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Is this a fair comment?


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Reason : I did this time ;-)

Bernie 17 2.2k
2 Oct 2004 7:58PM
Nothing wrong in Joe's comments Sara, I think you have read them from the wrong angle Wink)
When I read it ,to me it was a massive compliment wrapped in wolf's clothing.
I send loads to the local papers and as Joe says they never pay you for them...
Get your day back on track..
God bless.
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2004 8:00PM
Sara, I think Joe's comment was perhaps just worded in such a way it wasn't immediately obvious that he was paying you a compliment. Nevertheless, if it hadn't been a compliment then it was still his opinion and didn't really need questioning in a forum. You could have just asked on your photo for him to clarify what he meant. It's difficult to take critique but doing so is part of becoming a better photographer.

Good photo btw. :0)

BOB S 18 2.6k
2 Oct 2004 8:05PM
Sorry to post a negative here but putting up an image more for the sake of the message on the wall than to picture and its technical merit is not what this site is about (IMHO)

Nobody here (I hope) would disagree with the drugs message posted on the wall, but this does not make it a better picture though, just a way of increasing the audience for a message somebody else had the bottle to spray on the wall.

Yes nice cropping, well exposed, cute even, but thats is for me sorry.


Hard hat on and ready to run (for being honest).
creative_sara 16 647
2 Oct 2004 8:11PM
Well that to me Bob is a whole different thread, titled "what makes an outstanding picture"
UserRemoved 16 4.2k
2 Oct 2004 8:12PM
OK my extra 2ps worth Wink
Dont know whether to be angry or just laugh - think I'll do the latter and no Im not laughing at you sara.

If you bothered to read the commments properly they are complimentary, if you didnt read that and by your reaction on here (by the way you posted a link on the forum drawing peoples attention and thereby drawing critiques to your excellent picture) then you seriously need to reconsider going down any professional route where your work will be judged. Throwing up the head at what is in essence a good critique doesnt bode well. Oh and I'll take your reply to Mike as an apology (yes that was nasty and uncalled for Wink)

Just try posting that photo on photosig and then post a message in the forums there drawing peoples attention to it.

Thats one of the problems about this site - the loads and loads of clicks lulls people into a false sense of security and makes them think they are great photographers and should go in to business doing so.
Its an extension of the 'all my friends and family think I take great photos so I'll be a photographer' only with clicks.

Cheers to Mike by the way. Sara you state you might want to be a pj so getting critiques and advice from guys like Mike who have been at the business for years is the way to go.

If you read nothing else in this Sara read that the only critique that matters is the one that writes the cheque.

Now to put a different spin on this. You walk into your local paper and they ask you - ok nice pic but whats the story?

Are you going to say
its a damning indictment of todays drug culture
or are you going to say
it was painted on the gable wall of a known drug dealers house by a concerned parent. The grafitti overlooked a childrens playground and was there as a warning to other parents. It has been painted over since by the council but thought it was a good idea to get it down and publicised.

One is taking photographs and the other is photojournalism. One will get you a thanks for coming and the other might, just might get you a paycheck.

Again all this is meant in good humour and meant to be good advice. Its up to you how you take it.
bpa 16 1.2k
2 Oct 2004 8:19PM
Be creative, even with the story?? (lying works for me, it's how I justify my massive salary to my boss)

Listen to people like Joe their experience is hard earned, their lessons we can learn from for nowt (another favourite of mine, getting something for nothing. Anyone got some L glass they want to lend me?)

jimbo_t 17 959 England
2 Oct 2004 8:20PM
What confuses me is who would bother spraying that on a wall?
Its a nice photo because you bothered to stop and take it, noone else on here as a shot of it, therefore its unique to you sara.
creative_sara 16 647
2 Oct 2004 8:55PM
I shall heed Mikes comment and go away and come back to this picture and do some research that is indeed a valid point.

In connection with the a couple of your points Jo, firstly I detailed in my description going along with the picture the point I was trying to get across about Harry pointing to the words, to me that was the powerful image, which may be lost in other people eyes and just seen as a kid pointing. I did not want him looking at me I wanted him to look at the words to me that added more impact. Granted the grafetti is not mine but the whole point i was trying to portray was the innocents of youth against drugs.

Admittedly as I have said I have obviously put it in the incorrect heading, but that to me was not vitally important.

I apologise to you Jo if I have offended you in any way this was not my intention.

I am just glad that my image has had a positive and powerful impact and has been received by some in the way that I hoped it would be.
BOB S 18 2.6k
2 Oct 2004 9:30PM

Thats as maybe but dont expect to get clicks for the message on the wall - you may agree with it but it is somebody elses art !!

This is a photography site and pictures stand or fall on their merit (they should not need to be explained - if they do they have failed) Did you point people to your shot because you thought it was a great photo or to try and reinforce the message somebody else had painted on the wall ?

lighty 18 223 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2004 9:37PM
Clicked on the link to see what all the fuss was about and was a little surprised to find what I think, is an ordinary photograph. A photograph that to me does not have that much impact! I would imagine that if this was on a full spread then I would miss it and turn to the next page, period.
But Sara if you are trying for this type of work then this photograph's content would be a good stepping stone in the right direction for you.
It was also good to see that someone gave their time to make an excellent comment of their thought's on your picture.
So I guess Sara that you won in the end as your picture has created quite a lot of controversy on here, and that is what it is all about?
Good luck john
sillyconguru 16 4.4k
2 Oct 2004 9:46PM
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2004 9:51PM
Not certain it works as an anti-drugs picture as it does not reach out to the target audience I remember a poster campaign when I was a teenager of "Drugs Screw You Up". Now they were harrowing as they were stark B/W photo's of real junkies in a mess. Not pretty but striking.It made me think.

To make this image work for me I would expect to see a disheveled youth sprawled on the ground, or evidence of drug use. Watching a documentary of junkies doing cold turkey got my teenage son thinking. Why? Because he could relate to one of the kid on the screen and suddenly thought what if it was me? I don't know that he has ever done drugs but lets face it the temptation is there in life. One child in his year at school died of solvent abuse so its there in the society he lives in. An no he does not go to an inner city rough school. Its what most of us would class as a good state school.

I though Joe's comments were very constructive. I am not certain starting this thread was fair on Joe.

Ramble over.
Fishnet 16 5.0k 5 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2004 9:53PM
If I got a constructive critiscism that was as helpful as Joe's to one of my photos I'd be over the moon ! I am not in a position to go to a photography class of any sort so I am relying on peoples constructive opinions of my photos on this forum. Sometimes I have posted a photo that I really like and someone has said "The sky is too white, it's distracting, try cropping" etc etc and it hasn't been something I've noticed before and then I realise, yes, they are right and I know not to make that mistake again.
Ultimately you got a great critique of your work by Joe and a compliment thrown in too, I think you were very lucky !
Don't be sad, be happy !!
mdpontin 16 6.0k Scotland
2 Oct 2004 10:06PM
I too can't really see anything to be upset about here. Nothing that Joe said in his comment was abusive or unreasonable, in fact he went to a lot of trouble to explain what he was saying and why. That's what critique is all about - expressing your thoughts and feelings about the photo, and the reasons for them.

Granted it can be a bit of shock especially in contrast to all the warm, cosy comments (which are also valid), but still - Joe was offering his opinion and the benefit of his experience. That's a good thing to have. None of us learned things in life by only being told what we wanted to hear.

As others have said, if you've found this critique difficult to take, the best advice is to put it on one side and come back to it later. Keep taking photos and submitting them - it's a great way to learn.

keithh 16 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
2 Oct 2004 10:08PM
WOW...I love the way Sara's photo gets dragged into the Photo Journo category and then critiqued as such.

But critique apart, Sara posted this in the Portraits/People section and though it's clearly not a portrait, it is very clearly a person..even I can see that.
Rules of Third? eye contact? neither is a pre-cursor to making a photo great...portrait or not.

However, got you 30 odd clicks, it's more than likely your favourite and you're very proud of it....Joe clicked it, he just thought it was in the wrong category.
For what it's worth....I thought it was in the right one.