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Jessops share price freefall!!!!! says BBC today

samfurlong 12 2.5k United Kingdom
1 Mar 2007 6:51PM
I know a few of the staff at my local jessops quite well and they all say the same thing, the more experienced, knowledgeable staff are leaving and being replaced by wet behind the ears saturday boys who aren't any good at helping customers.
A large part of what people used to like about jessops was the support you got but thats pretty much gone now.

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peterjones Plus
16 4.7k 1 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2007 6:52PM
I am not surprised at Jessops' troubles; they are neither fish nor foul; I suspect extremely bad management resulting in no appeal for either the photographic establishment or for newcomers to photography.

I was in High Wycombe yesterday and popped into Jessops there and it looked to me like a poor relation of the shop that used to be called Dixons.

Lets hope that they don't get anywhere near WE ending up totally destroying an excellent business that has the respect of the photographic community.
49er 12 564
1 Mar 2007 6:57PM
Maybe because they are trying to be all things to all men (woman.. pc check).. I think their staff (no all but a lot) do not seem to have too much knowledge..

I think if you go in and buy what you know you want ok (apart from price at times)But advice ? not so sure..

I still would like to see high photo shops.. Internet you cant touch and try..
PeterOutdoors 12 197
1 Mar 2007 6:59PM
It's the Jessop managements 'direction' not the staff at real fault. The staff just do as best they can under their companies policies. Good staff leave when 'from the top down' direction is flawed.
User_Removed 13 4.9k England
1 Mar 2007 7:18PM
Unfortunately for Jessops, the high Street Photographic shop clientele, has declined rapidly over the last couple of years.

The internet sales by Jessops and other on-line photographic retailers has accelerated over the same period.
Wouldn't have thought that part of the business is losing money.
Once they rid themselves of their biggest loss makers, cut down their presence on the high Street. they should recover.

Not good for us though, if you need person to person communication in a shop. It'll be email and Call centres from now on. Gawd aren't they a pain!.

How many frequent their local tog shop now anyway.....Most of my buyings on the internet.... and I'd bet yours are too!
PeterOutdoors 12 197
1 Mar 2007 7:27PM
Yes - did getting rid of their second hand gear sales help or damage their footfall I wonder? Did they loose overall sales with s/h gear? Anyone out there work for them & care to comment?
randomrubble 13 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2007 8:12PM

Quote:Most of my buyings on the internet.... and I'd bet yours are too!

Nope, of 3 Eos bodies and 4 lenses bought in the last few years all bar one have come from the high street, and my 1Ds, 24-70 and 24 TS-E have all come from jessops.

Quote:did getting rid of their second hand gear sales help or damage their footfall I wonder? Did they loose overall sales with s/h gear?

Not sure what the figure would say but I never go in any more. It's probably the case for quite a few who like cameras 'n' stuff. I wouldn't be digital now if jessops hadn't done secondhand as both my original Eos 3 and my 1Ds came from the secondhand cabinet at Jesssops. The 1Ds being an impulse purchase when I'd gone in to buy a lens!
mattw 14 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2007 9:12PM
I have no problem with jessops - camera shops on the high street are a good thing. However do we really need TWO Jessops stores on every high street. I have never seen the logic in that.

How much is this a problem with Jessops management, and how much is this an indication at the industry as a whole is slowing down? After all, the digital revoloution has come and gone.

Fujiconvert 13 1.3k England
1 Mar 2007 10:17PM
It was only a matter of time,after all the management leaves a lot to be desired and the total lack of knowledge from the staff is a combination that has the making of a disaster.
I hardly have set foot in a Jessops in the last couple of years and why should I when I can get the same product a lot cheaper online.
They prey on the poor unwary Joe public that know very little about the product and want to palm anything off onto the unsuspecting.When faced with a customer that has more product knowledge than themselves (which isn't hard) they crap themselves.
Just my personal experience.
ahollowa 14 1.1k England
1 Mar 2007 11:23PM
10 years ago if I wanted a good supply of cheap photographic gear I used to travel 9 miles to Watford town center. Film (remember that) was cheeper per roll there than any where else and 10% cheeper still if you buy 10 rolls or more. A good supply of cheep available chemicals and a window full of well priced second hand camera's and freely given advice. The shop Jessops. Now if I want over priced digital camera's no dark room chemicals, no second hand and poor adive I go to Jessops. I was a fan I wouldn't use them now. Too big over priced and no service.


keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
1 Mar 2007 11:27PM
So if Jessop's disappeared from the High Street, would we lose all those threads that say 'Go along to your high street shop and see what the camera feels like in your hand first?'
GDobson 12 62
1 Mar 2007 11:47PM
I'd miss Jessops, but my experience of them in recent years hasn't been all that good. The 'pro' bit downstairs at their New Oxford Street branch in London is OK - knowledgeable, friendly staff (certainly better than Calumet in Euston who keep you waiting ages) but the upstairs is another thing altogether. When I bought my F80 a couple of years back, the kid behind the counter wouldn't even bother to open the glass cabinet to let me handle an example. I can't remember his lame excuse. The internet has clearly hurt Jessops, but it hasn't stopped independents like Mr Cad and Mathers offering great service. Personally, I like my camera shops to be shops, not boutiques.
David_c 12 244 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2007 1:10AM
Retail is struggling in general. Jessops is not alone.

I heard only today whilst at a trade show that yet another independant store group has gone into administration .
Debenhams, House of Fraser,Beatties,have all had takeovers within the last 2 years. Many Store groups have gone under or sold up. The High street is evolving people!
John Lewis (JLP) and Ikea are about the only consistent success stories of recent times.Good luck to them.
High street retailing has been through the mill for the last 4 or 5 years and areas of it in decline for longer.

Jessops is a retailer with a limited appeal , i.e. not a mainstream product that appeals to a wide audience .
You can see that Jessops has tried to widen its ranges
over the past few years to catch all. They have no choice
as only the fittest survive, footfall (people )is the magic
But if you consider all the alternative places the average customer( not slr/mamiya man) can go to to buy the products they sell you can see they are competing nowadays with massive electrical shops,foto processing shops, supermarkets,office stores ,and the internet of course......

Internet trade rocketed massively in the xmas period of 06 over the same period last year, and it will do likewise again this year no question.
I work as a sales rep to high street shops and www traders.
One of my accounts is an internet only trader based in a tiny hamlet near a M-way and is doubling his turnover annually , yet has minimal overheads ( low rates, nil stock held,minimal staffing).

The products Jessops sell for the most part are great products for internet traders and of course Jessops have their own www sites aswell as high street shops.
The experienced photographer may romantically think jessops service ,staff knowledge and lack of specialist product with ex-stock availability etc etc may have lead to the position that they (Jessops)find themselves in.Wrong.
To be a successful nationwide retailer in todays
high street you need to be better than your competition in many many things and enjoy a little luck
besides that.
Alot of the gripes i see about Jessops on here from time to time are unfair.
Jessops have to stock what sells regularly like any other contemporary retailer of today.
Try and get a spare belt for your hoover in Dixons...
Staff product knowledge is variable. Yes. In the real world of retailing staff dont actually sit behind the till waiting for the next customer to come in to then spend 20 mins discussing the merits of velvia or depth of field.They really have to earn their money and that means task task task.

Companies are fighting to survive on a daily and weekly basis so investing time and money on product training(regrettably) is not as high a priority as say actually doing what is necessary to put money in the till.

What you really want is Independants , but:
The few remaining independant specialists who havent been squeezed out yet ,are out there struggling on with tenacity and hope .( and fabulous, though probably mainly film biased, product knowledge).
What alot of togs are harking on about is in the past. We are where we are and the old high street is gone forever.
Of course if we all stopped going to Tescos and PC World
and B&Q then Independant Businessess could thrive again , but thats a romantic dream . The age of comprehensive product knowledge in the high street is virtually gone .

So , please dont pick on poor Jessops Staff who are just trying to earn a living just like the staff at Tescos and Sainsbury.

Oooh i love a good rant, so i do.....
Fujiconvert 13 1.3k England
2 Mar 2007 6:19AM
Yes,poor is the perfect description for them.When you go to a shop to buy something you expect at least a basic product knowledge.
2 Mar 2007 9:48AM

Quote:The grapevine has it that they (Warehouse Express) are up for sale. Not sure yet if it was always their managements exit strategy or not... Jessops have to act soon to recover their situation.

Thats interesting and would fall in line with the usual VC exit strategy that people such as Barclays Venture (the majority owners) take. Out of interest where did you hear this Peter?

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