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nishad1994 12 264 Oman
9 Apr 2010 12:44PM
Congrats to all the winners !! Smile

Quote:Can't wait till next times and can't wait till the critiques come out

Me too !! Its so much fun !! even if we dont win, it still is great to participate !! Smile

Anthony 20 5.7k 17 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2010 1:03PM
congratulations to all the winners. Well done.

Jestertheclown 13 8.5k 254 England
9 Apr 2010 1:11PM
Congratulations to the winners and very well done to all of you who took part.
It's a great sign for the future of our hobby that so many young people joined in.
Lots of young people nowadays would find it to much like hard work to enter something like this so, even if you didn't win you all deserve a pat on the back.

Well done to all of you.

nishad1994 12 264 Oman
9 Apr 2010 2:56PM
Thanks a lot Jester !! Smile

MrsS 15 4.5k 18 England
9 Apr 2010 7:40PM
OK - critique time:

Courtneytonnacole - Entry 1 = The simplicity in this shot is lovely. The buds have been focused on brilliantly and the plain white background really shows up their colours brilliantly.

Entry 2 = By colour selecting the green leaves the plant has been separated from the background and the colours really shine out. A wonderful fresh feeling to this image.

Alianar - Entry 1 = A gorgeous image, full of green except for the glimpse of colour from the bud - this fills the theme brilliantly, definitely a New Beginning.

Entry 2 = A brilliant macro shot, the focus on the catkins is wonderful - not easy when the breeze blows the branch around.

Marco_delvalle1 - Entry 1 = The colours in this sunset are wonderful and the silhouettes brilliant.

Entry 2 = This image is gorgeous. The way the light falls upon the toddler playing by the road is gorgeous. A brilliant 'candid' shot, a worthy Overseas Winner

Coolcurt - Entry 1 = This is a lovely idea and well taken, just a little dark.

Entry 2 = Very well thought out and taken. "Let there be light........" the focus is brilliant and there are some lovely colours in the flame.

- Entry 1 = There is a gorgeous grittiness to this image - the tones chosen really suit the image and it is a deserving winner of the Southern Prize.

Entry 2 = Decorating (shudder)! The composition of this image really catches the eye. Black and white gives a stark image, just waiting for the colour to be put there.

Tilneyg44 - Entry 1 = What an eye catching image this is, the colours just reach out and grab you! Brilliant focus and a lovely plain background.

Entry 2 = Such a beautiful Tulip. Again, the colours just reach out and grab the eye - very well seen and caught.

Jwt - Entry 1 = That Goose has attitude! That stare dares you to come closer. The composition is brilliant and the low point of view perfect.

Entry 2 = Frog spawn - definitely a New Beginning, lots of baby tadpoles and the lighting on it is wonderful.

Nishad1994 - Entry 1 = A well seen shot! The young green shoots against the old brown tree are a wonderful combination. A lovely low point of view.

Entry 2 = A gorgeous image, really colourful and in a beautiful setting. A brilliant composition and a wonderful sentiment.

TayBri - Entry 1 = There is a wonderful 'pinkness' about this image. So simple, yet so true..............all good stories begin "Once Upon A Time"!

Entry 2 = Genesis - the ultimate beginning. A well thought out image, with good depth of field.

Jonah794 - Entry 1 = The crocus. One of the first Spring flowers. The gorgeous yellow of the flowers has been caught brilliantly, with a lovely low point of view and gorgeous details.

Entry 2 = The purple crocus are wonderful too, with the added extra of dew drops. Again a lovely low point of view and the focus on the drops brilliant!

OliPackwood - A beautiful image of a white lily. The details caught of the inside is wonderful, with gently softened petals this is a brilliant image.

- Entry 1 = A very clever idea. The selective colouring really puts our attention onto the plant - and then we look closer to see what is written there!

Entry 2 = This is an amazing image! Not only the subject matter, but the way each image has been taken and the overall presentation. This makes a very special image and wins the Northern Prize

Andrew1999 - A gorgeous close up of a tree bud. The lighting is brilliant and the details caught are wonderful. Even the natural out of focus background is good. Well done!

Rianna_x - Entry 1 = A lovely simple shot of a tree in new leaf. The background is a wonderful variety of soft, dark greens which highlight the bright green of the leaves.

Entry 2 = A lovely image of berries. There is a lovely depth of field with this image and the way the shrub fills the frame is brilliant.

JoshReptiles - Entry 1 = Very well seen! This tiny little plant, newly emerging from it's seed pod is brilliant. It has a wonderful shape and the low point of view has captured it brilliantly.

Entry 2 = A wonderful macro. Beautifully clear and sharp. Again a brilliant low point of view - very well seen and caught!

Louisepeaches - Entry 1 = An original image, well thought out. The quirky angle really suits this image and the selective colouring a brilliant addition.

Entry 2 = The darkness, colours and shadows really make this a wonderful image - another different interpretation.

ad2009 - The amazing colours and details in this image are wonderful. Even down to the tiny hairs. A brilliant depth of field and a lovely point of view - well done!

Scott21 - The catkins have been caught beautifully. Gorgeous details and a wonderful depth of field. We like the way the closest is lovely and sharp and that you've included some out of focus in the background.

AsherBerney - The colours of the Roses are wonderful. You've caught their petals brilliantly - there's a beautiful velvet softness to the image.

- The blue sky makes a wonderful backdrop to these tree buds. A beautiful image, so Spring like!

- Another fresh look at the theme - sunrise in Scotland. This is a beautiful scene, so fresh and clear. The reflection of the mountains is absolutely wonderful. Well caught.

Kaitlynbateup - The newly opening rosebud is wonderful - such a gorgeous colour. It really glows compared to the darkness of the background. Beautifully caught.

Martyna - This is a wonderful image. Black and white puts all the attention on the 'mum-to-be', which has been posed brilliantly. Her expression says it all! Congratulations on winning the Southern Prize

- This made me smile! I bet you were all giggling like mad. I like the concept that these are all new friends.

- Our latest Junior's first upload. It has been well thought out and taken - a brilliant point of view. Lego...........a new beginning every day!

- Such a sweetie! A new life, brilliantly caught. Lovely lighting and the eye perfectly sharp.

Georges_photos - Another new life - this lamb is so sweet! We like the way it has a number 1 on it's back. I also like the way you've got down to it's level, well done.

- A baby Spider Plant! This is lovely, you've stayed level with the pot, which gives a wonderful point of view. The shadows behind the plant make it look bigger then it really is!

- A gorgeous back lit daffodil - brilliantly caught! The yellow of the flower really stands out from the darker leaves in the background. we like the sharpness of the bloom and the colours are wonderful.

Think that's everyone - if we've missed you, just give us a shout Smile
geosami 13 6 Scotland
9 Apr 2010 8:04PM
well done everyone and congrats to the winners
MrsS 15 4.5k 18 England
9 Apr 2010 8:55PM
The next competition will most likely be in about a month, but it might have to be the last for a while, as we only have prizes for one more unless the wonderful folks on EPZ donate any more Sad

Can I take the opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to all the folks who have donated prizes and cash so far, we couldn't do these competitions without you Smile

Fran x
miss_v 12 81 England
11 Apr 2010 7:57PM
Didnt make it to these comp unfortunatly, but have looked at the entrys and they are all BRILLIANT!
Well done to the winners, and to everyone else Smile
Fab prizes by the looks of things! Grin
KarenFB Plus
15 5.8k 183 England
11 Apr 2010 8:04PM
Never mind Eloise, hopefully you'll be able to join in with the next one! Smile

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