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16 Mar 2004 10:35AM
I've recently jointed EPZ and found out just how addictive the site and photography can be. My children wanted to know more about why mum was on the computer so long and why I was constantly pointing a camera at them! So this week I have shown them the site and they are extremely interested, having one of sick from school all she wanted to do this morning was click the photos she liked. And my son is always wanting to use my digi. I believe that the thought of a junior section has cropped up previously and something Pete was considering. Has anyone any thoughts on the subject?
stompie 18 14
16 Mar 2004 11:01AM
Good idea, my son is really keen and constantly hovering over my shoulder when I'm on here!
A few articles written for younsters would be good too, and help them develop their skills.
16 Mar 2004 11:09AM
One thought is that maybe there should be a separate junior reader gallery, wouldnt it be unfair to group junior pictures with us adults?
laura16 18 606
16 Mar 2004 11:11AM
I think it would be a good idea too, my son has a digital camera and articles aimed at younger people might help to keep them from losing interest later.
User_Removed 20 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 11:13AM
I think this a brilliant idea although I feel that Pete might find it difficult ensuring only children had access to the section (I am thinking of preventing "undesirables" if you see what I mean)

Barrie Smile
Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
16 Mar 2004 11:20AM
Yes, I agree it would need a lot of work to ensure a safe zone was created. At the moment that would be a lot of work for a potentially small group of members. Maybe for the time being they join and upload into the normal zone and as the demand grows we create a splinter section with articles too.
16 Mar 2004 11:22AM
Sounds good, I've got two new members for you now to start the ball rolling
dclarke5 19 147 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 11:49AM
My son joined on Saturday and has uploaded his first two pictures. He is very interested in Art and for age 12 he produces superb work. He has decided to explore photography as it will be part of his future art courses that he wishes to follow. His name is Connaire Clarke and all encouraging remarks would be appreciated.
Thank you. Dave
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 12:06PM
My son who is 13 want's to join also, so I think I will let him join. Is there a way of showing him to be a junior as it would be good to lock out areas such as adult photo's for a start, although I recognise that there is much more graphic and worrying content out there. Like all parenting deciding the balance is difficult.

Th current problem is getting him to take his paws off my camera. Need to get him his own, as he views my old fiji compact too limiting, so he is saving up.
michaeldt 18 1.2k
16 Mar 2004 12:17PM
perhaps a special section where parents who are members and worried about their children's use of the site can sign their children up as junior members and the parents control their profile - i.e to block adult material. they can then choose whether to let the child use the forums i.e no access, read-only, read and contribute.

you could then have an option of having a copy of any comments to the childs photo's sent to the parent to make sure no undesired attention is received.

i know that this wouldn't stop some children who would merely set up a different profile, but then they can do that now anyway!!
dclarke5 19 147 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 12:26PM
I initially had some concerns but having been a member myself for a year I am pretty confident that no inappropriate comments etc will appear.
However I will monitor his portfolio (and his email) just in case.
Carabosse Plus
19 42.6k 270 England
16 Mar 2004 12:27PM
Worthy as this idea may be, Barrie's point is an important one.

Adults masquerading as kids is one of the reasons many children's chat rooms have been closed down. How do we stop adults getting into the children-only section?

I don't like the way paedophile-paranoia has made us terrified of even photographing children. But particularly on a photosite we may, for fairly obvious reasons, need to proceed with care.

Just my 2 pixels worth!
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 12:27PM
That sounds like a good idea, but is this a lot of work for Pete? I must admit to being surprised and grateful at the level of facility provided for free. If it can be done then great.
michaeldt 18 1.2k
16 Mar 2004 12:40PM
the only safe way - though not 100% safe - of ensuring adults don't pose as children, is for parents to get letters from the childs school - on a letterhead - so that it can be verified before the childs account is activated.
the only way adults can contact the children would be through froums or picture comments. by monitoring comments, that option can be covered, but if we have a children only forum it should be viewable by the parents of those children so that they can monitor who their children are talking to.

as much as parents would like to leave their children to grow up on their own, parents need to supervise these things.
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 1:07PM
I run a kids football team and the police checks etc you have to go through because of fear of paedophiles are off-putting to some people and can make life a hastle but if it does happen the impact is great on those considered to be responsible. We had to give up taking photos at presentation night (kids fully dressed in shirts trousers) because a parent raised a concern.

I agree with your comments, but we need to understand that the site will be held responsible for postings etc. And as a parent, yes you have to take responsibility but you also need to let them find their own way in life.

We want the children to be able to share photos and receive encouragement and develop a sense of pride and interest. Its just how do you let them do so. Is it by parents posting their pictures or do you let them post on their own.

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