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Jessops Going Under?

DaveRyder Avatar
DaveRyder Plus
9 7.2k 22 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2019 2:00PM
Sad news;
Jessops Bankruptcy

There again, the last camera I bought over the counter was in 2014 (Olympus Stylus 1).
Jessops in the Metrocentre Gateshead.
pablophotographer Avatar
pablophotographer 12 2.2k 450
16 Oct 2019 3:45PM
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2019 3:46PM
I wonder if that includes the Jessops photo printing business because I have just started using it for prints!
JJGEE Avatar
JJGEE 18 8.1k 18 England
16 Oct 2019 3:58PM
I was in my local camera store at lunchtime and the staff were talking about Jessops being in trouble BUT it appears there have been further, announced developments since then.

Carabosse Avatar
Carabosse Plus
20 44.3k 270 England
16 Oct 2019 4:06PM
Looks like the end LINK

Even Dragons Den's Peter Jones couldn't turn Jessops around.

I blame the camera phone! Tongue
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.1k 30 England
16 Oct 2019 4:20PM
Not surprised. I always found Jessops to be full of salesmen first, and product experts second. In other specialist photographic shops I've found better informed and more helpful staff.
Techno Avatar
Techno Plus
15 7.7k 8 England
16 Oct 2019 4:44PM
Another example of the demise in our High Street, I was surprised in 2013 that he (Peter Jones) financially felt there was a viable future in the business, with the digital camera market place being particularly volatile, how out of touch he was, the High Street then already in turmoil, mainly due to the surge in internet sales, margins slaughtered, with grey imports and such like.

Still imho the main stay of the "Dragons Den" and will continue to personally prosper, I feel for "Jessops" staff at this time, and more empty shops in our decaying High Streets.......Sad
Chris_L Avatar
Chris_L 9 5.5k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2019 4:51PM
Didn't they go under once already? Maybe I really am in a parallel universe where Nelson Mandela died in 1992 and the older VW logo used to be continuous (like the one on the right) but in reality it never ever looked like the right hand image and the letters have always been separate like the one on the left and it's just the Mandela effect?


I thought Jessops were doing well online, I bought stuff from them online, and dealt with MetroCenre shop (which was never as good as the Fawcett Street Sunderland branch when Andy (who was a photographer) was manager and photography students worked Saturdays.

Carabosse Avatar
Carabosse Plus
20 44.3k 270 England
16 Oct 2019 5:21PM

Quote:Didn't they go under once already?

Yes, Peter Jones bought the chain and tried to turn around their fortunes - but has clearly failed.

Should have turned them into phone shops! Wink
Niknut Avatar
Niknut Plus
13 3.7k 82 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2019 6:04PM
I'm not too surprised to see this news !.....

a) On-line shopping is so easy, you don't have to get off your backside to buy anything !
b) Generally the on-line prices are lower than high street retail shops, even with a delivery charge !
c) Buying from a shop you're confronted with "hard-sell" salesmen, over-eager to make a sale
rather than a more casual approach & offering help when asked !!
d) I suppose shop overheads keep their prices high ?

The last time I went into a Jessops shop to check over & handle a new camera/lens, I stepped
through the door & was immeadiately pounced on by a very "in-yer=face" salesman demanding
to know why I had soiled his doorstep !!!!.....I replied that he had just lost a sale, & just walked
straight out again, never to return !!....I hate being pressed in this way !!!!!!!

The main problem for me when buying on-line is the lack of being able to see & feel what one is paying for an expensive piece of kit always makes me cringe somewhat !!...Ooooer !!
JackAllTog Avatar
JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2019 6:42PM
Not all camera shops are like that. Wex staff give a friendly nod, and wait for you to ask more. They seem to create a warm unhurried atmosphere.
Wex prices seem to be often as good as most online. Grey exports excluded.

I do like going into shops when I can and ideally I would check prices online and hope I can the pick it up from one of my my favorite retailers.
Things like bags particularly are nice to check out for real.
JJGEE Avatar
JJGEE 18 8.1k 18 England
16 Oct 2019 7:13PM

Quote:c) Buying from a shop you're confronted with "hard-sell" salesmen, over-eager to make a sale
rather than a more casual approach & offering help when asked !!

Sad You must be unlucky where you shop because like JackAllTog above I also know a camera shop, Park Cameras in Burgess Hill, that is very different to that mentioned by Niknut.

Always been friendly, knowledgeable and no pressure to buy from my very first visit back in !983 to today when I spent well over an hour discussing about & handling a new camera / lenses I am interested in buying.
No sale for them today but they know I will be back fairly soon after I have decided which lens(es) to get Smile

I am going mirrorless !
LenShepherd Avatar
LenShepherd 15 4.7k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2019 7:25PM
The current Cefax financial information (not necessarily 100% accurate) is Jessops profits have fallen over 98% from £700,000 in 2016 to £10,000 last year.
It seems 2018 profit was about £250 average per shop last year Sad
The reports are Jessops are to go into administration with probably no buyer likely as the proposal is to find a buyer for the separate property holding company.
EddieAC Avatar
EddieAC 18 3.8k 2 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2019 7:36PM
The Jessops store in Horsham, West Sussex which had stayed open actually closed recently so this is obviously the reason why.
justin c Avatar
justin c 19 5.2k 36 England
16 Oct 2019 10:43PM

Quote:It seems 2018 profit was about £250 average per shop last year

LOL. I guess their customers wised up and realised that a compact flash card could be bought for £30 from everyone else, as opposed to £130 that Jessops charged.

I remember when the price of a Canon 500mm f4 L lens could be bought new from many top retailers for £4600-£4800. Jessops price £9500 SadSadSad They're having a laugh.

On the positive side though, one of the girls who worked there, who later became manager I think , was extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable.


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