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Junior Members section

michaeldt 17 1.2k
16 Mar 2004 1:25PM
i'd let them post on their own, but parents should still monitor them. the way you let them watch tv but you monitor what they watch, the way you let them stay at a friends house only when meeting the friends parents first. if you let them use the site, you must be prepared to monitor that too. this site is not a nursery school where parents can leave their kids. the site shouldn't be held responsible for the actions of a child on the site or what happens to a child. that's the parents job.

as it stands, a child can join the site and do everything an adult can do. so as it stands, there isn't any protection for children.

i agree children should find there own way, but since we live in such an imperfect world, they need to be supervised. we need to take actions based on what the world is, not what we ideally want it to be. if we ignore the way the world is and treat it like the ideal world we wish it was, that's when those undesirable people take advantage.
Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
16 Mar 2004 1:46PM
There may be a difference between a general website which anyone can join and a site set aside specifically to encourage children.

Should such a "children's photosite" be misused and, heaven forbid, something untoward happen the website owners might have to take some of the flak.

I suggest Pete might want to get advice on the legal position if he decides to proceed.

It is a great pity that we have to think about these things but, as Michael says, we are in the world as it is, not how we would like it to be. Better to be sure now than sorry later!
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
16 Mar 2004 2:13PM
I have a feeling a simple idea is being over complicated...
dclarke5 18 147 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 2:21PM
Obviously people are voicing their concerns but as I will be monitoring my son's portfolio and email I assume you have no objection to my son joining this site? I find the site very enjoyable and educational and I'm certain he will gain a lot from the ephotozine experience.
If you do have a concern then I will obviously delete his portfolio until he is older.
Let me know. Cheers!
aunt sally 18 110 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 2:26PM
My 12-year-old daughter has been a member of Ephotozine since 6th February; she has received so much encouragement and only had positive responses.
We police her comments and replies. It has been explained to her why this must be done. As we feel this is our responsibility.
Her school has had the police in to give advice how to be safe on the Web so she is aware of the paedophiles and what deceptions they are capable of.
She chooses her own photographs to post but does ask our opinion, as her aim is to only post her best work
and then to look forward to the comments on what she can do to improve them.

If there were a junior page would any one really take the time to look and comment apart from friends & family of that child? Once the novelty had worn off??
Obviously it has already been said that a junior page would mean a complicated legal responsibility for Pete and the team.
How about an on line agreement from us parents to be responsible for our childrens contributions and activities on this site? and to monitor the responses that they receive.

davidc 17 313 England
16 Mar 2004 2:34PM
If there were a section for children, adults should still be able to comment. The problem is monitoring the comments. An alternative would be to allow those under say 15 to have a tag/logo on the thumbnail to indicate to the rest of us that the photo is by a youngster among the rest. I am sure that during the course of a day members would look at the comments and let Pete know if there were anything inappropriate through the erros or abuse link.
aunt sally 18 110 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 2:40PM
Here here David !I am with you on that idea!

michaeldt 17 1.2k
16 Mar 2004 2:43PM
dave and sharon - it's good to see parents not only taking an interest in what your children do online but monitoring them to keep them safe. if all parents (and i know it isn't always possible) did this we wouldn't have nearly half the problems we face today.

i agree that having a seperate upload section for junior members might mean they get less attention.
however, images that don't grab people's attention are seldom commented on, so if junior members uploaded images into the 'adult' gallery they might not recieve as much attention as those who produce wonderful attention grabbing images. not to say all their images will be poor, in fact they'll probably be better than mine Smile but you get the point.
so if they had an icon to indicate 'Junior Member' then people might be more likely to comment on them and encourage them.
michaeldt 17 1.2k
16 Mar 2004 2:44PM
sorry david, typing at same time as you Smile
Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
16 Mar 2004 2:45PM
I agree very much with Sharon.

The concerns are, surely, more about adults infiltrating a "children's photo-site" as they have children's chatrooms.

There is no need for complication. BUT any prudent website owner should (perhaps) ask themselves: are they happy to accept that they may have to bear a share of the legal responsibility if a children's site was misused in the way chatrooms have been? Possibly to the extent of being sued by the parents?

That is the only reason I suggest legal advice is sought. If the above does not raise any concern for Pete & co, so be it!

I have merely flagged a possible area to be looked at. If those in the (potential) firing line don't wish to do so then, as someone pointed out on another matter, it's not my problem!
michaeldt 17 1.2k
16 Mar 2004 2:53PM
i must agree with that point carabosse. making a children's only section would be taking on all sorts of responsibilities.

however i don't think it would be a bad idea to make the site more child friendly, i.e articles for younger members. in fact they might benifit more than we do. you know what they say about new dogs and old tricks...or was it old dogs and new tricks.... ohhhhhh....old age, when will it end!!!!!
davidc 17 313 England
16 Mar 2004 2:59PM
In death Michael in death......
michaeldt 17 1.2k
16 Mar 2004 3:03PM
death: an end to a means, or a means to an end.....
16 Mar 2004 3:38PM
There has been alot of good comments made but I have to agree with Pete that its been made complicated. When I posed the question of a junior section the paedophile question only vaguely entered my head, perhaps because I monitor my childrens use of the web and I know exactly what can go on. But on the other hand I dont want to stifle my childrens creativity and a site such as EPZ, I believe, could only encourage this. Monitoring is the responsibility of parents. Furthermore I agree with michaeldt. When I suggested junior section it was because of pictures submitted by junior members would be alongside those of adults and perhaps wouldnt be fair.
aunt sally 18 110 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 3:39PM
My daughter also enjoys reading these forums
especially when there is a "dog" fight going on or is that a "cat" fight among the "adults" !!!
Awe, Michael you have got me at it now!!LOLs

sharon Smile)

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