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is this Group FAILING ?

pentaxpete 16 708 1 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 1:32PM
I put a colour photo on the group but nobody has noticed ( it WAS of a film camera from which I am showing B&W photos) I put a lot of effort into supporting 'Groups' but it seem I am the only one 'uploading' now !! Is it WORTH all the EFFORT when I could get on with some nice real film darkroom work instead of sitting at a computer uploading and putting on all the information when nobody looks!
pentaxpete 16 708 1 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 2:25PM
At last ! Somebody actually read a post ! Thanks -- I did not start the Group -just found it and decided to support it . I'm not very 'cheerful' at the moment anyway. I try to get 'New Blood' for Brentwood Photographic Club and nobody wants to know -- all the younger ones say "Fridays is when we got to the Pub with our Mates" and older people all say "When I retire maybe I'll come along" -- that's why Clubs are full of serried ranks of Pensioners !
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 5:07PM
Try moving club night to Thursdays ?
Or perhaps they are just being polite and don't want to join for other reasons.

I originally ignored my local club because they had no interest in digital photography.
crookymonsta Plus
13 842 10 England
11 Nov 2010 5:21PM
I'd go along with Bri that the Friday night is probably the biggest cause of the lack of interest in joining you photographic club - even as an older one I prefer to keep Friday evenings free for more general socialising. Most clubs seem to meet on Mondays or Thursdays and ours is certainly very well attended on Mondays.
John_Frid 15 514 57 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 5:44PM
I appreciate that this is drifting off the original topic, but as Peter has raised the question of how to get younger people to attend Brentwood Photographic Club (of which I am member), I think it would take much more than moving the club night to a Thursday (or any other night for that matter).

Brentwood is no different from many camera clubs in so much as its format isn't exactly youth focused, and if it was the chances are that many of the older members would not wish to attend. I do find it a bit frustrating that at 48 I am still well and truly in the younger quartile of our club members. It would be great to have the challenge and creativity of younger members to spice things up.

The problem won't be solved by moving the club night. Maybe it would attract a few new members at the younger end, but it would drop a few in the middle range - myself included. Camera Club is my Friday night out - I'm too knackered from work on "school nights" and on a Friday I like to spend an hour or so down the pub after club with a few members and that just wouldn't work if I had to go to work the next day.

If we really want the club to appeal to younger members then we need to get more creative in the sylabus we offer. More hands on teaching and experimentation, more challenging projects, new lecturers and judges (not the same old faces) - in general, what we offer isn't youth friendly.
meercat 12 278 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 6:03PM
I assume the clubs website is the BDPC one? If so, I posted a thread recently about camera club websites and asked how they were used by members etc, as some seem brilliant others not so. If you were shown one camera club website that was visually appealing and contained lots of useful information and one that was (my opinion only) a bit dull, most people would go for the vibrant site, a website is basically an advert for your club. If you want more members one thing I would look at improving would be this side of things. (especially to attract younger members, who will usually be very tech savvy and use the internet for most things they do).

Complete thread Hi-jack, is there something ironic about the fact that the pictures used to show the print of the year winner on the Brentwood Photographic Club website are full of camera shake Tongue (assuming it is BDPC).
pentaxpete 16 708 1 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 6:42PM
Thanks for all the comments -- I would mention that since I brought it up 5 new members have joined the B&W Group and ONE lady has put on a photo and some comments, in one of which even she was thinking about 'giving it all up' as nobody was taking any notice of photos on the Group ( and one Poster even admitted in his 'Porfolio' when I looked that he no longer supports ephotozine Galleries -- just puts photos on his own 'personal web-site' )
User_Removed 14 407 1 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 8:51PM
I must admit since I started the group things have been extremely busy in the real world and I've had very little time to spend on EPZ, let alone the groups, hopefully that will change soon...
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 9:22PM

Quote:things have been extremely busy in the real world
same here

"When I retire maybe I'll come along"

and again
rikewoo 18 347 1 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2010 10:33PM
"Everyone", now appears to have a mobile phone that takes photos. The main thrust seems to be shoot a video on your mobile, no matter how bad it is and show it on YouTube.

I do not at the moment belong to any camera club. Reason being, I have found in the past, and not too long ago, they are slightly hidebound. Digital is not real photography, only film meets the requirements of "our", club. The person, who assumes he/she/they are the leaders of the club, have their own ideas of what is right and is not acceptable, setting the guidelines of how the club should be run. Even in the showings, you have to follow the way laid down by the so called founder as to what is acceptable. Time after time the same people "win", the competitions, as they go along with the parameters of the club and do not try to stretch it.

To my mind, this is not the way to encourage new members. Be more open minded accepting that new technology is the way forward, and experimentation with all media is the way to go.
Sorry if this appears to be a, "rant", is not intended to be. Just I have had a lot of bad times with local camera clubs.
John_Frid 15 514 57 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2010 2:10PM

I think you are likely to find that most camera clubs are now fairly digital friendly, so maybe that barrier may have been lowered or removed.

As for changing how clubs think, the best way is to either do it from within (i.e. join and then lobby the committee and other members for change), or set your own club up the way you want it.
meercat 12 278 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2010 9:37PM
Back to your camera club issues, It would also appear that Essex, as a county, has the most camera clubs in the country!! More than greater london even!! 39 with websites (plus a fair few without). That is quite some competition for prospective photographers!!
User_Removed 14 407 1 United Kingdom
25 Nov 2010 6:50PM
Going back to the orginal question is this group failing? At the time of the orginal post the report card would have read " D minus - Must try harder or risk failing"

A big thanks must go to pentaxpete for raising the issue. Since that post the group has grown in size, more people are uploading and commenting on images. The forum has a link to some truely inspirational black and white photographers and we are starting a weekly B&W challenge (first one starts tonight at 8pm). At present the report card would read " C plus - big improvement"

So if your interested in black and white photography come and join us.
Gypsyman 10 690 England
21 Dec 2010 8:09PM
I still find that there are no comments made, on a lot of the images put up, how can we that are
beginners, more-so to B&W, ever advance if the B&W workers do not comment on what we are
getting right and also wrong. Eric.
keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
21 Dec 2010 9:14PM
I left a comment.

But might be better though using the critique gallery or the tell it how it is group.

(I usually do tell it how it is anyway)

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