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ISO 50??

Tooth 17 5.8k 227 Ireland
8 Dec 2008 7:02PM
yayy, respect, up the splashy washeys, death to silky milkys

ckristoff 18 994 Wales
8 Dec 2008 7:19PM

I've got several rolls of Pan F Plus, if I can be bothered to put a battery in my Eos 3.

Koert 14 36 Netherlands
9 Dec 2008 9:48AM
Also ISO is a protected scale as in: International Organization for Standardization. There for the iso in sensors has to be calibrated and ok'ed by said organization. As iso 50 and the highest one (in most cases 3200) are not "true" iso-s but software enhanced ones there not allowed to be called iso. And also not allowed in an iso scale because that would imply that it is a proper iso number.

OyvindS 13 3 Denmark
11 Dec 2008 1:26PM

My camera, Sigma SD14, also have ISO50. It gives a little better IQ than ISO100, but you get less headroom.
It is also activated (first time) through the menues.

kind regards
LenShepherd 14 4.5k United Kingdom
12 Dec 2008 5:22PM
If you want good noise at higher ISO's then you cannot have top quality at 50 ISO - primarily because sensors can accommodate only a limited number of ISO settings with very good quality relative to the ISO setting.
50 ISO is available on the 1Ds III and D3x but with slightly less image quality than shooting at 100 ISO.
Camairish 16 1.4k Scotland
12 Dec 2008 5:54PM
My understanding is the same as Cambirder's - the 5D sensor is set for 100 and so this is where you will get maximum tonal and dynamic range. ie at ISO 100 the highlights will clip less easily.

13 Dec 2008 3:26PM
Velvia 50 works well Grin
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
14 Dec 2008 6:39AM
I also use ISO 50 a lot on my old 5d (yes that's right!). I was hoping for ISO 25 or even 10 on the mark II so I can take longer exposures without filters or going to F22, which does NOT look good on the new mark II. I'll start a thread on this later.
NEWMANP 14 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
14 Dec 2008 3:39PM
i am afraid this is a sore point with me, i can only think losing low iso ratings its cost related and that its easier to aim for a million asa so we can take black cats on slate hills at midnight, funny that because most serious photographers like to induce movement and not freeze action beyond the normal limits, but what the hell we can always put 6 or 8 mm of nd melted down plastic dustbins turned into filters in front of our £500 lens, im sure it dosnt effect the quality of my NIKKOR lens he says cynically, are you reading this Messers Nikon and Canon. What we want is iso 25 like we used to have even on budget cameras, and thanks for the offer but i have used enough Kodachrome 25 and 64 and iso 50 Fujichrome to reach from here to Singapore and i dont want to go back.
sairyfairy 16 116 United Kingdom
4 Jan 2009 10:02PM

Quote:Quote:Hi, I have a 5D, might be being a bit silly here - but how do you access these ISO ranges (50 and 3200?) cant seem to see it on my camera.Under the custom function settings enable ISO expansion.

Thanks very much!

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