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Is this a fair comment?


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Reason : I did this time ;-)

boiledegg 16 164 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2004 10:10PM
I agree with Urbanite. I would be extermely grateful to have a professional photographer spend *so much time* on one of my measly pictures.
I don't think you should be upset - quite the opposite. Look how many other positive comments and clicks you have received.
Bernie 17 2.2k
2 Oct 2004 10:42PM
Mountains and molehills spring to mind.
If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen is another.

Joe passed fair comment. Why are we still debating this???

Sara it was a good shot, but why post and then try to incriminate Joe when he critique's it?? By posting a shot into the gallery you are asking for said critique, aren't you? Maybe you just like the clicks??
I have critisised many a shot on this site but the poster has never felt the need to start a thread weeping because I have.
Take the rough with the smooth.
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
2 Oct 2004 11:48PM
Gosh, what a lot of words about this!

If one gets what seems to be unfavourable comment, pause and read it again. Try to understand the points made. After all, the person has taken the trouble and time to make and write the comments for your benefit.

Having said that, some of us are more comment hardened than others, so some people will get initially upset at what they read as harsh comment. It is the problem of us all being in the gallery together and just being 'names'.

Regarding the category, I agree the photo journalism category may have been more suitable, but the chosen category is portraits/people and the boy does come into category of people.

I hope Sara will read what Joe said in the view that what was said may, in the long run, be more useful and valuable than all the "great" and "terrific" style comments.

I hope so,
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
3 Oct 2004 12:01AM
Blimey, I go out for a few hours and all this blows up! Lol!!

I agree, totally, that Joe has tried to be helpful here. OK his comments were not of the "Nice pic!" variety, but he did give useful down-to-earth feedback and indeed added to the clicks!

Can't quite see what the fuss is about really, and so far as I can see, that is also the broad consensus about this.
peterkin 17 670 England
3 Oct 2004 12:16AM
Mmmm. Maybe a thread about whether the comments in this thread are fair could be started. Smile
Bernie 17 2.2k
3 Oct 2004 8:21AM
I'm sure Sara will see today as a a bright new day and move on quite happy with the clicks she got.
Upload another shot today and enjoy the fact that people take the time to comment. Even if you feel a comment was negative enjoy the fact that your pic stired them enough to pass comment in the first place rather than just pass over it.
Firebaby 17 1.2k Faroe Islands
3 Oct 2004 8:34AM
Sara, I'm with Joe and Mike on this. Please don't be discouraged, your work is good, but sometimes it is a little surprising/discouraging to get a view which you were not expecting - thats part of offering your images for critique.

As Mike says there are few here who have the strength of character to offer truly objective comments, take Joe's comments and the complement that he has payed you and as we all should, learn from them.
bpa 16 1.2k
3 Oct 2004 8:51AM
4,535 words and rising, praise, condemnation and advice, best thing Sara could have done!

No takers on the L glass then?

UserDeleted 17 3.6k
3 Oct 2004 9:00AM

I think it was Sara's comments about the message she was trying to convey and wanting to put it into an anti-drugs campaign both in the gallery comments, and in a separate forum thread that caused the suggested re-categorisation.

Mixpix 16 1.1k England
3 Oct 2004 10:25AM
I have just been reading all this, I will be honest and haven't seen the picture but I have commented on your work before. Clicks and comments are all very nice, I value good and bad ones personally and have had a few negative comments, I have then gone away and had a look and tried to improve the shot. I think though that as has already been said, clicks and comments are not nearly as good as someone wanting to buy your work or pay you for it and I'd willingly swap 100 clicks for a 10 quid cheque.

Keep going Sara and I wish you luck if you decide to go down the professional route.

agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
3 Oct 2004 10:41AM
Is this a fair comment?

For me, perfectly fair. It's a sensible criticism, intended to be helpful, pity it was not accepted as such. Not everyone is going to be as keen on your shots as you are (it doesn't personally do much for me.), I think you have received some very generous feedback. The "criticism", such as it is, is helpful advice which you would probably do well to take on board. To have professionals coming in here giving free advice is something we should be grateful for.

Frank W
mark a. 16 920 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2004 10:53AM
By now you're probably realising the benefits and perils of comments on photos. You need to be fairly realistic - take on board constructive critisism, ignore pointless unhelpful ones, and bask in the glory of positive comments and clicks!

The only comment on your picture that I think was out of place was one of yours:

"My only sad feeling is that Pete obviously still doesn't think it is good enough to comment let alone click."

Pete's a very busy man, and may not have seen the photo. So saying that he "obviously" doesn't like it is wrong. And, of course, he (and everyone else) is under no obligation to comment, so don't feel bad about it!
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
3 Oct 2004 11:22AM
I did see the photo...I see them all...that's one of the reasons I'm so busy. I can't comment on them all...and I only give ECs to ones that really leap out at me. While graphical and a strong, bold image, it did not stir my emotions, which it obviously has done to many others. To me it appears that Joe Fox's comment was intended as constructive criticism which is one reason we hopefully all put photos up for. You do not have to agree with the comments, because the photos you take may have personal meaning that know one else could ever relate to. But sometimes these critical comments or suggestions can help to improve your thinking and more importantly your photography.
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2004 12:36PM
The way I see it...

Joe took time and trouble to offer constructive criticism and good advice on a photograph posted inviting comments.

That photograph has huge personal impact for Sara because it contains her precious son next to emotive words. That's probably why Joe's critique upset her.

Keep posting Sara and keep commenting Joe...neither of you are wrong!

Best wishes, Debbie.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
3 Oct 2004 12:37PM
I too have noticed comments than heaps of praise on pics featuring offspring, are usually leapt on like a tiger/tigress! Wink

That may have been a factor in the reaction to Joe's comments, although I am not suggesting it was the only one.