what made Tom Baker's Doctor so good ? As for him being "Northern", well, like he said "lot's of planets have a north" (but, fortunately, probably not a Wales ;^)).

Billie Piper ? for me she spent most of the show looking like (and acting like) she'd just got home from a night on the lash with the Ginger Plonker. What she lacks in acting ability she less than makes up for in the "Eye Candy" department.

As for the Wheely Bins, plastic and tacky . . . . . . just the way a good Dr Who monster should be
kevin_j 16 30
27 Mar 2005 9:51AM
Being repeated on BBC3 now. No doubt it will again during the week if Two Pints is anything to go by.

Personal reactions:
The single story per episode means there is no cliffhanger which was an important part of the original. Plus maybe a bit over-hyped/trailed by the Beeb.
Both actors brought their own features to the characters and think it worked.
MDR_Photo 16 872 England
27 Mar 2005 9:53AM
Damn Kevin you got there first! Its on now!!
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
27 Mar 2005 10:30AM
Just watched it again (without ditractions, and a pre-moved sofa), and it is rather good.

I think the single show format and 45 minute length because they have one eye on sales into America (and on the evidence it should do well... as long they don't remake it with American actors)

macroman 18 15.3k England
27 Mar 2005 10:57AM
Clint Eastwood as Dr Who, "Make my day wheelie".

Rose? can't think of anyone in particular, Bette Midler springs to mind, haven't a clue why though.
AngieLatham 17 790 2 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2005 11:18AM
I haveto admit that I was pleasantly suprised with last night's first outing. I think the new Doc shows promise...I was a 'Tom baker' child ,warmed to Peter Davison, lost interest with Colin Baker and was utterly disgusted with the nose dive the whole thing took with Sylvester (not to mention the awful Bonny Langford).
I think the BBC did a good job of walking the tight rope between capturing the mature audiance reliving their childhood, and the new generation who have never seen the programe.The only time I really cringed was the 'burping bin' .... No more of that please !!
I'm less confident about Billy Piper....I wish they had chosen somone not known to others as the teenager who married an old plonker, but then I guess we could have had worse.
I shall definatly tune back in next week, even if it IS to just feel like a 10 year old again with no idea of what washing up,the price of veg,cellulite and full time work is all about! ;-p

It will never quite recapture the magic of the early days I fear....children just arn't children anymore. Most kids have played Resident Evil on the playstation, blowing zombies to bits.....or seen worse films than Alien by the age of 10. Sad times really....the magic of childhood has faded since I was there.
francisg 17 705 1 United Kingdom
27 Mar 2005 12:07PM
I don't think any of them was as good as the Late John Pertwee
He brought a classical element to the Doctor.
thekitschgoth 17 178
27 Mar 2005 12:16PM
I loved it. Being only 21, the original Dr Who wasn't just cheesily bad, it was terrible.

But this one was silly enough to amuse me, without being bad. I think Eccleston makes a great Doctor Who, and I spent most of it giggling at how absurd he played him.

I'll definately be watching this series. Smile

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