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Is there going to be a price war???

kit-monster 17 3.7k 2 Singapore
21 Apr 2004 10:24PM
Well if you're naive enough to believe half the stuff he writes, and lets face it he does attract quite a naive following, then you'd probably believe his legal stuff.
loweskid 19 2.0k 1 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2004 11:06PM
Oh, come on! If you read his bio page you will see he likes a bit of fun. Ever heard of satire?
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
21 Apr 2004 11:32PM
Sadly some pillocks on here have no sense of humour, Vincent. It has taken a while for me to realise that!
gibbsy 17 403 Wales
22 Apr 2004 5:19PM
Go for a DSLR. More control to my mind. But remember, don't stick a cheap piece of glass in front of it. No matter how good any camera is, the image still has to pass through the lens. You will then have the ability to shot RAW and have even more control over the finished image. There are some who would disagree with this last statement, but I believe that Ken Rockwell is TWP! My Welsh friends will know what that means.
loweskid 19 2.0k 1 United Kingdom
22 Apr 2004 6:51PM
I'm quite amazed at these abusive comments about Rockwell - that he's a 'prat' and a 'TWP' (whatever that is, I assume it's derogatory), but nobody seems to want to explain exactly why he's a 'prat' and a 'TWP'. As I mentioned somewhere I'm still on the fence as to whether to use NEF or JPEG, so it would be more helpful if instead of just abusive comments you would please explain exactly why he deserves these terms, then perhaps we'll all be the wiser.
ahollowa 17 1.1k England
22 Apr 2004 7:18PM
I do not know anything about this Rockwell character. However reading the above article my opinion is that he adds very little to the debate. His only point appears to be that he is far to busy to spend time processesing RAW images and his customers are happy to acept jpegs with no extra processing. Bully for him BUT the article doesn't adress any of the technical pros and cons of RAW. My opinion of Rockwell after reading the article was all he really wanted to do was show off that he is an excelent photographer with loads of work and no time. Well I am not. Raw allows me to "play" with an image after shooting to get it how I want. Also there is a lot of talk about shooting reviewing adjusting the settings and re-shooting. All very well if everything is still where it was. But what about that grab shot you just got as it happened. The settings were wrong as you didn't have time to set the camera. Thank god I shot in RAW I can set them there!!!


srw_white 17 2
22 Apr 2004 7:56PM
Not sure how this thread got from picking between a D70 and 300D to what's best, shooting in RAW or jpeg!

I spent about three months trying to decide if i could justify upgrading from my prosumer Canon G2 to a Digital SLR (Canon 10D). Just as I decided to bite the bullet Canon anounced the 300D. Anyway to cut a long story short I bought the 10D without waiting for the 300D to be widely available as I'd waited long enough and I'm glad I did. I've got months of far superior shots to the ones I used to take with my G2 and I get more pleasure from photography due to the control an SLR camera gives you. Decide the camera you want and buy it, don't hang around waiting for the price to drop as that's time you could be enjoying your photography instead of worrying about what camera to buy.

oh... and unless your doing sports, shoot RAW and gets lots of memory cards Wink


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