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It says something...

pink Plus
16 6.1k 7 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2019 12:07PM
When out of the last 12 News items on EPZ 5 of them relate to Mobile Phones!
I don't know if I'm old fashioned but my Phone is for making calls/texts, I may use it for the occasional snap but that's about it.
I have no interest in knowing the latest phones cameras or anything else, for me Photography is about real cameras and that's what i have invested in over the last 40 odd years.
Surely there are more real camera/photography news stories to see rather than the current boring topics of mobile phones?
Just my 2p worth, maybe this should be in the grumpy group?

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21 Feb 2019 1:31PM
I'm the same way. I don't take pictures with my phone and I don't make phone calls with my camera.
tj Plus
16 2.1k England
21 Feb 2019 2:23PM
I’m afraid it’s a sign of the times.
We’re simply reporting on the market as a whole, which mobile phone cameras are playing an ever-increasing role.
dark_lord Plus
15 2.3k 591 England
21 Feb 2019 2:53PM
Mobile phones are the instamatics of today. For the majority of the unwashed. A 'proper' camera is not what they want, or could handle.
It's 'good enough' for them, just as a microwave ready meal or someting from their local fast/junk food joint they regard as quality cuisine.

I occaisionally use mine when it's all there is to hand.
A decent photographer can get a decent picture from a phone, a casual phone user would not generally get a good picture from a decent camera (just think monkeys, typewriters and Shakespear!)
21 Feb 2019 3:14PM

Quote:A decent photographer can get a decent picture from a phone, a casual phone user would not generally get a good picture from a decent camera

Personally, I don't think some people need to - they're happy with using their smartphone and can capture really good images with them.

Smartphone photography isn't everyone's cup of tea but neither is picking up a DSLR.

What tool you use to capture an image isn't really important, it's about the enjoyment of learning to take the photo and sharing it with people.

P.S. I regularly take photos with my smartphone, can cook my own meals and enjoy watching Shakespeare.

emmaK22 Plus
8 149 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2019 3:17PM
It's more about practicality - I can happily handle a 'proper' camera, however when out and about and wanting to travel light, a smartphone can be more than adequate to capture some great shots.

I can also confirm that despite using a smartphone to take some photos I am fully washed, enjoy a takeaway every once in a while but cook the majority of my food from scratch, and dispute your statement that there's a class divide between smartphone users and camera users. There are plenty of wealthy people that use smartphones and plenty of those less well off that will save their hard-earned money for a 'proper' camera.

It's a case of personal preference, really.
GeorgeP Plus
12 53 23 United States
21 Feb 2019 3:56PM
Both types of camera are simply tools.
For me, it is what tool is best for the job at hand. Yesterday, I transported a 5-week Bull Terrier pup from an Animal Rescue Shelter for the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue Group. I documented his recovery using my cell-phone camera. It was unobtrusive, quick and let me send photos quickly to administrators so that they could be immediately posted on the website/Facebook page. The quality from the cell-phone was “fit for purpose” and there was no need to grab a RAW file using a DSLR and special lenses.

Sometimes, I wonder if folks who talk about “real cameras” are not just demonstrating the latest form of snobbery.
21 Feb 2019 4:13PM
Of course the camera in a cell phone has uses, but they aren't well suited to photography hobbyists even at the novice level. And, returning to the point of the original post in this thread, this forum is a photography hobbyist venue. I've snapped cell phone photos of dents in my fender caused by another driver, but I can't think of any reason why that would be of even the slightest interest to other photo hobbyists.
pink Plus
16 6.1k 7 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2019 4:13PM
I agree, a camera IS a tool, but we all know that tools have limitations and vary greatly in quality, I print and sell A2 images from my camera and I have tried to do this from the odd phone image and to be honest it struggles to achieve a decent quality A4 print, horses for courses I suppose, nothing wrong with using the phone for social media/immediacy etc but back to my original point I would like to see a better balance of articles. I really enjoy readers articles, surely this is something that could be tapped into more?
keith selmes 16 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2019 6:47PM
I can get much better images and video with my camera than I can with my smartphone, but my camera doesn't connect to the internet. Also, even a micro 4/3 is a bit big and obvious in some circumstances. So sometimes the phone is the right tool.
dark_lord Plus
15 2.3k 591 England
21 Feb 2019 8:34PM
You're all agreeing in principle with what I said, it's not the equipment but the user.
i used analogies to illustrate the point Wink
The fact we're on this site means we're into photography.
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
21 Feb 2019 8:41PM
Just checked out a few phone review sites....not one ‘camera’ review on any of them. Wink
JackAllTog Plus
10 5.7k 58 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2019 9:27PM
Yet the BBC today has this article that says that almost the only thing that separates one phone from an other is the camera - - Cameras in phones are their most important feature as everything else is expected and just works.
Maybe one day just one device will do everything we need ???

Or another analogy:
My horse was replaced by a petrol car, then a diesel, then a hybrid, now an electric - and perhaps soon i'll never need a car - my phone will just summon an electric transportation vehicle to convey me to my next location. No more car parks or driveways needed?
21 Feb 2019 9:27PM
We all now see folk waving their smartphones at anything, usually just to capture what’s happening (video clips) or photo snaps (look where I am now etc..for social media - sharing amongst friends/family...and I have no quarrel with can work very well..).

They’re lucky...when “mobile phones” first appeared, they had a connected battery pack about 2 housebricks in size...and ONLY calls...!

Amuses me to wonder why “technology” decided to add “camera” abilities to a phone, and not phone abilities to a camera...Wink

Although in skilled hands, “phone” photography can now result in good images, overall I believe it still prevails that serious hobbyists and professionals will use a “proper” camera for a while longer yet...Wink

Oh...and make phone calls on a phone...(well they can’t do it from their camera can they...Tongue )
User_Removed 14 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2019 9:41PM
I don't have a mobile due to the fact there's no signal where I live in Cumbria.
I was up on Hadrian's Wall today and every other person there was waving around a mobile phone and to be honest I'm jealous.
I've seen some amazing photos from mobile phones and at the end of the day you probably always have a phone with you so, no more tales of the 'one that got away'.
By the time I haul out my camera, my filter, my tripod the opportunity/light will usually have gone.

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