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Junior Members section

aunt sally 18 110 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 3:49PM
Sorry answersonapost card I think we posted at the same time.
Yes I agree with you that ultimately the responsibility for any children on the web is with the parents!!

16 Mar 2004 3:56PM
Thats OK, no worries
Carabosse 18 41.7k 270 England
16 Mar 2004 4:56PM
Unfortunately it is not just the responsibility of the parents. Ultimately it is the website owners who are responsible for what goes on. Be it libel or paedophile activity (or whatever) - the owners are potentially in the legal firing line.

And, in this instance, can one have any doubt that it will be angry parents who will be amongst those firing the shots if something goes wrong. However benevolent some of them may feel towards this idea at the moment!

There is no doubt about the good intentions of this suggestion. No doubt at all.

Old familiar saying: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!"

Some other simple way should be possible. Perhaps the addition of a (J) (for junior) to someone's handle could be sufficient to alert us that the member is below a specified age?
aunt sally 18 110 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 6:28PM
I see where your coming from Carabosse
and the J tag is a good idea.
had suggested the following:
" An alternative would be to allow those under say 15 to have a tag/logo on the thumbnail to indicate to the rest of us that the photo is by a youngster among the rest."

As I said a "on line agreement" between the parents and ephotozine may be a good idea,
(like a licence agreement when you use certain PC packages)
Depends as you say on the legality.

I sure Pete will come back with some thing good!

16 Mar 2004 6:43PM
Well lets hope something can be arranged.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
16 Mar 2004 6:44PM
I do agree that there is a danger of over-complicating an issue, so I think incorporating the juniors in with us rowdy old grown-ups is a good thing. A discreet tag on the thumbnail would help us all see who is junior, and that might even encourage more comments, as so many people on here are willing to share their experience with people new to photography. That also means that everyone clicking on the thumbnails will be 'policing' what's being said, and any hint of any dodginess can immediately be squashed, as can any unkind remarks. (By that I mean the kind of deliberate snipe at a photo which will hardly bolster the confidence of a younger member).

What do the junior members think? Anyone? It must be much more fun to be uploading with everyone else rather than being corraled behind a 'junior' fence. And isn't it more of a challenge, to mix in with everyone? Or would it feel more comfortable to have a quiet 'junior' area ..?
16 Mar 2004 6:56PM
Well said Suzi.

I think some concerns stem from an undesirable element gaining access or contact to the junior member but if no e mail address is allowed and if parental superivision is guaranteed, then that shouldnt happen anyway should it?

16 Mar 2004 7:02PM
we bought a digi cam for our son too because he like to upload picture too here on the side. we think a junior site would be nice.

Susanne & Carsten
aunt sally 18 110 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 7:45PM
ooops sorry!
fizz 17 4
16 Mar 2004 7:53PM
My name is Siobhan I am 12 years old. I am the daughter of Sharon (aunt sally) and Terry (boyd-longley).
I agree with Carabosse and Davidc that a tag on the thumbnail indicating that we are junior members is a good idea. I dont think any one would bother looking at our photographs if we had a separate junior page.
When I joined my secondary school I had to sign an agreement saying that I would follow a code of conduct for using the web, my headmaster also signed saying he agreed to take all the protective measures as long as we did not break those guide lines.
I think that could work on here.


(My mum has helped me with this but it is my own opinion)
stevie 17 1.2k 2 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 8:23PM
Well said, Siobhan - and I reckon you're right, all photos should be together - with a tag if that's what most people want.
mad-dogs 19 2.2k England
20 Mar 2004 3:55PM
I suggested this January last year when I won a digital camera for my daughter because people may not realise the age of the photographer when posting a critique.

The adult check does not always work either.

I think people should be aware if they are answering a childs forum post or commenting on their image.
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
10 Jul 2007 5:36PM
We now, at last, have a Junior Gallery. If the member has set their birth date in their profile it will detect when they are under 16 and flag the photo to be shown in the Junior Gallery. We will run a script to pick up the photos that are already in the system from under 16s.

I'd like also to thank Fran Ashton for offering to head up this section and encourage its use and safe commenting.
MrsS 15 4.5k 18 England
10 Jul 2007 5:50PM
Is the 'J' going to be added to the shots in the main gallery too, Pete?
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
10 Jul 2007 5:53PM
Yes we will add a J Icon

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