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Just how good is the Sony RX10

cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
27 Apr 2019 12:46PM
I currently have a Fuji X-T2 with a 100-400mm on the front for wildlife photography. While I am very happy with this set-up, I met some people with the Sony RX10 the other day who were expounding their brilliance. Were they right, is it a truly amazing camera? Just how good are the images at 600mm? Just how good is the stabilisation, the AF etc etc.

Anybody out there with this camera, who have used it for some time, I would love to have the facts from the "horses mouth" so to speak as I like the idea of that extra reach but don't want to compromise on other aspects.
saltireblue Plus
11 11.9k 75 Norway
27 Apr 2019 1:13PM
ePz review here , in case you haven't read it.
banehawi Plus
17 2.5k 4247 Canada
27 Apr 2019 1:13PM
You can look at thousands of images shot with it on flickr.

Any other feedback will be purely subjective.
cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
27 Apr 2019 2:23PM
Yes, read several reviews and looked at results but there is nothing like hearing from a user, how does it feel, how good is the viewfinder on my Fuji it can be a bit flickery, how good at tracking BIF - only a user can know this and that's what I'm after. I went from ~canon to the Fuji because of the weight of the Canon and this one is again lighter than the X-T2. At 80 my neck doesn't like weight Sad
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
27 Apr 2019 4:29PM
I sold my G9 to buy an RX10 mk4, primarily because I could use it with only my right hand (I had damaged my left shoulder badly and couldn't use the zoom on any of my m4/3rds lens as a result)

Its proved to be an astonishingly useful camera for my main subjects, action water sports, birding, bugs, bees and butterflies in flight and airshows.

Focus is remarkably fast for both speed and accuracy, the weather proofing works (tested in many sessions on the beach during "Named Storms" with salt spray, sand, seaweed and hissing rain, so far no signs of any problems)

Its become my "go to" camera, even over my much loved EM-1 mk2

update: just seen your specific queries:

how does it feel? Its personal but I find the haptics and ergonomics very good and the ability to shoot one-handed is invaluable.

how good is the viewfinder? Overall its very good, its a large view and good detail with no flikr, I think it looks a bit grainy compared to my EM-1 mk2 but its good enough for me to be able to confidently focus on the eye or proboscis of a bee or follow a peregrine (captive) stooping past trees in the background. I'm very happy with it

How good at tracking BIF? its probably the best camera I've ever owned for that use (comparing it with canon 7Dmk2, 5Dmk2, Panasonic G9, Olympus EM-1mk2) I find it very fast to lock on and to track birds of different sizes

Weight? well, its lighter than my EM-1 mk2 with the 50-200 SWD + 1.4XTC or the pl100-400 I would typically use for these subjects before I knacked my shoulder, I use it as my travel camera and have never regretted carrying it all day (its not an inconspicuous camera however being quite a lump and the lens does extend significantly at full zoom)

Feel free to message or e-mail me if you want a chat

(there are many examples available in my flikr site)

the UK price has recently dropped too
cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
27 Apr 2019 4:58PM
Brian, many thanks for giving me exactly what I was after, a really helpful, user experience of the camera.
I'm now going to download the manual and see what it's all about, exactly what built in features there are. If I'm happy with that it looks like a good buy, and goos bye to my Fuji Wink
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
27 Apr 2019 7:23PM
one thing to remember (I'm sure you have) its a 1" sensor so is not so good at either dynamic range nor IQ as you may be used to with your Fuji.

Another thing I forgot to mention, whilst others seem to be able to squeeze better results from the RAW files for some reason I haven't found how to do that yet so stick to the extra fine jpgs (which are excellent)
cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
27 Apr 2019 8:27PM
Thanks again Brian. Does it have a self timer built in? I'm experimenting with time lapse and I can set the Fuji to take a picture every time period I set, for example every 30secs.
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
27 Apr 2019 10:50PM
it has a self timer but as far as I know is not set up to do time lapse photography (its not on my list of things to do so maybe worth visiting one of the Sony RX10 sites to ask them)
28 Apr 2019 9:19AM
I have a RX10 mk3 it is a superb camera but the autofocus for me has been hit and miss( it could be down to user error and not reading the manual for best results) The MK4 is the one to go for with improved focus skills.
My MK3 has the ability to download apps that allow a variety of tricks including timelapse, smoothing out water without the need of a big stoppa filter, star trails, perfect portrait graduated filter etc not sure if apps can be downloaded onto mk4
A great camera but doesn't bounce as well as a Dslr. I dropped mine out of my rucksack which cost me 250 to have a new circuit board fitted.

cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
28 Apr 2019 9:49AM
Thanks Steve, interesting about the Apps for "other things". Didn't see anything about that in the manual but presume the Mk4 will also have that facility.
Although I rarely attach my 50mm lens to the Fuji other than for macro with some extender tubes, I like the idea of one lens covering everything.
I must look at some 600mm shots, just how good are they I wonder and how does such a small diameter lens maintain such a large aperture at 600mm?
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
28 Apr 2019 11:26AM
unfortunately the RX10 - 4 has lost the ability to use apps, so the time-lapse app won't be available but the focusing ability is amazing.

These two shots show why, for me, this camera is so hard to beat for my use

Yesterday I was shooting windsurfing action off our local beach in Storm Hannah at 600mm eq focal length and getting images like this:


(over 3.5k shots in 10+ shots / sequence on 1.5 batteries)

This morning using the same camera and focal length I was shooting hairy-footed spring flower bees in action

cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
28 Apr 2019 12:15PM
Was that surfer hand held? Pretty impressive!
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
28 Apr 2019 2:07PM
no way could I hand-hold in the storm force winds we had (I had problems standing up even leaning hard on the mono-pod Smile )

Since I wrecked my left shoulder I'm finding it much easier to shoot off the 'pod, left hand holding the shaft just under a fluid damped video head working the camera right-handed. Works a treat for me
cheddar-caveman 17 1.2k England
28 Apr 2019 4:41PM
Good stuff Brian, glad you have managed to keep shooting! Tongue

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